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Sweet Summer Wedding at The Stockroom in Raleigh

If someone could tell me why my email is acting like a complete and total spaz, I would seriously give you an amazing treat.  Not like a pat on the back.  An actual delicious and enjoyable reward.  I spent more than an hour yesterday re-organizing 243 emails.  Emails that I had already put in their designated folder and yet somehow managed to sneak out and take up shop in my inbox.  Even today, I’ll delete an email and five minutes later it’s right back in the inbox like I never sent it to the cyberspace graveyard.  Duplicating efforts ain’t my style, folks.

Speaking of sneaking out, some of my favorite memories from my childhood are wrapped into the time I spent with my cousins.  We were pre-teens and couldn’t think of anything being more exciting than sneaking out of her house to roam the rough streets of Hudson in the middle of the night.  We took all of the necessary precautions and devised a plan.  We put in “The Little Mermaid” on VHS, set the volume at the proper level to drown out our escape techniques, secured her dog Oreo and stuffed the bed full of pillows to make it look as though we were hiding under the covers.  We knew exactly where the motion detectors were and knew how to avoid them.  We knew the consequences of our actions.  But we also knew there was no possible way anyone would find out.

We carefully lifted her bedroom window, stepped onto the porch and quietly made our way down the stairs.  As our feet reached the pavement, we blasted full speed, running up the driveway and into freedom.  It was a rush of excitement.  The first taste of doing something you shouldn’t be doing and loving every minute of it.  We probably spent a whopping 15 minutes walking up and down the sidewalks of Hudson before we realized there was actually more to do inside her house than out.  Proud of our success, we fell asleep that night with sneaky smiles plastered on our faces.

We also fell asleep with paint on our shoes.  Unknown to either one of us, her parents had very recently re-painted the front porch and in the bright sunlight, the evidence was undeniable.  Tracks from our tiny Keds mapped out exactly what we had done the night before.

It wasn’t the last time we snuck out or did something silly.  And it certainly wasn’t the last time I did something to jeopardize someone’s trust in me.  It was my first lesson of many with trust.  Lessons I’m continuing to learn now.  Trust is such a fragile commodity.  It’s cultivated and nurtured over time and only takes one wrong move to destroy.  Or in this case, it just takes one step in the paint.

You can’t trust everyone.  Sometimes you can’t even trust yourself.  But here’s something you can trust.  Kim and Matt’s wedding at the Stockroom in Raleigh was nothing short of amazing.  Look at her glowing face.  And look how big she’s smiling.  I like to think it’s mostly because of Matt but perhaps a tiny bit is attributed to the fact that Kim was relaxed and free-spirited because she trusted me to do my job.  Kim’s handmade “LOVE” marquee sign inspired me to acquire one of my own that has now been used at multiple bridal shows and weddings.  And don’t even get me started on the lace backdrop.  It was gorgeous.  As always, I adored working with Brett and Jessica and find their moments captured by photography to be perfection.

Be sure to check out the incredible pictures from their special day.  Keep in mind, Kim now runs the cutest online shop where she sells some of the products featured at her wedding as well as other custom prints and handmade cards.  It’s called “Darling and Dear.”  Check it out.  It’s adorable.  Trust me.


Raleigh Wedding Planner - Charlotte Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events

Raleigh Wedding - Raleigh Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events

Groom Getting Ready - NC Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events

Raleigh First Look - NC Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events

First Look in Raleigh - NC Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events

Wedding Centerpieces at Stockroom - Wooden Cake Topper - Orangerie Events

Blue Wedding Party Dresses - Bright Bouquet Flowers - NC Wedding Planner

Blue Bridesmaids Dresses - NC Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events

Wedding Pictures in Raleigh - NC Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events

Stockroom Wedding - NC Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events

Wedding Ceremony at Stockroom - NC Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events

Wedding at Stockroom Raleigh - NC Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events

Stockroom Raleigh Wedding - NC Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events

Lighting at Stockroom - Raleigh Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events

Ceremony at Stockroom Raleigh - Stockroom Wedding - Orangerie Events

Tree Ceremony at Stockroom - NC Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events

Stockroom Pictures - NC Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events

Dad Seeing Bride - NC Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events

First Dance at Stockroom - Stockroom Wedding - Raleigh Wedding Planner

Bride with Parents at Wedding - NC Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events

