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How Sweet It Is
“Candy Bar Buffets” are all the rage at wedding receptions – as they rightfully should be. The bride and groom like the idea because it’s inexpensive and because the candy can be color-coordinated to match the wedding colors. (Ok, so the groom cares about the money and the bride cares about colors.) The guests love “Candy Bar Buffets” because it gives them an opportunity to have an active role in the wedding and because it’s a favor they won’t end up throwing away.

Whether they’re stuffing their mouths with personalized M&M’s or piling their doggy bags full of jelly beans, this idea is one sweet treat.

I saw these chalkboard canisters at Pier 1 Imports and thought they would be perfect for a “Candy Bar Buffet.” You can label the canisters accordingly using the chalkboard. The best part is after the wedding, you just simply erase and re-use! They’re cheap but super chic. Pier 1 also has drinking glasses that would be perfect for entertaining at home. It’s definitely a step up from the standard solo cup and sharpie!

xoxo, Priscilla
Surprise Wedding Party Entrance

I’ve seen tons of videos of couples “surprising” their guests with an unusual first dance. I think it’s a terrific idea to put a personalized touch on your wedding by tweaking the traditional elements to fit your style. (My husband and I made our grand entrance to “All My Exes (Live in Texas)” by George Strait. Chase is from Texas but a Carolina girl stole his heart!)

From “Baby Got Back” to “Thriller,” we’ve all seen the choreographed dance routines. However, this video was a first for me – a dance entrance at the ceremony. It has to take a light-hearted and jovial couple to pull this off. Enjoy!

xoxo, Priscilla
The Cheerleader that Was

Some people love going to the gym. They go to sleep dreaming about running on a treadmill and wake up pumping iron. For them, the gym is a retreat. I am not one of those people. I force myself to go to the gym because I know it’s a necessity and because I made a promise to my husband in our wedding vows that I would stay in shape.

I’ve learned over the years that I normally feel better about myself and the way I look when I get into the routine of working out. I’ve been trying different classes at my gym for the past few weeks and absolutely love the group work-out setting. When I saw that my gym offered a dance class called Body Jam, I just knew it would instantly become my favorite. I was wrong.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a cheerleader. I’m pretty sure I came out of the womb wearing bloomers and shaking pom poms. I cheered my entire life – optimist club, elementary school, middle school, high school and even my first year of college. I was passionate about cheerleading and about pushing myself to the limits. Ironically, I was always proud at how quickly I could memorize a dance routine.

Based on my performance during Body Jam, Naomi and Emily (the instructors) can’t tell that I was a cheerleader. To them, I’m completely incapable of retaining a routine and have two left feet. I foolishly assumed my past skills in cheerleading would kick back in during Body Jam and that everyone in the class would follow my lead. Instead, I’m always three steps behind the 70-year-old in front of me who seems to know the steps before they’re even presented.

And just in case I don’t already feel bad enough, the entire room is plastered with mirrors so all the other students can point and laugh at the girl dancing goofy while wearing her ex-cheerleader t-shirt. I guess it’s just part of growing up and realizing that the coach was right when she said practice makes perfect and not practicing for 5 years makes you look pathetic.

I’m not going to quit. I’m determined to become good at something I was once great at doing. I’m going to keep going and keep trying and eventually I’ll show that 70-year-old who is boss.

xoxo, Priscilla
I Remember

My husband’s non-existent short-term memory helped me find my memory today. Let me explain. My husband doesn’t have a bad short-term memory. He just doesn’t have one at all. Here’s an example from our recent iPhone fiasco:

Chase: Just meet me at the gym after work and I’ll give you your phone.
Me: Sounds good. I’ll meet you at the gym after work.

After Work…sitting in the gym parking lot…1 minute remaining on my pay-for-use Trac cell phone
Me: Where are you?
Chase: Oh man, I completely forgot!

Somehow I find his inability to remember conversations for longer than 2 minutes kind of cute. It’s empowering for me to be the one in the relationship that tries to remember every little detail. This is one area that I dominate. (He dominates many more – I’ll blog about that at another time.)

This morning I received a phone call at 7:30am from Chase. He told me he forgot to get the laptop out of my car for his presentation at work. He needed me to meet him somewhere so he could pick it up. I smiled to myself as we decided on a convenient place to meet.

We met at Larry’s Quick Stop. I drive by Larry’s every morning on my way to work. I’ve always wanted to stop because the parking lot is always overflowing with eager commuters. I just never had. Today, Chase’s forgetfulness forced me to stop.

Since I was already there, I decided to go inside and pick up one of Larry’s so-called “World Famous Biscuits.” I was flooded with childhood memories the instant I bit into the greasy sausage biscuit. I’ve always been fascinated with how a song or a scent can take you back to an exact time or place in your life, but this was the first time a taste had taken me back.

My dad is a contractor and one of the hardest working individuals I have ever met. When I was little, I would occasionally get to go to work with him. We would always stop and pick up a biscuit before heading to the jobsite. We wouldn’t just stop at a fast food joint – we had to stop at a little country store filled with locals and a cloud of cigarette smoke.

