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How to Spot a Fake vs. Real Designer Handbag

HUDSON, N.C. – A local woman gets more than she bargained for as she attempts to return a missing designer handbag.

Sharon Short, a food sales representative, was driving her normal Wednesday route when she spotted something unusual lying in the road in front of a church – a designer handbag. Although Sharon was having a less than ideal day, she empathized with the poor woman who had accidently lost the bag and its’ belongings in the street. After passing by the lone pocketbook, she decided to be a Good Samaritan and turn around to recover the purse, identify the owner, contact the lady in distress and pay the good deed forward.

As she carefully crossed the street and through the church’s lawn, she thought to herself how heartbroken someone must be to have lost such an incredibly nice purse, not to mention the personal information and credit cards that it must contain. Determined to turn not only her bad day around but the unfortunate luck of a stranger, she recovered the purse and took it as a sign from God that her act of kindness had a deeper meaning given the fact it was happening on Holy ground.

Sharon slid into her car, shut the door and started the ignition. She decided she would retrieve the wallet and try to contact the owner before continuing on with her route. Once opening the bag, she didn’t find a driver’s license or personal identification inside. In fact, she didn’t even find a single credit card. What she did find was a designer bag filled with a heaping pile of horse crap. Literally, piping hot horse crap.

When asked if she had any premonition of the bag’s contents, Sharon stated, “The funny thing is it didn’t even stink. The sad thing is it was a nice pocketbook.” The purse was properly disposed of in the manner that any livid, bad-day having woman would get rid of it. “I just threw it out the window and horse poop went everywhere,” states Short.

I would imagine that after having a bad day and after trying to do something good for someone else, the sight of a bag of crap either makes you want to laugh really hard or cry for a very long time. Regardless, I think it shows that God has a sense of humor. And even if He doesn’t, I sure laughed hysterically as she told me the story. I’m also sure some teenage boys are still on the ground laughing after witnessing my mom pick up the poop-filled purse. I suppose now the only way to pay it forward is for my mom to go use the bathroom in a horse’s saddle. Since I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon, I think it’s perfectly acceptable for her to go home, go directly to bed and start over tomorrow because today was just a load of crap.

xoxo, Priscilla