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Whimsical Rustic Wedding at Adaumont Farms

Pieces of my mind are still scattered around from being blown on Wednesday night.  Justin Timberlake destroyed, dominated and burned the PNC Arena to the ground with an unbelievable, invigorating and unforgettable three hour concert.  I did exactly what he said.  I rocked my body on the front row until my upper thighs were sore, my voice was shot and my high heels were ruined.  Seriously, look at the heels on the shoes I wore.  They’re finished.  And yes, I have my feet resting on my kitchen counter because it was one in the morning and that’s how I roll.


It was so refreshing to spend quality time with my longest and dearest friend.  I met Carrie when I was a toddler in the church nursery.  We instantly clicked and were inseparable for years.  If you saw one of us, chances were the other one wasn’t too far behind.  Things are so different now.  We live hours apart.  We’re adults with commitments and priorities.  And holy crap, she’s an adorable little boy’s mom.  Within the first five minutes of being with each other,  we picked up exactly where we left off and most importantly, shared laughter that was reminiscent of those nights we would stay up eating junk food while watching hours of “Sex and the City.”  I didn’t realize how much I missed her until I was with her again.

The concert was incredible.  So was my Cook Out corn dog post-show.  It was an amazing experience that I’m so thankful I could provide for the two of us. (There’s an N’Sync song title hidden in that last sentence for the true fans among us.)  I haven’t accepted the fact it’s over and I wouldn’t put it past me to look into going to another stop on his tour. It’s really that good.

Want to know what else is that good?  The pictures from Lauren and Justin’s whimsical yet rustic wedding at Adaumont Farm.  I met Lauren and Justin by sheer fate.  I was in Chicago for another client when Lauren sent in an inquiry.  She and Justin lived in the Windy City and it just worked out for us to meet while I was in town.  I was so elated when they decided to take the plunge and agree to allow me to work some magic in bringing to life her idea of a romantic, quirky, animal-loving wedding.

I don’t want to bore with you my recount of the details because the pictures from Blest Photography will say more than I ever could.  It was my first time working with this incredible duo and I’m determined it won’t be the last.  Their talent and personalities are as perfect as their fashion sense.  Holly Tate Fine Catering provided the delectable food while Heirloom Vintage China provided the mix-matched china pieces for each place setting.  Those incredible bouquets and centerpieces?  My boy Gregg with Brides and Bouquets whipped them up.  And it wouldn’t be a great wedding without entertainment and Steve Stowe from Bunn DJ Company knocked it out of the park – or out of the barn.  Don’t believe me?  Check out the picture below of the bride literally on the floor playing the air guitar.  Amazing.

If you love farm weddings, mini ponies, covered bridges, corn fields, moss-covered candelabras, succulents, key escort cards, fur-covered dining chairs, Krispy Kreme donut bars, old-fashioned candy buffets, a strawberry shortcake wedding cake or even a hidden room filled with NASCAR racing cars, this wedding is for you.  Enjoy drooling over the stunning pictures from one of my favorite weddings and then feel free to go to my Instagram page and drool harder over pictures of Justin Timberlake serenading me.

Adaumont Farms Wedding - NC Wedding Planner

Wedding at Adaumont Farms - NC Wedding Planner

Adaumont Farms Wedding - Orangerie Events

NC Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events

NC Wedding Planner - Priscilla Erwin - Orangerie Events

Adaumont Wedding - Priscilla Erwin

Adaumont Farms Wedding - Orangerie Events - Raleigh Wedding Planner

NC Wedding Planner - First Look Picture

First Look Picture - NC Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events

Adaumont Farms - First Look - NC Wedding Planner

First Look Picture - NC Wedding Planner - Priscilla Erwin

Whismical Rustic Wedding - NC Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events

Bright Bridesmaid Bouquet - Adaumont Farms Wedding

Bride and Groom in Corn Field - NC Wedding Planner - Adaumont Farm Wedding

Groomsmen Attire - NC Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events

Mix Matched Bridesmaids Dresses - Turquoise Bridesmaids Dresses - NC Wedding Planner