I loved being on the construction site with him. I would wear an oversized tool belt while hammering nails into the wall or pretend deck boards were actually planks and pirates were forcing me to jump. My favorite jobsite was just after my dad finished putting a pool in for someone and it was time to fill it up. I would spend all day sliding down the “slope” into the pool of rising water. To me, my dad’s jobsites were imaginary worlds just waiting for me to explore.

As I drove to work today I thought about how I miss spending an entire day in my dad’s element. The biscuit I ate from Larry’s tasted exactly like those biscuits I would eat with my dad, riding shotgun in his work van, smelling like saw dust and feeling on top of the world. It was a sweet memory to taste.

xoxo, Priscilla
Website Updation

Updation isn’t a word, but I like it. I think it should be a word. Maybe we should add “ation” to more words. It just sounds cool when you say it. Anyways, the purpose of this entry isn’t to persuade Webster or Urban Dictionary to add my invented word to their inventory.

The purpose is actually quite exciting and by the title, probably self-explanatory.
Orangerie Events will soon have a brand new, fresh off the lot website. I’m looking forward to when the new site goes live. Until then, I’ll be working non-stop to make sure everything is perfect. Business has been steady (Thank you, Lord!) and I’m confident now is the perfect time to reflect the growing business and appeal to new customers.

It’s officially time to keep slaving away as a completely inexperienced web designer. Go grab some Starbucks and listen to “Moondance” by Michael Buble. He always puts me in a good moodation.


xoxo, Priscilla
R.I.P. iPhone

After days of getting the run-around about take your phone here and then take your phone there, I received the devastating news that my iPhone had passed away on July 1st at 1:21pm.

It took Dr. Apple Specialist approximately 7 seconds to pronounce my iPhone as deceased. No dismantling or super secret code could bring my iPhone back to life. There is no need to continue carrying it around and pretending to somehow breathe life into it again. It’s time for a proper burial, one similar to the funeral for A.C. Slater’s beloved pet lizard Arty.

So, I’m officially off for another visit to the AT&T store. We now get to hear all about how much a new one will cost, how I’ll have to extend my contract for 2 more years and practically promise to give them my best friend’s firstborn child (Chase and I don’t plan on having children – sorry Carrie). I hope to re-join 2009 by leaving AT&T with a new iPhone accompanied by a protective case.

xoxo, Priscilla
Bye Bye Birdies

Before I begin this story, please understand that I am not an advocate for animal rights. I eat meat on a daily basis. It’s just the cycle of life. However, I have never intentionally harmed another living creature unless you count stomping ants and demanding that my husband kill spiders that creep into our home. However, what we discovered yesterday really “grinds my gears.” (See the Family Guy movie.)

For weeks Chase and I have watched as a beautiful bluebird set up shop in the mailbox of the empty house next door (Not the actual mailbox, but the paper holder below the box). The house next door has been for sale since we moved in last September and for those unaware, there is a gigantic For Sale sign in the yard symbolizing that the house is vacant. We watched as Momma Bluebird flew back and forth gathering materials to build the perfect cradle to welcome her little bluebirdies into the world. Every now and then we would sneak a peek, careful to not get too close and scare Mama Bluebird away. One day little bluebirds sat where eggs used to rest. It was just one of those things in life where you stop and enjoy the intricate details of the world around us.

As we left our house yesterday, we noticed a bird’s nest lying in the middle of the street. We stopped to investigate and potentially place Mama Bluebird’s nest back where it belonged. Much to our surprise, an 8.5” X 11” piece of white paper was stuffed in the mailbox where Mama Bluebird had once resided. “CPI Security would like to protect your home. Call 1-800-We-Kill-Birds today for your free quote.”
Now, we can’t immediately accuse Steve McMahel (the CPI representative listed on the flyer) of destroying Mama Bluebird’s nest, but we can certainly hypothesize a CPI employee reached in the mailbox, jerked the nest out, threw it onto the scorching pavement and then stuffed a useless flyer inside. You may be thinking we’re overreacting and perhaps we are. But this simple act is wrong on multiple levels.

To being with, the house is vacant – meaning no one lives there – meaning they have absolutely no use for a security system. Secondly, it’s illegal to place advertisements on or in a curbside mailbox. (Look it up on USPS.) Thirdly, who could be insensitive enough to pull a bird’s nest out of the mailbox and then throw it in the middle of the street? And lastly, because of these actions, two birdies lie dead next to their demolished nest that their Mama Bluebird had so carefully constructed.
So, in conclusion, no thank you CPI. I don’t need your services to protect my home from intruders when you allowed your company to intrude on Mama Bluebird’s house thus killing her offspring. My offense to these actions won’t stop here as I plan on personally contacting the representative and informing him of my disgust.

I understand that times are tough and advertising is expensive so many have resulted back to the grassroots method. We have solicitors in our neighborhood non-stop selling art from their car and frozen meat from a freezer in their truck bed. (I assure you we have never purchased either.) But I beg you, please don’t let your desperation for sales cause you to make irrational decisions. In the end, it certainly cost you this sale and killed two innocent birdies.

xoxo, Priscilla