Bright Colored Bridal Bouquet - June Bridal Bouquet - NC Wedding Planner

Happy Bride and Groom - Stockroom Wedding - Orangerie Events

Wedding at Stockroom - Stockroom Raleigh Wedding - NC Wedding Planner

Sparkler Exit at Stockroom - Raleigh Rickshaw - Orangerie Events

Ceremony & Reception: Stockroom 230

Photography: Brett & Jessica

Coordination: Orangerie Events

Catering: Simply Delicious Catering

Rickshaw: Crank Arm Rickshaw

Florist: Eclectic Sage - Heather Miller

xoxo, Priscilla
Forgive & Forget February

I feel like I’ve been around the world and back and technically, I have.  We just returned from an incredible vacation exploring London, Paris and Ireland.  The entire trip was made possible solely because of the generosity of Chase’s mom and stepdad and I can’t thank them enough for the money, time and energy they invested putting it together.

There’s only 28 days in February and I have to admit, I’m happy about that.  Even though an amazing vacation consumed about half of the month, getting through the past few weeks has been anything but easy.  The world we live in is tough.  The industry I work in is tough.  Relationships are tough.

I’ve learned an awful lot about myself over the last month.  It’s funny how sometimes life slaps us across the face, wakes us up and says, “Hey. You aren’t as great as you think you are.”    Discovery is a powerful tool.  It’s a gateway action that perpetuates another reaction.  Sometimes we discover something within us that needs to be changed.  Sometimes we discover something within someone else that needs to be changed.  Sometimes we discover life’s box of chocolate is messy and sticky and requires a little clean up.

Out of everything I’ve learned the past month, which I feel is about five years of lessons rolled into one, the biggest result is forgiveness.  I’m a far cry from perfect and so are the people I love.  We do stupid things. We misplace our intentions.  We allow selfish desires to cloud our judgement.  We say things we shouldn’t and we mistakingly hurt others.  But forgiveness is a cleansing act.  It’s a refresher.  To be able to see a person for exactly who they are, stripped down and exposed, and choose forgiveness over resentment is empowering.

I use my blog as a platform to talk about the things going on with me in and outside of weddings.  To be honest, I forget that people might actually read what I write.  Sometimes I tiptoe the line of sharing too much.  Sometimes my honesty is mistaken for weakness.  Sometimes my desire to be relatable backfires.  Sometimes readers misinterpret information or formulate their own hypothesis.  I understand more clearly now than ever that you get what you put in.  Or in this day and age, you get what you put out – on social media that is.  Lesson learned.

February has slipped away from me and there’s very limited time left to talk about or accomplish goals.  I’ve decided to simply recap and assess my January goals.  I’ll pick up where I left off on March 1 with a fresh list of new objectives and simply pretend February was a dream.

January Goals 

The Bizniz
1.  Hire an assistance for the office.  Done.  She has officially started and a weight is lifted.

2.  Blog. Fail.  But I forgive myself.  And I vow to complete this task by Friday.

3.  Complete my yearly budget and prepare for my tax appointment.  Tax appointment happens tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.

4.  Check in with every client.  Only a few more to check off but to be safe, I’ll finish this by Friday too.


1. Get the house ready to be put on the market. There’s a sign in the yard.  It looks beautiful and will look even better with “Sold” slapped across it.  I’m looking forward to that first showing.   

2.  Tie up every loose end.  Done. We sat down and knocked this one out of the park before leaving for Europe.

3.  Prepare for our trip abroad.   We prepared as best as we could.  Just ignore the fact that I forgot to pack underwear and had to load up at the Forever 21 before our flight from New York to London.  And definitely ignore the fact that Chase didn’t pack rain resistant winter boots and we spent an entire day trekking through every shop in NYC looking for a pair not too big, not too small, not too expensive and not too tall.  I can look back and laugh about it now but at the time I wanted to strangle him with every shop we stepped into and every puddle we stepped across.  I guess sometimes the things you forget are the things that make a trip memorable.  Like forgetting how to read an actual map and walking in the wrong direction for three miles.  (That was my fault.)  Or forgetting your suitcase in the hotel lobby and realizing it while you’re checking in at the airport. (That one wasn’t me.)

It’s been a month full of every emoticon on the iPhone.  But life isn’t stagnant.  It’s not always smooth sailing.  We experience pain so we can truly appreciate peace.  And if finding the silver lining requires I stand in the rain, I’ll let it pour while wearing my cute rain boots that I didn’t forget to pack.


xoxo, Priscilla