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DIY: Shoe Organizer = Cleaning Supplies Organizer

It’s okay if after you read this blog post you question my sanity.  I usually do on a daily basis so welcome to the club.  We can blame this entry on Pinterest for giving me another online addiction to annoy my husband and for encouraging my OCD behavior.

I’ve been following and “pinning” home organization ideas onto my little hope-I-someday-get-around-to-it boards for quite some time now.  Instead of harboring the ideas and letting them go to waste, I’m actually going to attempt to implement the ones that excite me.  I’m embarrassed to admit that executing this simple, no-brainer idea literally did enliven me.  Anything to do with organizing and grouping totally gets me giddy inside.

I despise clutter and I’ve hated how my cleaning supplies were organized since the day I tucked them beneath the kitchen sink nearly four years ago.  There was no rhyme or reason.  Some supplies found a home in the cleaning carrier while others were lost orphans stranded within a group of misfits.  It was nearly impossible to pull out the bulky container holding the supplies because of the kitchen sink pipes.  Anytime I asked Chase to get out the countertop spray, he’d complain because he’d have to bend down to get the spray, which would then lead to him complaining about his bad knees.  Complaints about the knees would lead to complaining about hating Halloween which would be followed by complaining about the punks that jumped him on Franklin Street and ruined his chances of ever rushing the NC State football field again. So you see kids, there were certainly more reasons than just appeasing my obsessive behavior for getting my cleaning supplies organized and within an easy reach.

I saw the idea of using a shoe organizer for cleaning supplies on Pinterest and literally fell in love.  We only have a laundry closet as opposed to an actual laundry room so this idea is perfect for our space and ideal for hanging on one of our pantry doors.  I bought the shoe organizer from Target for $8.19.  The entire project took a measly five minutes and could have probably taken less if I wouldn’t have spent so much time grouping my cleaners by type (air, counter, bath, floor, etc.) before putting them into the holders.  I talked myself out of arranging them alphabetically within their type because I need to hang on to some sort of dignity.  I may or may not have opened and shut the pantry door  a few times to admire how nice and neat the items looked all snuggled inside their new sleeping bags.  That’ll be our little secret.

Here’s to hoping Chase The Crumb Monster finds the new set up as exciting as me and quits leaving particles of his freshly prepared breakfast scattered all along the kitchen counter.  A girl can dream.


{1. complete clutter}

{2. cleaning chaos}

{3. shoe solution}

{4. Oh, hey Mom!  T-Rex and I are just chilling here taking in the views. Yes, Dad – I know my face is brown.}

xoxo, Priscilla
Colorful Wedding at Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh

Sean and Tori came to Orangerie Events by way of Brett and Jessica.  We coordinated Brett and Jessica’s wedding in October 2010 (seen here).  Sean and Tori are friends with Brett and Jessica and were married in October 2011. Brett and Jessica are wedding photographers who photographed Sean and Tori’s wedding.  Orangerie Events coordinated Sean and Tori’s wedding and we’re crossing our legs like we have to pee and jumping up and down to show you what happens when good friends attend a wedding as great photographers.  Make sense?

Describing Sean and Tori in one word is easy: infectious.  Tori has a shy smile that makes you blush and a bursting smile that captivates you.  Sean is a total cool cat with a knack for tasty beers (Pun completely intended: He owns Tasty Beverage Company in downtown Raleigh) and giving well-deserved thumbs up.  To work with them was like putting a quarter into a slot and getting the best, most colorful bouncy ball a vending machine can offer.

I love collaborating with couples that combine splashes of classic style (Hello birdcage veil!) with modern.  Sean and Tori picked the Visual Art Exchange in Raleigh to host their ceremony and continued the wedding festivities at the Marbles Kids Museum for an anything but boring wedding reception.  Rocky Top Catering kept mouths chewing and bellies full by providing a delicious assortment of food.  Fallon’s Flowers provided the stunning bouquets and arrangements while The Square Rabbit created a beautiful and tasty wedding cake.  Guests danced the night away while DJ Yes Sputnik! kept the jams spinning.  As a take away, Sean and Tori included an Old Time Photo Booth for guests to enjoy throughout the evening.  A huge thank you to Sharon and Kate of Orangerie Events who coordinated the ceremony and reception the day of to keep things moving smoothly.

From the moment Tori showed me her invitations, I smiled every time we talked about her wedding.  The custom design was created by Jaime Van Wart and was carried throughout the invitations to the table numbers to the wedding website.  Which, by the way, their wedding website sprinkled colorful confetti the day of the wedding in celebration.  The wedding was a perfect representation of them as a couple.  It was like stepping into a box of crayons and leaving with a smile plastered on your face.


Ceremony Venue: Visual Art Exchange

Reception Venue: Marbles Kids Museum

Photographer: Brett Arthur Photography

Caterer: Rocky Top Catering

Florist: Fallon’s Flowers

Cake: The Square Rabbit

Photo Booth: Old Time Photo Booth

DJ: DJ Yes Sputnik!

Stationery: Jaime Van Wart

xoxo, Priscilla
Totally Awesome Custom Comic Book Save the Date

I’m literally squealing with excitement over my client’s custom designed comic book save the dates.  I’m not even exaggerating.  It’s the perfect representation of who the couple is, what they enjoy and how they fell in love.  Since the moment I saw the proof, I couldn’t wait to share it with you.

