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Sweet Summertime Wedding at Sarah P. Duke Gardens in Durham

I’m surrounded by love.  Every weekend I’m a witness to it.  I’m in a business that survives off of two people falling in love.  A concept that is really crazy when you think about it.  This invisible force that draws two people to one another, causes them to make irrational decisions and then willingly rearrange and re-prioritize their entire life.  And if that magical fairy-like force sticks around long enough, those two people begin planning a day to showcase and celebrate it.

I was never habitually falling in love.  While a lot of people dove headfirst off the cliff, I jumped with a parachute and slowly glided down.  In some base level shape or form, I loved all of my past significant boyfriends.  I wouldn’t classify them as significant if I hadn’t cared about them.  They each had qualities that momentarily intrigued me or fleetingly fulfilled some need but lacked longevity and commitment.  Looking them in the eye and truthfully saying “I love you” wasn’t an option.  It made me vulnerable.  It made the relationship something more than I wanted.  It could easily be confused for “I’m madly in love with you” which was definitely not the case.  To avoid the pressure, I would often disguise the words “I love you” with secretive code words that only he and I knew because in my twisted mind, it didn’t mean the same thing and could easily be retracted.

Saying the actual three words required a moment and a meaning.  And if you’re the instigator, it might require liquid courage.  There are only a couple instances when I’ve crossed into “I’m In Love” territory and those moments were so meaningful, I remember every detail.  In my life, when I’ve said it, I’ve meant it.  Especially if I was the one laying the cards on the table first and even if silence followed.  It wasn’t to add fluff to the evening or to romanticize the situation, it was because it was an undeniable truth that needed to be verbalized.  It’s such a pivotal point for any relationship and once the words travel from your heart to your head to your mouth to his ears, there’s no turning back.

Here’s what I think and it’s completely applicable to a lover, family member or friend.  If you have someone and they make a positive impact on your life, if things would never be the same without them, if you’ve shared priceless and spirited moments together, if they make you strive to be a better person and if at the core of your crazy relationship there’s love – tell them.  I’ve learned it’s okay to have your own set of rules for being in love.  We can try to describe it but it’s impossible to define it.  It can’t be confined to age or gender or race.  It sometimes happens when you least expect it and sometimes happens only to leave a bittersweet taste.  I know it’s somewhat morbid but I live under the philosophy that I could die tomorrow.  The unthinkable bombings in Boston and local news headlines only continue to fuel this philosophy.  It’s that thinking that causes me to buy something crazy or take a last-minute trip or rock out front row at a concert or love with heart wide open.   Because if today was or is my last day, I don’t want to leave with a handful of regrets, emotions bottled, apologies silenced or words unsaid.

I know that’s a strange introduction into a wedding post but if anything, Matt and Amy can relate because they’re in love and a few months ago, they made it official.  These lovely images have patiently been waiting in a folder on my desktop to be posted.  I’m silly and thought I had already published them which obviously, I didn’t.  Without further delay, I’m delighted to give you a peek into Matt and Amy’s wedding day.  A group of some of my favorite vendors came together to give the couple a gorgeous summertime wedding at the Duke Gardens in Durham.  AJ Dunlap Photography captured each moment and detail with artistic precision.  Emdotzee Designs created a complete wedding stationery set that complemented the wedding’s overall theme.  Brides and Bouquets provided stunning bouquets and gorgeous rustic centerpieces including birch-wrapped vases.  Ben Suggs with Southern Entertainment kept the crowd dancing while The Catering Company of Chapel Hill kept their bellies happy with delicious food.  Simply Cakes provided a small wedding cake and cupcakes that guests devoured after dinner.  Don’t you love those vibrant pastel linens and gorgeous cloths that mimick burlap without the harshness?  CE Rental exceeded expectations again.  As wedding favors, the guests were given one of the couple’s favorite treats – Locopops.  From the lavender escort cards to the photo booth to the sparkler exit, their wedding was full of charming details and most importantly, love.

Want to see more pictures?  This sweet wedding was featured on The Lovely Find!


