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Photo Shoot at Joyner Park in Wake Forest with Julie Livingston Photography

I pride myself on being a pretty good – who am I kidding – a freakin’ fantastic gift giver.  I love going over the top and giving my friends and family presents that makes them think I’m crazy.  It’s all good though.  They’re far too excited about my extravagant generosity that they forgo the process of learning how to actually check me into an insane asylum.  When it comes to birthdays, anniversaries and holidays, I ignore reality and disregard the ramifications of going broke to see that smile of surprise on the faces of the ones I love.

Chase is incredibly generous.  He gives on a daily basis to keep our household running and to support me as I try to support myself by running a small business.  When it comes to an actual birthday or Christmas gift, he struggles.  Despite my explicit lists of things I desire, he often decides to venture out on his own which ultimately means I’m standing in the return line and that he messed up.  Prime example: Priscilla’s Birthday 2009.  Let’s set the scene.  It’s a few weeks prior to my birthday and I’m in full “I Can’t Wait to See What He Gets Me” mode.  Imagine me lounging on my bed, in my sweats, watching some ridiculous reality show.  Chase walks in and tosses a gift certificate onto the bed and claims it is my birthday present.  Is it a free pass to Victoria’s Secret?  Forever 21? SpeeDee Oil ?  What the heck?!

It’s not a joke.  I was presented with four, count them, one-two-three..four free oil changes to one of the gazillion SpeeDee Oil locations in the Triangle.  I get it and trust me, I’m reminded every time I bring up this story.  It’s a very practical gift and a bundle of savings over the long run.  The problem is I don’t want practical as a present on my birthday.  I want what I’ve carefully put onto my wish list or something that’s going to make my eyeballs pop out of their respected sockets. (Sidenote: He later redeemed himself from the oil change fiasco by taking me to see Dane Cook.)

As a gift this past year, he secretly hired the fabulous Julie Livingston Carter of Julie Livingston Photography for a photo shoot to take some pictures of us.  I have nothing negative to say about this surprise.  It was perfect.  We hadn’t taken pictures since our wedding day and we have zero pictures of us with Sir Scottie.  Plus, I was wearing a sweater vest in our engagement pictures.  Seriously, someone should have told me to get real.  In serious need of updated photos, we spent a sunset in Wake Forest with Julie, her camera and my crazy ideas.  I applaud Julie for allowing Chase to be himself which meant cracking inappropriate jokes and making goofy faces.  I applaud Chase for listening to my artistic direction and for letting me sprinkle the heart shaped confetti that he was so adamantly against in the beginning.  Someone should applaud me for continuing to love Chase when he makes comments like, “You’ve never looked prettier.  That means every other time I’ve said it you’ve looked uglier.”

P.S. – Below are just a few samples from our mini-photo shoot.  Check out Julie’s blog for more pictures.

P.S.S. – See that stunning watch gracing my left wrist.  That was a result from one of Chase’s gift giving mishaps.  I secretly returned the one he bought me and purchased the one I really wanted.  I’m ridiculously stubborn.

P.S.S.S. – Because I like my outfit and I thought you might like it too, here are the details.  [Stripey Tank: Forever 21] [Pinstripe Vest: H&M] [Skirt: Forever 21] [Booties: Rack Room Shoes - Really!] [Watch: Michael Kors] [Bangles: Forever 21] [Necklace: H&M]


xoxo, Priscilla