This couple is a combination of geeky coolness with complete class.  When I say these two were meant for each other, I utterly mean it.  I’ve been fortunate to spend time with them through this planning process and it’s totally obvious that they’re smitten with one another.  I am over the moon about planning their August wedding and feel blessed to have them in my life.  This rad save the date is only the beginning to what is sure to be an unforgettable wedding.


xoxo, Priscilla
Nice to See You, 2012!

I compare 2011 to a piñata.  I navigated my way through the year blindfolded with a bat.  No sense of direction and no clue where I was hitting.  Sometimes I swung and missed.  Sometimes I pounded and made contact.  Regardless, I kept trying.

It’s not that it was a bad year.  There were certainly highlights and moments of bliss.  But as I sit in a reflective state of mind, I’m happy to see it go.  Last year was a big snowball of excitement laced with challenges and disappointments.  There was no stopping the momentum as it rocked and rolled down a slippery slope.  For everything I did right, I did something else wrong.

It’s twelve days into the new year and I’m just now ready to fully transition into 2012.  I spent the first week of the new year in a flu coma, sleeping with a hankie glued to my nose and a cold compress stretched across my forehead.  My body ached with even the slightest movement and I exhausted an entire bottle of Nyquil.  The last thing on my mind was drafting resolutions for the coming year.

I feel like myself again.  In fact, I feel like a better version of myself.  I’m not a newbie to new year’s resolutions.  I feel this exact way every January.  I’m motivated and determined to change.  Even as a child I would write my resolutions in my Hello Kitty diary.  Usually putting those thoughts to paper were about as far as I got and within a week, I was back to my normal habits.  Despite my awful track record, here I am, composing my resolutions and keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll follow through.  Since you didn’t have the secret key to my diary as a child and couldn’t hold me accountable, I’m publicly posting my resolutions/goals for the coming year in hopes that on December 31, 2012, we can all look back and see how far I’ve come.

1.  Gym + Routine

My goal is 3 days a week, every week.  I’ve complained I don’t have time when the truth is I haven’t made time.  My husband is so dedicated to his fitness routine and it really is commendable.  I think I sometimes take the fact that he stays in great shape for granted.  I know me going to the gym makes him happy and it makes me feel better about myself so it really is a win-win.

2.  Spiritual Revival

Quite time.  Daily motivation. Weekly spiritual feedings.  I live such a blessed life that is so far from what I actually deserve.  If I truly want to succeed professionally and personally in the upcoming year, I need to improve my spiritual foundation.

3.  Less Caffeine – More Water

This is a huge one for me.  I love Coke.  I love Sundrop.  I love Bojangle’s Sweet Tea.  Lately I’ve fallen in love with Mountain Dew.  I hate water.  I can’t stop cold turkey.  I’ve tried that before and it never works.  I do, however, want to make a conscious effort to drink less sugar and hydrate my body instead.  Here’s the plan:  I’ll start tracking tomorrow.  Today I’m going to take it to the limit for old time’s sake.

4.  Floss

What is my opposition to the thin white string?  It takes like a total of two minutes during my nightly routine and for some reason it’s the one thing I always negotiate omitting.  Not anymore.  Floss and me are just about to become best friends.  We’ll never be best best friends like Chase and floss.  They took their relationship to a whole new level in Puerto Rico when Chase created a makeshift banana hammock thong using only a sock and floss.  I know that leaves you with such an amazing visual.

5.  Travel Abroad

Clearly this isn’t a resolution but more of a goal.  It’s been 7 years since I planted my feet at Heathrow and I’m literally aching to be a foreigner again.  I want to be lost in a language I don’t know, surrounded by architecture and history with a backpack, a map and a couple of the people I love most.

6.  Call My Grandparents

It’s as if I’ve lived under the assumption that they’ll always be there.  I spend countless hours on the phone every month and yet rarely do I pick up the phone and call to just say hello.  I don’t ever want to look back and regret that I didn’t take a little break to just talk to my Nana, Paw Paw or Meme.  I’ve set an appointment in my calendar for the same day of every month as a gentle reminder to pick up the phone.

7.  Blog Like It’s My Business

Essentially it is part of my business and it’s definitely an area I can do better.  I’m so excited for this new year and all of the ideas I have in store.  You’ll notice (and if you haven’t then please do look to your left now) that I’ve changed how I’m categorizing my entries.  That’s because I have a new line up in store bursting with recipes, style advice, proposal stories and of course, my weddings.

I think seven resolutions for the coming year is a good, attainable number.  Let’s take note of two items not on the list, particularly for my husband who likes to get on my case about these things:

1.  Going Out to Eat – I’ll still continue to do this frequently.  I like it.  It runs in my family.

2.  iPhone – No matter if TMobile starts paying customers to use their phone service, I’ll never get rid of my iPhone.  It will still be attached to me like life support and if a particular someone decides to leave his dinosaur non-smart phone behind, he’ll just have to suck it up and pay the extra fees.

The new year is a new beginning for me.  A clean slate.  A fresh start.  It will be the first year that Orangerie Events is my full-time job from start to finish and I can’t tell you how excited that makes me.  It is packed with amazing clients and stuffed with cross-country traveling for destination weddings.  It’s loaded with close friends getting married.  It’s another chance for me to become a healthier and happier version of myself.  It’s a giant, busted open piñata raining down colorful confetti.

xoxo, Priscilla