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None of Your Beeswax!
Despite my best attempts to prevent it, I got sick. It was a sickness that consumed my life for an approximate two week period. Perhaps it was because of my lack of daily fruits and vegetables or maybe because I tended to my sick husband. Either way, I caught a cold that decided to set up shop in my sinus cavity and had no intention of leaving.It started as a simple bout of sneezing, sniffling, coughing and congesting. It quickly progressed until it ultimately caused me to stay home from work. Imagine that – using a sick day because you are actually sick. How absurd!

After loading up on medicines, vapor rubs, handkerchiefs and sleep, I thought I had won the battle. A few days later I began having an intense pain in the bottom part of my teeth. As the days passed the pain would play games by moving from my bottom teeth to my top teeth and ultimately resting in my ear. As I felt the pain increase and relocate, I knew it must be a sinus infection.

After calling my doctor and getting a prescription for an antibiotic, I decided something had to be done to open my ear and cease the throbbing pain. The solution – Harmony Cone Beeswax Ear Candle. It wasn’t my first time trying the ear candle, but it was the first time trying it with the hopes of a specific result and in the presence of the opposite sex. In my pursuit for relief, I somehow convinced my “no way they’ll work” husband to try it with me.

Now when you’re married, you become oddly comfortable around your partner. Suddenly things you used to do in the solitude become a communal effort. Embarrassment is rare and walking around in your birthday suit is more common. So to make a Thursday night more exciting, Chase and I watched TV while taking turns sticking a lighted beeswax ear candle into our ear canals. It didn’t matter to either one of us that we looked like complete fools. The instructions were simple:

Place the candle through the center of a paper plate
Lie down and place the candle inside your ear
Light the end of the candle on fire and wait for it to burn to the specified marking
Blow out the candle and unravel the beeswax candle to examine your findings

The whole process took about 15 minutes per ear. After examining his candle, Chase became a believer that the natural approach really worked. Did my ear feel better? Definitely. Did the ear candle cure my sinus infection? Not necessarily. I would credit the combination of the ear candle and my strong antibiotics. I would still encourage you to give it a try if you’re feeling congested or even if you’re curious. After researching online I found that some people even try the beeswax candle on their pets. (And Scottie thought the trip to the groomer’s was traumatic!) Through our little experiment we learned three important things to assist you with your own research:

1. It is a lot safer to have a partner with you to complete this activity.
2. Don’t be alarmed when you notice how large the flame becomes but do stay away from sofas, blankets and any other flammable material.
3. If you don’t have a paper plate, a macaroni and cheese box will suffice.

I commend Chase for setting aside his preconceived notions that the ear candle was actually made of bologna and for giving it a try. I also commend him for forgiving me for the picture posted below.

xoxo, Priscilla
A Patch of Pricey Pumpkins

I am Fall’s biggest fan. When this time of year rolls around, it’s like a breath of fresh crisp air. Despite the fact that the cooler air has irritated my sinus cavity and I now sound like a 90-year-old smoker, it’s still my favorite season. Maybe it’s because Fall is a prelude to Christmas (which is the most wonderful time of year), but it changes my state of mind. I find myself staring at trees to appreciate their vibrant colors and by mid-September I’m itching to wear boots. Sundays revolve around the Dallas Cowboys and I can start to taste my world-famous Pumpkin Pound Cake. North Carolina is the ideal place to be in the Fall.

I’ve been begging Chase for a few weeks to go to the local pumpkin patch. Our house would not be Fall appropriate until it was decorated with Mr. Scarecrow and his pumpkin friends. My wish was finally granted as we took a Sunday afternoon trip to Hill Ridge Farms. Hill Ridge Farms is a hidden treasure in our little town of Youngsville. It’s like a permanent Fall Festival complete with hayrides, farm animals, gem mining and of course, a pumpkin patch. It was our first time visiting the kid-infested farm but we were excited to pick out our pumpkins.

We started our adventure by walking to the pumpkin patch we had noticed on our drive in. Despite what we thought was the obvious, that pumpkin patch was the wrong place we needed to be. We realized this as we noticed everyone around us wearing yellow wristbands while our wrists were bare. And indeed, those pumpkins were only for people who purchased a hayride ticket. We needed to go to the Country Store located on the complete opposite side of the pumpkin patch. I will admit, I prematurely decided to wear my cowboy boots and during the trek across the farm, I felt as those I was walking in water. (It was still a bit too hot for jeans, socks, cowboy boots and a jacket!) We finally reached the proper destination and began the search for our perfect pumpkin. After looking around a bit, we decided to ask about the price. The cost – .59 cents per pumpkin pound. Now I know you’re thinking that’s really not that much. But in the Erwin household there are three golden rules:

1. Save money any way you can
2. Be mindful of how many cell phone minutes and texts you use each month, Priscilla
3. If dragging Chase to the pumpkin patch, go big or go home

We certainly didn’t want to pick up some itty bitty pumpkin. It had to be large and in charge. And since we couldn’t go big without breaking the bank, we left Hill Ridge Farms empty handed and drove directly to Food Lion.

It wasn’t some picturesque farm setting, but Food Lion certainly offered a wide selection of large pumpkins at a set price of $4.99. We were elated to pick out the two most perfect pumpkins at a cost-effective price even if the pumpkins came from Food Lion. Plus, we knocked out our weekly grocery trip.

xoxo, Priscilla