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Just a Little Fender Bender

I’ve always thought I was a good driver.  Perhaps I’ve been living in denial. Turns out, I think I am a horrible driver.  And if I’m not horrible, I am most definitely a ridiculously cursed driver.  The likelihood of me crashing, scratching, or damaging my car has been extremely high lately and I finally fulfilled the prophecy on Saturday.

It was bound to happen considering the amount of time my butt has been planted in the driver’s seat of my car recently. Speaking of which, do you think the accumulation of hours spent sitting in a desk chair or in a car is at all related to a flat and droopy tush?  Think about it.  For extended periods of time our butts are firmly pressed against a flat surface and the cheeks have nowhere to go but down and out.  Just to be safe I think I’ll add lunges to my to-do list.

In all of the accidents I’ve been involved in, none have actually been my fault.  At least that’s what I’ve told myself. Catapulting a BMW off of a two foot concrete incline was the city of Charlotte’s fault. Backing into the same car on my way to have bridal portraits taken was my mom’s fault. Being crashed into while harmlessly sitting at a stop sign was simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time’s fault.

I won’t take 100% of the blame for what happened Saturday but I will swallow my pride and admit that Chase was right.  He’s been on my case recently for following cars too closely.  As I’ve been doing recently, I nod to acknowledge he has an opinion but politely roll my eyes and ignore his recommendations. Yet on Saturday, as my car collided with a fallen chunk of the car in front of me, I can admit that had I not been following so closely, I may have been able to avoid the detached metal.  Instead, I was probably driving too close which left me zero time to react and I had no choice but to plow through the scraps as if I was driving an army tank.  I’ve only heard “I told you so” three times.

After assessing the damage, I gave myself ten minutes to be pissed, drop a few curse words and act like a fool.  I then decided to focus on something positive.  At least a metal piece didn’t fly through the windshield and take me out Final Destination style.  Character isn’t built when rejoicing in the good times after booking a new client.  Character is built in how you respond when the bad time crashes the party.  Literally.

It’s just a car.  It’s just money.  I’m going to try and keep up this whole positive attitude thing but check back in with me at 2pm when I get the repair estimate.  And until the official Orangerie Events company car is fixed, I don’t blame you for pretending like you don’t know me if you see me on the road.

xoxo, Priscilla
Rustic Winery Wedding at Baker Buffalo Creek Vineyards in North Carolina

The Southern sun couldn’t have been more generous to this adorable couple on their wedding day.  The rays glistened across the vines at Buffalo Baker Creek Vineyards which provided the perfect ambiance without the heat for the wedding of Kim and Cass.  As guests arrived by trolley, they were greeted with a “Welcome Wagon” complete with a wedding wishing tree to leave their advice and congratulations for the couple.  They were then treated to a pre-ceremony cocktail hour complete with a Sangria station and bottled Sundrop and Cheerwine.  (A couple after my own heart solely because they incorporated Sundrop.)  Homemade nametags adorned the mason jars used for the beverages.

With every detail, the couple aimed to reflect a rustic appeal with vintage charm.  The ceremony was held on the front lawn as the couple stood beneath a large oak tree draped with flowers hanging in mason jars.  The groom and groomsmen wore pinstriped suits with different patterned bow ties while the ladies carried bouquets from Nectar that mimicked freshly picked wildflowers.  Kimberly looked stunning as she wore a lace gown accompanied with cowboy boots.  As opposed to having the guests seated, attendees stood scattered around the couple as they exchanged vows under the setting sun.

The guests enjoyed a buffet dinner full of southern comfort foods from Dressing on the Side including baked mac-n-cheese.  The buffet was served in a small barn located on the winery.  Collections of vintage bottle centerpieces filled the reception tables.  As the wedding coordinator, I assembled the centerpieces using fresh flowers picked up at the local Farmer’s Market.  The bride and groom had a private eating area complete with a stunning view of the winery.  It proved to be the ideal spot for some amazing pictures of the newlyweds captured by the oh-so-talented Blue Sky Studio.  The bride opted for a simplistic wedding cake from Do You Love It complete with buttercream frosting situated on a bed of fresh rosemary.  For guests desiring something different from traditional wedding cake, an assortment of pies were displayed on an old wooden door atop wine barrels.  The guests danced the night away beneath a gorgeous tent provided by Got You Covered while Tim Boggs kept the music fresh and fun.

From start to finish, Kim and Cass created a beautiful representation of their personality and style.  Not only was I lucky to work on such a creative and gorgeous wedding, but I was thoroughly blessed to meet and work with such a genuine and incredible couple.


Photography: Blue Sky Studio

Venue: Buffalo Baker Creek Vineyards

Caterer: Dressing on the Side

Personal Flowers: Nectar

Tent: Got You Covered

Cake: Do You Love It

xoxo, Priscilla
Blessed with a Dress | WINNER!