Key Escort Cards - Adaumont Farms Wedding - Strawberry Shortcake Wedding Cake

Heirloom China - Wedding China Rental - Orangerie Events

Whismical Wedding Centerpieces - Succulent Centerpieces - Orangerie Events

Wedding Candy Buffet - NC Wedding Planner

Adaumont Wedding Ceremony - NC Wedding Planner

Adaumont Wedding Ceremony - NC Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events

Couple with Flower Girl - NC Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events

Bridal Party Picture - Adaumont Farms - NC Wedding Planner

Adaumont Farm - Couple in Corn Field - NC Wedding Planner

Adaumont Farm Barn - NC Wedding Planner

Adaumont Farm Wedding - First Dance - Orangerie Events

Father Daughter Dance - Adaumont Farm Wedding

Wedding Reception - Steve Stowe Joe Bunn DJ Company - NC Wedding Planner

Race Car Museum at Wedding - NC Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events

Donut Bar at Wedding - Orangerie Events

Adaumont Farm Wedding Reception - NC Wedding Planner

Adaumont Farm Wedding Reception - Bride Dancing

Sparkler Exit at Adaumont Farm - NC Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events

Couple in Limo - Orangerie Events - NC Wedding Planner

Venue: Adaumont Farm

Event Coordination + Design: Orangerie Events

DJ: Steve Stowe (Bunn DJ Company)

Photographer: Blest Photography

Videographer: 21 Films

Florist: Brides & Bouquets

Caterer: Holly Tate’s Fine Catering

China Rental: Heirloom Vintage China

Cake: Cakes by Frances

Linens: CE Rental

xoxo, Priscilla
More Than I Deserve

I grew up extremely blessed.  My parents worked so hard to provide my brother and me with everything we needed, wanted and more.  I couldn’t see it or relate to it then, but now as an adult, I fully understand that giving us that life required sacrifice and hard work.

My dad built our dreams by building houses.  It required him to work outside in the freezing cold and in the sweltering heat.  It meant he risked his life walking and balancing on roof beams and on top of ladders.  His hands were often bloody, bruised and cracked from the manual labor he put in day after day.  My mom organized and orchestrated our entire family while working full-time.  She kept our house meticulously clean and our bellies completely full.  I don’t remember her taking hardly any time for herself but can remember countless times when she showed up to school with forgotten homework, woke up early to mow the grass on a Saturday morning or spent her free time cheering for us from the bleachers.  They selflessly gave more to me than I ever deserved.

I know I’m spoiled.  Chase complains that I always get what I want, which quite frankly, I do.  However, most of the time getting what I want isn’t a hand out but more so a direct result of the hard work I put into what I do.  Living a balanced life is about your own perspective.  Some people save everything they earn in order to feel successful.  Others spend every penny in order to not miss out on the luxuries of life.  My mentality has always been to work hard and play hard.  I make money.  I put money away. And then I spend money on the things I want and the experiences I want to have.  If a few years ago I would have created a “vision board” and posted pictures of some of my goals and some of the things I would like to own, I’d be proud of the progress I’ve made.  Independently, I’ve been able to check most of those things off of the list.  Despite the success I have had, there has always been one dream unfulfilled.

I want to try and explain how huge my latest acquisition is.  If you know me, read some of my blogs or follow me on Instagram, then you’re aware that I love Sun Drop and that I love Sun Drop Slushies even more.  Growing up, I would walk to the Short Stop Superette every day after school to get one.  Sun Drop Slushies are a hot commodity in my little small town.  Every gas station has a machine.  And a pricey machine at that.  I know because over the last few years I’ve researched purchasing one.  I’ve even gone into local convenience stores and have begged them to change out one of the flavors to Sun Drop.  I’ve crazily driven more than an hour (maybe two hours) to get one.  I’ve looked forward to every trip back home not only to see my family but because going home equals getting a slush.  I’m a pathetic addict who has always had a dream of having unlimited local access to Sun Drop Slushies since the minute I left my hometown.

