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More for Moore

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of Christmas. Each year my brother and I would prepare our Christmas list by spending hours flipping through the JCPenney Wish Book Catalog highlighting every enticing toy that we just couldn’t live without. We had no idea how fortunate we were that that majority of gifts we circled ended up under our Christmas tree.

Christmas for me no longer consists of a dad, mom, brother and sister sharing Christmas morning together as I did for twenty plus years. The characters are still the same but we’re rearranged and introducing new ones. Although my family no longer shares Christmas morning as a collective unit, it doesn’t ruin the memories I have of opening presents by the fire in my pajamas. The feeling I had every Christmas Eve, the one that made it impossible to sleep because I just wanted to sneak a peek of the gifts, is a feeling every child should experience. It shouldn’t be taken away because of circumstance. The Moore children are no exception.

The backbone of the Moore family is a single mother who works full-time to provide a happy and healthy home for her five children. Although she could, Jazamine doesn’t play the victim card. She works hard and instills values and character in her children, the “yes sir, yes m ‘am” kind of values. As any other mother would, Jazamine wants her children to have presents to open on Christmas morning. A mortgage, tough economy and let’s face it, five children make it difficult for her to save enough money to provide gifts for all of them. The Moore children have never had the luxury of picking out toys in a magazine and making a Christmas list. They’ve always been happy with what little they got.

I’ve been wrapping presents for the past few weeks. Not just one or two presents but sixty. I’m a wrapping maniac. I’m wrapping Chase’s lunch instead of packing it and putting bows on Scottie’s nose. Chase said last night, “You must be so tired of wrapping.” And although wrapping a room full of gifts seems overwhelming, it has been more than rewarding than frustrating. With every slice of paper and curling of ribbon I’ve imagined the joy on the child’s face as they rip open what I’ve so carefully wrapped. Next Monday Chase and I will deliver a trailer full of Christmas spirit to the Moore family.

On behalf of Orangerie Events, I decided months ago to adopt the Moore family so they could have a Christmas to remember. I certainly didn’t do it alone. Family and friends didn’t hesitate to donate their time and money to help when I started soliciting support. I’d like to take a moment and publically acknowledge and thank them for their generosity. A huge thank you to Michael and Jennifer Erwin, Sharon Short, Tommy and Debbie Hice, Wendy Waring, Robbie and Crystal Chester, Tommy and Aimee Koch, Brad and Denise Woodworth and Megan McLester for their support. And of course, a massive thank you to my wonderful husband who didn’t raise an eye when I suggested adopting a family of five.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to see their little faces light up as we deliver the toys from “Santa’s Workshop” next week. I have that exact childlike feeling that I use to feel on Christmas Eve. Only now it’s from giving instead of getting.

Here’s some of the gifts! Stay tuned as I’ll post pictures from our big delivery!

xoxo, Priscilla