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Petition for Pedi-Paws
Men and women are different. We deal with life differently, we use the bathroom differently and we certainly express emotions differently.
Some would call me a pushover. I don’t just let people walk over me; I let them walk over me back and forth while wearing 3-inch heels. I keep things held captive inside of me and then one day, unexpectedly, the slightest thing can send me over the edge. It’s not my greatest quality. But before you go off painting a picture of me as a monster, please note that it takes a lot to fill me with anger. Trust me, I have plenty of stories of mistreatments that would make you question why I’m not in an institution. (I’m saving those for future blogs and perhaps a book that will land me a guest spot on Oprah.)

Chase, my husband, handles his emotions completely differently. He’s not afraid to say exactly what he’s thinking nor does he mind putting an offender in their place. He tactfully uses his sarcasm to express his displeasure in what someone has said or done to him. He rarely keeps things held inside and is a “what you see is what you get” kind of guy. I admire his ability to focus more on how he’s feeling than worrying about how he’s going to make the person in the wrong feel by speaking up.
We rarely trade places when it comes to expressing anger, but on Saturday, the roles were completely reversed.
I was in Shallotte, North Carolina coordinating a golf tournament while Chase was back in Raleigh maintaining the house and most importantly, watching Scottie, our adorable 6-year-old Westie. (After graduating high school, I worked the entire summer to save up money in order to buy him. I hand-picked him from the litter and he’s been my sidekick ever since.)

I received a phone call mid-morning from a calm, cool and collected Chase. He had taken Scottie to be groomed and unfortunately had some bad news. “Something happened at the groomers. I guess his toenail got caught on something and when the groomer looked down, there was blood everywhere. He has to be taken to the vet, sedated and they will have to fully remove his toenail.”
As if Scottie can even recollect, I immediately start worrying whether or not I told him “I love you” before I left. I feel guilty for building him up all week with the promise of going to the “Spa” on Saturday. I go through every horrid scenario of what could happen to my precious pet and flashbacks of Marley and Me start playing in my mind.
Chase remained as cool as a cucumber.
A few hours later, Chase received a phone call that Scottie was ready to be picked-up. He went to the groomer only to find out that someone mistakenly called him. Scottie hadn’t even visited the vet yet and wouldn’t be ready for a few more hours.
Chase was still remarkably calm.
Finally, after an entire day of worry, Chase received word that Scottie was indeed ready for pick up and that his toenail injury had been fixed and bandaged. As if the groomer had not already messed up enough, Chase arrived to pick up Scottie and discovered that the groomer had given Scottie the wrong hair cut. Scottie had an intense mullet – completely shaven on top and dragging a skirt of hair on the bottom. (Side note – Scottie has been going to the same groomer, getting the same cut for the last 17 months.)

Chase paid the groomer $46 and headed out on his merry way.
Upon hearing about the day’s events, I am immediately outraged. First, my pet thought he was going to a spa and instead went to be tortured. What did his toenail get caught on while he was standing on a metal platform? I would imagine it got “caught on” the clippers that went a bit too far. Secondly, why in the world should we have to pay after everything that happened? Paying just means we’re rewarding them for potentially sending us home with a 3-legged, half-haired creature. Lastly, why isn’t my husband reacting with anger the same way I am?
Chase remained collected the entire time and even offered up reasons to excuse the absurd behavior of the groomer. His lack of anger shocked me and only angered me more. Is this the same man that broke the Shark Steam Mop and then called Shark to demand they send us a replacement? (I had already mopped the floors that day but he just had to mop them one more time. I heard the snap and walked in to find Chase holding the base in one hand and a broken handle in the other, yelling a few explicit words.) Or the same man that can instantly become irritated if I don’t have Trident gum in my purse? And goodness, you can’t even imagine the anger he exerts if he’s going to miss a Dallas Cowboys football game. None of those situations validate the need for anger. But potentially removing Scottie’s paw and sending him home with low self-esteem due to an absurd hair cut? That is something to get angry about!
After much discussion, Chase and I agreed to disagree on what the proper reaction to the groomer fiasco should have been. The most important thing is that Scottie is home and has 4 legs.
Scottie and I agreed that it’s time to find a new groomer.
xoxo, Priscilla
Tips on Choosing a Wedding Planner

As I was reading past articles on the Sophie Magazine website, I came across this feature article that directly relates to my business. The author, Emily McCollin, does an incredible job of relaying what questions you should ask when interviewing a Wedding Planner.

I’ve highlighted the major points below but be sure to take a look at the article in more detail. You should address these concerns when talking with your Wedding Planner.

Sidenote: In case you didn’t know – I’m a wedding planner. I’d love for you to interview me.

  1. Personally interview the planner. You are not necessarily looking for a best friend, stand-in mom, or soul mate when you choose a planner. Instead, you should feel at-ease with this person and able to trust his/her experience and wisdom.
  2. Be clear on fees and make sure that the planner fits your budget.
  3. Always feel free to ask for references.
  4. Make sure your planner has an understanding of wedding traditions such as on which side the groom’s parents sit and who should offer toasts at the reception.
  5. Remember that there are a few things that do not matter. Your planner may not have previously worked at the facility you already booked, or may have a different recommended vendor list from those you have already chosen. Not to worry! A professional planner will be completely flexible and happy for the opportunity to work in new places with new people.


xoxo, Priscilla
Play Golf!

Do you like the beach? Do you enjoy playing golf? If you answered yes to those two questions, I have the perfect Saturday outing planned for you.

On Saturday, August 29th, the 6th Annual Paul Elam McCarthy Golf Tournament will be held at Rivers Edge Golf Club in Shallotte, NC. The tournament benefits the Paul Elam McCarthy Scholarship Fund at North Carolina State University.

The scholarship was established by the family and friends of the late Paul Elam McCarthy, a CALS Zoology (pre-dental) alumnus who died in a tragic car accident while studying at Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine. Scholarships are awarded to students in a pre-dental program at North Carolina State.

There will be a shotgun start at 10am. The cost is $95 for an individual and $380 for a foursome. The tournament fee includes 18 holes of golf, lunch, beverages, complimentary range balls and an Awards Reception at the conclusion of golf. Non-golfers may attend the luncheon for $25.

Featured events for the day include: Closest to the Pin Contest, Mulligans, Longest Drive Contest, Longest Putt Contest, Free Throw and much more. Sponsorships are still available and start at $250.

What are you waiting for? Head on over to pemgolftournament.com and sign up to play. And if you can’t play – make a donation. (Come on, it’s tax deductible!)

There’s golf, games and of course lots of beer. (You’ll even get a sneak peek of me running around telling people what to do!) Show your support and help out a great cause all while having a good time!

xoxo, Priscilla