There’s bad news and there’s great news.  Bad news – We didn’t receive as many entries as we had hoped for the contest.  Great news – we’ve selected a receipient for Blessed with a Dress.  Just because our plans didn’t pan out the way we had imagined doesn’t mean that there isn’t a bride-to-be still deserving of an amazing wedding package.

We decided that instead of embarking on a voting process, we would let the anonymous donor read the entries and select which bride she’d like to see receive the wedding dress.  From the beginning, the entire contest has been based around the donor’s incredible donation and her desire to help and inspire another bride.  I’m thrilled to annouce that Allison has won the dress, the photography and the wedding coordination.  Allison’s entry story is posted below and the donor couldn’t have possibly selected a more deserving and genuine recipient.

We’ll definitely keep up with Allison and her wedding planning journey throughout the next few months. Congratulations Allison and we’re so excited to help you create your fairytale wedding!

“I’m a helpless romantic and often times feel like my love story belongs in a movie.  It feels surreal most of the time and then I’ll take a step back and realize this is my life! I spent the majority of the last 3 years wondering “will I ever be blessed with another great love?”  On May 2nd, 2008 I lost my first love.  When he passed away, I felt hopeless. I just knew that was it and I would never feel that way toward anyone again. I felt like I was going through the motions of life with no purpose. Then it happened! On Feb 7, 2010 by sheer luck he came walking into my life! I was having lunch with my late fiancé’s mother and sister and there he was. We were introduced and since that day we have been inseparable. He gave me hope when I had none, he gave me a reason, he gave me his all and he helped me to love again. I want for our day to be the most memorable day of our lives! I want to overshadow all the bad days with this one amazing day. I feel like winning this contest would make that day even more of a fairytale!”

xoxo, Priscilla


I’ve teamed up with A.J. Dunlap from A.J. Dunlap Photography to present one amazing contest.  This thing has been in the works for quite some time and I am so excited to finally reveal it to you! As you can see from above we are giving away the pictured brand new wedding gown, a one hour bridal portrait session, a 16 x 20 canvas portrait & wedding day-of coordination services!  What’s better than that?  This contest isn’t limited to Raleigh, NC but available to anywhere in the continental US!


Here are the 3 Easy Steps to Enter:

1.  Send an email to Priscilla@orangerieevents.com/blog or dunlap.aj@gmail.com with a photo of yourself and a short story (200 words or less) describing why you or someone you know should be blessed with a dress.

2. “Like” both our pages on Facebook.  Click here for Orangerie Events and here for A.J. Dunlap Photography.

3. Post as your status on Facebook “I want to be blessed with a dress from Orangerie Events & A.J. Dunlap Photography!” Now the kicker with this one is you have to tag us in the status by pressing the @ symbol before typing our name.  Pressing the @ symbol will pop up a box and allow you to select our pages and tag us.  You can ONLY do this after you’ve liked each of our pages.


Entries will be accepted until Sunday, August 21 at midnight.  You’ll be notified once you have successfully entered the contest.  The gracious donor of the dress will then select the top 10 finalists based on who she thinks should be blessed with a dress…so make those stories good!

The 10 finalists will be posted on our blogs on Tuesday, August 23 at 10am and the winner will be selected by who receives the most votes.  We’ll post instructions on how to vote for the winner when we post the finalists on August 22.  Voting will remain open until Monday, August 29 at midnight.

We will announce the winner on Thursday, September 1 at 10am!  Good luck and I can’t wait to read your story!

And now for the fancy fine print:

  • By entering the contest you give both A.J. Dunlap Photography & Orangerie Events permission to use your photo and story for any purpose related to this contest
  • Only one entry per person. All steps must be completed by 12am EST on Sunday, August 21, 2011
  • Only submissions to priscilla@orangerieevents.com/blog or dunlap.aj@gmail.com will be accepted
  • Only entries following all the steps listed above will be accepted
  • Stories with more than 200 words will be shortened to fit the contest rules
  • Wedding dress is a size 14 and can be altered to fit a smaller size. The dress has never been worn and is valued at $600
  • Orangerie Events & A.J. Dunlap Photography are not responsible for alterations on the dress
  • Wedding Day-of Coordination is valid until Dec 31, 2012 and must be booked at least 2 months in advance
  • Bridal Session must be booked at least 2 months in advance and completed by April 30, 2012
  • Canvas Portrait must be selected from the bridal portrait session photos by June 31, 2012
  • Winner must be willing to sign a model release for use of the images from their portrait session for both Orangerie Events & A.J. Dunlap Photography
  • Orangerie Events & A.J. Dunlap Photography will be responsible for shipping the dress if winner is further than 1 hour from Raleigh, NC.  If the winner is within 1 hour of Raleigh, it will be the responsibility of the winner to pick up the dress by Sept 30, 2011
  • Prizes not redeemable for cash


xoxo, Priscilla