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My Best Friend’s Wedding

I love to plan weddings. Obviously. I had an absolute blast planning my own wedding. I would call my best friend at all hours of the day/night to share a new idea or ask her opinion on the cake flavor. I was committed to every detail for my entire 9 month engagement. Looking back on my wedding day, if there was some way to relive a day, a hour or even a minute in time, I would choose to relive a moment in the day I became Mrs. Chase Erwin. The only taste of alcohol I had on my wedding day was during the toast and cutting the cake, but yet looking at the expression of complete happiness on my face in pictures, you’d think I was belligerently intoxicated. It was just one of those moments where everything in the world was right and I was genuinely happy.

There is only one other wedding that I could ever take part in that would bring me that much joy and pride. On March 7th, my best friend got engaged to her first love from 7th grade.

Carrie Marie has been my best friend since we met in the nursery at our hometown church. Since then, we have been inseparable. I was there when she started dating Brent in Middle School. I was in the back seat of her mom’s mini van as they pretended to not be making out. I was there when Brent was her boyfriend, ex-boyfriend, best guy friend, serious boyfriend and now fiancée. Their love story spans more than 13 years and has storybook romance written all over it.

I’m so thrilled for them and excited to not only help plan the wedding, but stand beside her as her matron of honor. I only hope I can help her as much as she helped me. I want her special day to make her as happy as I was on mine – completely drunk off love.

xoxo, Priscilla