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2014′s Bucket List + January Goals

I saw a quote recently that I feel pretty much sums up my very existence.  It said, “I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.”  I sincerely have the best intentions.  I intend to complete tasks in a timely manner.  I intend to immediately text back.  I intend to drink water every day.  I intend on going to the gym.  I intend to maximize every single second of every single day with fluid productivity.  Unfortunately, my intentions unintentionally take the back burner to this thing called life.

Life happens.  For example, here’s a blog post about having a fresh new year before me twenty one days into the month.  I intended on posting it weeks ago.  In regards to 2014 and the exciting things in store, I could quite frankly link back to my first post of 2012 which ironically lists 7 resolutions that I’m still working on resolving.  I intended on changing those behaviors but I think I forgot to remember to do so.

So here we are again.  The start of a new year.  A clean slate with endless opportunities.  A fresh journal with crisp clean pages and no way of knowing what words will fill the empty space.  The first few weeks of 2014 have already been bursting with excitement and I forecast the remaining ones will be just as amazing and packed full of life changing events.  I’m documenting my goals and objectives in hopes to make more dramatic and notable changes than I have in the past.  And instead of labeling them what they really are, I’m titling this list of changes as my 2014 Bucket List.  I’m also posting more immediate monthly goals because I definitely work better with baby steps than heavy doses and we all know I can’t stop anything cold turkey.

Stick with me and don’t count me out just yet.  I know many of these items are repeats and some of them may seem superficial or downright ridiculous but I’m a foolish girl with crazy dreams and wild ambitions.  And I love designer handbags.

2014 Bucket List 

1.  Systemize My Business
I want my systems to have systems.  My business is now a toddler and continuing to grow and if I don’t streamline and systemize, I’m going to drive this train straight off of a cliff.  I’ve already started the process and can tell a huge improvement.  It certainly won’t hurt finally having an office assistant to help.

2.  Personal Health
Do I really need to go into detail?  My body is dehydrated because I drink Sun Drop slushes like water and I drink water like it’s Clorox.  My YMCA card hasn’t been swiped in months.  I sometimes eat one meal a day and I can promise it isn’t fresh from a garden.  My personal health needs a complete overhaul so we’ll take this goal in stages.

3.  Take Piano Lessons
My mom always warned me that I would regret it if I stopped taking lessons.  Guess what?  She was right.  Just like she was right about my 10th grade boyfriend, cutting my hair for senior pictures or moving to Nashville that one summer.

4.  Travel Like I Mean It
Lucky for me, this one will be easy.  Thank God Chase turned 30 and his mom knows how to properly celebrate.  I can’t wait to re-visit the spot I studied abroad at 9 years ago and explore new and undiscovered territory across the pond.  I also plan on renting a RV this year and “glamping” it with some of my favorite friends.

5.  Call My Grandparents
Out of all the goals on this list that are duplicates from 2012, this is the most detrimental one.  My post from two years ago listed all three of my grandparents, one of which I now can only speak to through prayers.  I want to make sure my Nana and Paw Paw know exactly what they mean to me this year.  I don’t care if I fail at everything else on this list as long as I succeed at this one.

6.  Change Zip Codes
Chase and I are in such different places than we were when we purchased our home six years ago.  He’s started a new job and the last thing either of us needs is an hour commute for him each day.  We plan on putting the house on the market this week and seeing what happens.  We have no clue what we’ll do if it sells and to be honest, I’m completely okay not knowing.

7.  Just Buy It
I created a “Dream Board” last year.  I filled it with things I didn’t need but wanted.  I’m slowly but surely checking off those items and will in fact check one off the list this very week that could have technically been on there since I was 18.  I’ll turn 30 this year and I think it’s only appropriate to have a work tote that is mature, dependable and ridiculously overpriced.  Therefore, I have officially started the Louis Vuitton Fund that I will contribute to and hopefully by the time November 5th rolls round, that baby will be mine.

8.  Give Back
Instead of just investing in myself, I really want to invest in others.  I have no idea how I’ll do this or what it will look like but I ultimately want to make a difference in the life of someone else.  Mission trip? Community service?  I’m open to ideas and suggestions.

That’s it.  Eight little life improvements and enhancers all sitting in a row.  It looks so simple and obtainable spelled out in black and white.  As for this month’s goals, since I now have ten days to complete them, here goes nothing.

January Goals

The Bizniz
1.  Hire an assistance for the office. I don’t want to toot my own horn but I’ve accomplished this task already.  I cannot wait to have someone helping me get and keep my crap together.  Plus, I want to have her acquainted and prepared to take over while I take some much-needed me time in February.

2.  Blog. I have two amazing weddings patiently waiting to make their appearance.

3.  Complete my yearly budget and prepare for my tax appointment.  Oh boy.  I can’t wait to check this one off my list.  I’m sooooo good at saving money.

4.  Check in with every client.  This is the time. I want to make sure every single 2014 client knows just how excited I am about their fantastic upcoming wedding.

1.  Get the house ready to be put on the market. There’s plenty of things we’ve easily overlooked day in and day out at Larkspur Court.  That chipped railing paint.  The stack of wood on the patio.  The large white rectangle I accidentally designed on the front lawn because I didn’t put paper down under the sign I spray painted.  We have limited time to get everything in order so we can officially put that sign in the yard.

2.  Tie up every loose end.  I have a lot of strings dangling and it’s time to tie each and every single one.  Figuring out my new health insurance since Chase started at a new company.  Establish how I want to invest in my future retirement.  Get a handle on anything and everything outstanding.

3.  Prepare for our trip abroad.  I need to order rain boots. I need a warm jacket.  I’m probably going to need some new clothes.  We need foreign currency.  Luckily I’ve already finished our six page itinerary.  I definitely picked the right profession.

4.  Drink water.  I can do this. I’m starting out very small.  One tiny bottled water, once a day, for the next ten days.  Why is this so hard for me?

This is a stupid long post and if you’ve made it to this point, you should really go reward yourself.  Thank you for humoring me and making me feel important by reading my rambling thoughts and ideas.  I hope your 2014 is an exciting collection of days filled with laughter, love and sensory overload.  They’re calling for a blizzard (a.k.a 1-2 inches of snow) so I suppose my immediate task is to survive my trip to the grocery store.  Happy 2014!

xoxo, Priscilla