This is the part of the blog where I circle back around to the entire introduction of getting more than I deserve.  Kids, I’m not kidding, I have an official and legitimate Sun Drop Slushie machine, complete with Orangerie Events logo’d styrofoam cups, sitting in my office.  I still can’t believe that constant humming sound is the act of Sun Drop being turned into its most desirable form from the comfort of my office.  Now, on the daily, I work at my desk, look over to my left, and can see a dream that was brought to slushie reality.  The credit doesn’t belong to me.  It belongs to one of the most selfless individuals I’ve ever met who went above and beyond by researching and securing the machine.  It was an act that reminded me how incredibly grateful I am to be surrounded by such giving, thoughtful and loving individuals.  I am in awe.

So in the spirit of giving, feel free to drop by my office and sample for yourself the drink I’ve been raving about for years.  Sometimes life hands us exactly what we deserve.  Sometimes we reap what we sow.  Sometimes we pay to play.  But other times, someone comes along and reminds us what love does.  We end up getting so much more than we deserve and it tastes so sweet.

xoxo, Priscilla
Happy November!

How do I say this without overselling it? November is my jam.  It’s hands down my utmost favorite, incredibly fantastic, bestest (Yes. I know that’s a made up word used to show affection to your B.F.F.) month out of the whole year in the whole wide world.  I’m not just proclaiming this because it’s my birthday month, although that does have a little something to do with it, but more-so because this November in particular is bursting at the seams with plans involving friends, family and those people I so closely cherish.

Today is November 1st which means in exactly four days, I will embark on my final year of being a twenty-something.  The closer I inch to thirty, the more Ponds cold cream I apply to my face each night.  My Meme used it every single day and that woman was stunning right up until the day she died.  I can remember sleeping over at her house when I was little and watching her sit at her vanity to get ready for bed.  She had a routine, which included putting Ponds on her face in a specific circular method.  The last breath I would take before drifting off to sleep next to her and Tiger, her “dog child”,  would always have the smell of her lotion lingering.  It’s one of her beauty tricks that both my cousin and I live by.  In addition to trying anti-aging techniques and fondly remembering my childhood, the closer I get to thirty the more I also appreciate being carded when ordering a drink or being told I can’t go through the x-ray box at the airport because you have to be over the age of 12.

Speaking of looking 12, I just purchased my concert outfit for an upcoming show that I’ll be attending with my longest and dearest friend.  The last time we saw this artist together I wore pleather snakeskin pants with a button up shimmer shirt, wrote silly sayings all over my mom’s car windows and held a gigantic, handmade, bright pink poster.  I decided this go round, an astounding thirteen years later, I needed to upgrade from the cheap seats and make a better fashion statement.  She and I were texting back and forth about what we were going to wear and how we were going to do our hair and so on and so forth when I stumbled across the perfect concert jumpsuit.  I had to have it.  It gave off the “I’m here to party but I’m not a prostitute” vibe.  The model wearing it online looked flawless and I’m certainly not one to shy away from a good jumpsuit.  I already had my shoes, handbag and accessories picked out.  I was stoked.

My jumpsuit arrived yesterday.  And it’s hideous.  It looks a lot different on a 5’1” girl than it does a 5’8” model. It’s baggy and droopy and all of those sexy cut out parts that attracted me in the first place are cutting out the wrong parts of my body and are showcasing parts that need to be covered up.  I seriously looked like an adolescent girl playing dress up in her super slutty mom’s closet.  Snakeskin and shimmer, or even shimmering snakeskin, would look better than those overalls.  My long awaited jumpsuit is on its way back to the retailer and I’m back to the drawing board.

I missed October.  I literally blinked and all thirty one days were gone and I can barely recall any of them.  November is a breath of fresh air for me.  Especially this one.  Sure, I still have weddings to keep my time occupied but this month equals change.  I’ll change the number I write beside of my age.  I’ll change the number I say when people ask how long I’ve been married.  And even outside of myself, I’ll watch a change that has been years in the making actually happen.  So here’s to a month full of changing leaves, changing time, changing lives and changing clothes.  Happy November kiddos!

xoxo, Priscilla