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Vintage Mexican Wedding at Carrigan Farms in Mooresville, NC

Oh how I’ve missed you my little eager readers.  I know I’ve been slack.  I can only blame it on the fact that I’ve been up to my eyeballs in weddings.  Weddings here.  Weddings there.  Weddings everywhere.

Lately I’ve felt like an ATM machine handing out excuses instead of money.  I can be hard on myself or I can accept the reality that I’m just one little ole’ person trying to change the wedding world and somewhere in-between I need to eat and sleep.  The latter of which I did unexpectedly yesterday.  I sat down on the couch around 7pm to watch the evening news – who am I kidding – the Real Housewives of New York and within five minutes I passed out.  I woke up as the Cookie Monster.  I’m not kidding.  I suddenly woke up, jumped to my feet, made a beeline to the kitchen and started whipping up some homemade sugar cookies. I have no idea what’s wrong with me.

Here’s what I do know – I’m blessed.  Far beyond what I deserve.  I spent the first week of August coordinating a wedding in San Diego and am still in a state of disbelief that it was actually my life I was living.  To wake up every morning, even when it’s from only two hours of sleep, and know without a doubt I’m fulfilling the very purpose God had for my life is an indescribable feeling.

The purpose, the one that drives me to do and be better, is revealed when given the opportunity to work with clients like the fabulous duo below.  Amy and Eric were married at Carrigan Farms in Morresville, North Carolina.  The venue, a rock quarry, is absolutely gorgeous.  It’s a beach setting in the middle of a forest.  It’s literally the best of both worlds.  Amy handed me the reins in pulling together a design plan centered around a vintage mexican theme.  I loved every minute of planning a wedding completely different than anything traditional.

The wedding decor was saturated with vintage mexican details and succulents galore.  Some of the highlights included a succulent escort card display, a Mexican tile wedding cake, a hanging succulent display, succulent planter centerpieces, succulent pomanders hanging on shepherd’s hooks, a cigar lounge and my favorite, a custom built bench signed by each guest to be placed in the couple’s backyard. (My sweet Daddy-O built the bench.  Love him.)  The most fitting detail?  The wedding took place on Cinco De Mayo.

The pictures make me smile because you can see the smile plastered across Amy’s face.  There’s a special picture below that I cherish which features the bride’s mom and me hugging it out as we watched my plan come to life.  Here’s a woman who doesn’t really know me from adam, that I literally just met, and yet she embraces me to show her appreciation for my time, sweat and leadership.

A gigantic thank you to Philadelphia wedding photographer David Zaveloff for the stunning pictures and for willingly sharing them with me.  And a heartfelt thank you to Amy for trusting me with every detail even when dealing with a tight two hour flip and some very confused crazies.


Photographer: David Zaveloff Photography

Venue + Caterer: Carrigan Farms

DJ: Spintastic Sounds

Rentals: Party Reflections


xoxo, Priscilla