Charlotte Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events - 3

Rustic Centerpieces - Wedding Program Fan - Orangerie Events - 9

Raleigh Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events - 2

NC Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events

Lavendar Escort Cards - Duke Gardens Wedding - Orangerie Events - 11

Rustic Centerpieces - Duke Garden Wedding - Orangerie Events - 13

Orchid Boutineers - NC Wedding Planner - 4

Wedding at Sarah P. Duke Gardens - NC Wedding Planner - 5

Duke Gardens Wedding - Priscilla Erwin - 7

Duke Gardens Wedding - NC Wedding Planner - 6

Duke Gardens Wedding Ceremony - Orangerie Events - 12

Birch Wrapped Centerpiece - Duke Gardens Wedding - Brides and Bouquets - 8

Wedding Dessert Display - Duke Gardens Wedding - Orangerie Events - 10

Wedding Reception - Duke Gardens - Orangerie Events - 15

Duke Garden Wedding Reception - Orangerie Events - 14

Duke Gardens Sparkler Exit - Orangerie Events - 16

Ceremony + Reception Venue: Duke Gardens

Photographer: AJ Dunlap Photography

Stationery: emdotzee

Florist: Brides & Bouquets

DJ: Benn Suggs with Southern Entertainment

Catering: The Catering Company of Chapel Hill

Cake: Simply Cakes

Linens: CE Rental

Officiant: Rev. Phran

xoxo, Priscilla
A Stinkin’ Cute New Orangerie Events Website + Branding Video

I am so excited for today that I can hardly stand it.  It has been months in the making and has been worth every single minute and dollar I invested.  I know it’s Friday and you’re expecting a cute little outfit from Forever 21 but today’s reveal is even more exhilarating.  I know what you’re thinking.  What could be better than browsing pictures of Priscilla posing in a new outfit?  Well don’t worry kids.  Next week’s post is going to make you bop until you drop.

Until next week, you have an unbelievable opportunity to win a $100 Forever 21 Gift Card.  Do you have any idea how many outfits you can purchase with one hundo to spend at Forever 21? It’s so simple to enter.  Simply click this link to visit our Facebook page and enter your email address.  Done.  Want more entries?  Share it. Tweet it. Hire a plane to fly a banner across the beach. There’s no limit to the amount of entries and you get extra entries if your friends enter because of you.  What’s even better?  You don’t have to be a bride-to-be.  If you’re a girl, if you like to shop, if you’re a guy needing to get a girl a gift or if you just like the rush of online sweepstakes, you can enter.  Now why on earth am I being so generous?

If you’re reading this and you’re a prior visitor to my site, I hope you’ve noticed by now that things don’t look the same around these parts.  The Orangerie Events website and blog just received a major make-over that makes me giddy.  It’s me to a tee. Lighter colors.  Playful graphics. It’s delightfully whimsical.  The new website has this impressive power of making you want to smile and twirl around while confetti rains down from a heart-shaped cloud.

The new site is filled with all sorts of yumminess but one component is numero uno in my book.  The ridiculously creative and talented duo at Inkspot Crow Films created the perfect branding video to give visitors a sneak peek into who I am.  I didn’t want my branding video to be a list of the reasons why you should hire me or a slideshow of pictures of my work.  I wanted it to be a real look into my world.  The things I do on a daily basis.  The hobbies I enjoy.  The people I love.  I want potential clients to watch my video and say, “Hey. She looks like a pretty cool chick with a cute dog.  And she likes to ride a bicycle in the middle of the road.  I want to get to know her.”

This video also showcases my home away from home – the Orangerie Events office.  For a while, it was my best-kept secret.  Each day when I put the key in and open the door, I’m humbled and beyond grateful.  And even if I never hear the words from anyone else, I’m proud of myself for being able to have that key on my keyring.

I hope I’ve at least made you curious enough to spend a few minutes watching the branding video and perusing the new website.  And at the very least, I hope you’ll enter for your chance to win one million dollars.  Just kidding.  A few less zeros but still quite valuable.

My gratitude runs deep for Cathy Olson with Love-Inspired and Philip and Macenzie Henry with Inkspot Crow Films.  You took my crazy ideas and thoughts and put them together in artistic perfection.  And my past, present and future clients – you rock my world. Thank you for trusting me and for helping me to do what I love.

Orangerie Events Branding Film from Inkspot Crow Films on Vimeo.

xoxo, Priscilla