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Technologically Dependent

On June 27, 2009, something tragic happened. I was in the middle of coordinating the grand entrance for the bride & groom and needed to check my phone for the time. As my finger slid the flashing arrow across the screen to unlock my prized iPhone, nothing happened. And by nothing, I mean the infamous touch screen did not respond to my touch.

Granted I have put my iPhone through a series of rigorous tests, proven by the various scratches and scars left on the shell. I still foolishly believed my iPhone would never fail me and certainly not while I was in the middle of working a wedding.

As the wedding concluded and I completed my duties, I left for the adventure of finding a pay phone. Do you know how long it has been since I had to stop and use a pay phone at a gas station? I wasn’t even sure if they still existed. So I’m sure you’re thinking everything is fine now because June 27 was three days ago and surely my iPhone would be fixed by now. Wrong.

It was obviously too late to visit AT&T on Saturday night so I had to wait until Sunday. Imagine my heartbreak as I pulled into the parking lot for AT&T to find out they are closed on Sundays. Next step, take the iPhone to the AT&T store in the mall after work on Monday. Upon examination, I am told that they cannot assist me and that I need to visit the Apple store. What they should have said is “You need to visit the Apple store AND you need to call and make an appointment.” My poor husband found out the hard way when he arrived at the Apple store today on his lunch break and proceeded to wait on the “walk-in” list. So, we now have an appointment tomorrow at 1:20pm to attempt and revive my beloved iPhone.

I have one more long night to endure without being able to check my phone in 10 minute intervals, without tweeting via mobile and without putting cars around me in danger while I check my email driving down I-540. I’ve learned a few things through this experience:

1 – I am a technology addict (Obvious by the fact that I still carried my iPhone around for the past three days as if it worked.)

2 – Plan A will always turn into Plan B, C and D

3 – Never under any circumstance let your cousin use your iPhone after you’ve witnessed her drink a bottle of wine and take three tequila shots.

xoxo, Priscilla