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Rustic Wedding at the Fair Barn in Pinehurst

As much as you can try to avoid and prevent it, life is always full of conflict.  We’re imperfect beings who have different ideas, tolerances, beliefs and expectations.  We see it on the news every day.  This person fighting with this person.  This country hates this country.  Voices escalate.  Tempers flare.  Bombs explode.

I hate conflict.  I loathe disagreements.  I despise sticky situations that make me uncomfortable.  When something with someone goes array and I know a confrontation is imminent, my brain goes haywire.  There’s a constant flood of lyrics streaming as to what I’m going to say.  The points I’m going to make are bulleted, clear and concise.  A few are bleeped out.  My confidence is through the roof and I have no doubt that after the altercation, the other person will be wishing they never messed with all 5’2” of me.  Okay, 5’1”.

But that’s in my head.  Reality is that I’m a pull-the-covers-over-your-head and brush-it-under-the-rug kind of person.  My palms become sweaty. My voice shakes. I become totally exposed and vulnerable.  The narrative I’ve mentally rehearsed comes out in the form of tears streaming down my face.  For the longest time I’ve viewed it as a weakness.  A flaw in my character that I can so easily become the punching bag and not the one handing out blows.

But the truth is, I think my inability to verbalize spiteful or harmful words isn’t a weakness at all.  Words are powerful.  They don’t bounce – they stick.  They can’t be retracted or taken back.  Once gossip or something negative leaves your mouth and lands on the ears of the recipient, you’ve risked them being twisted, repeated, or worse, remembered.

My honest prayer is that I use my words wisely.  To think before speaking.  To not judge someone because they sin differently than I do.  To let them marinate before I just spit them out.  To remember that if they are going to stick to someone, let them be words of encouragement, positivity and empowerment.  Let my words do good and not damage.  If what I have to say isn’t kind or delivered in a gentle manner, then let me be quiet.

Someone who has filled my life with the most inspiring words is Dorothy.  If ever I doubt myself as a wedding planner, doubt my ability to make another person happy or doubt what I’m doing with my life, I can count on Dorothy to remind me that I’ve done something right.  Her wedding was incredible.  Full of rustic details.  Full of personalization.  Full of romance.  Full of gratitude.

Dorothy did the work.  She hired her vendors.  She collected her decor.  She came to me for advice and guidance and on the wedding day, she trusted my team and me to bring it to life.  If you like a horse-drawn-carriage, dogs that serve as ring bearers, a wisteria Twilight-inspired draped pergola, wooden benches, hand painted programs, a vintage Volkswagen Beetle, mix-matched china and cotton napkins, carmel apple wedding favors or a reception set in the most elegant barn imaginable, this is the wedding for you.

I had the most enlightening experience getting to know Dorothy.  She has the most giving heart.  Evident by the souvenirs she sent to me from her trip to Dallas because she knew Chase was a Cowboys fan.  Her thoughtfulness is inspiring.  In addition to loving every minute of working with Dorothy, I can’t thank Brian Mullins Photography enough for the stunning pictures.  It was a pure delight to work with Brian and Jenn on the wedding day.

In a conflicted world, one positive word can outweigh a mountain of negativity.  I’ve had so many incredible clients, friends and family fill my inbox and phone with the sweetest sentiments recently.  This is my public declaration of thanks.  They have been impactful.  They have motivated me.  Your simple words have saved me.

P.S. – Be sure to check out Dorothy and David’s wedding featured on Southern Bride & Groom!

NC Wedding Planner - Bride Getting Ready

Custom Wedding Hanger - NC Wedding Planner

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Pinehurst Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events

Pinehurst Wedding Planner - Priscilla Erwin - NC Wedding Planner

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Custom Wedding Hankie - NC Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events

Custom Hankie for Father of the Bride - Orangerie Events

Horse Drawn Carriage - Pinehurst Wedding Planner

Wooden Wedding Sign - NC Wedding Planner

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Dog Ring Bearer - NC Wedding Planner

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Wedding in Pinehurst - NC Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events

Wedding Ceremony in Pinehurst - North Carolina Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events

Ceremony in Pinehurst - Pinehurst Wedding - Orangerie Events

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Fair Barn Wedding - Rustic Details - Orangerie Events

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Rustic Details - Pinehurst Fair Barn Wedding - Orangerie Events

Fair Barn Wedding in Pinehurst - First Dance - Orangerie Events

Wedding at Fair Barn - Pinehurst Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events

Ceremony Location: Village Arboretum

Reception Location: The Fair Barn

Photographer: Brian Mullins Photography

Coordinator: Orangerie Events

Ceremony Music: Opus One and Army of Me

Carriage: Carriage Tours of Pinehurst

DJ: A+ DJ Service

Caterer: Southern Harvest Catering Company

Cake: The Bakehouse

Cupcakes: BlueBird Cupcakes

Rentals:  Heirloom Vintage China Hire + Richmond Rentals and Sales

xoxo, Priscilla
March Goals

Oh snap! We had our first house showing on Sunday.  It was totally unexpected.  Meaning I’m in the middle of giving Scottie a bath, Chase is shaving and we have about a fifteen minute notice to run feverishly around the house getting everything in order.  My house is primarily always neat and tidy but you know me, I’m a perfectionist. I want the front porch swept. I want the light bulb in the bathroom replaced.  I want the lantern moved five inches to the left so nobody hits it while going out the door onto the screened porch. I want all the candles lit and the relaxing spa music piping throughout.  I want every single sense engaged the moment those prospective buyers walk through the door.

It went well.  The feedback was short and sweet and wasn’t a flat out “No” which is encouraging.  We certainly have an exciting week ahead of us with some minor cosmetic improvements before the Open House on Saturday.  In retrospect, it was a good weekend.  Amazing weather.  Productive meetings with clients.  Quality time with my family.  Intriguing television shows.  I only watched a portion of the Oscars last night but can we just go ahead and establish that I would like to be buried in Kate Hudson’s Versace gown with my hair delicately curled and styled to the side with a smokey eye?  It was an absolute show stopper.

The plunging cleavage-baring style of the gown reminded me of the dress I wore to my Senior prom.  Mine wasn’t nearly as memorable or important but I did always like to push the limits and read in-between the dress code rules.  Take for instance the dress I wore to prom when I was a freshman.  I know, I know.  A freshman at prom.  How can that be?  Would a senior boy really want to take a mere little freshman?  Apparently so and I thought I was really something.  I wasn’t.  But my dress was.  Something else that is.  It was two pieces, deep purple and comparable to something Jasmine from “Aladdin” would wear.  The beaded bra top had so much extra padding sewn in it I could have literally jumped chest first off of the high dive and onto a bed of nails and wouldn’t have felt the impact.  There was a rule the following year banning two piece dresses because showing the midriff was showing too much.  It was all my fault.  By the way, don’t really bury me in Kate’s dress.  I want to be cremated.

You should really be proud of me.  It’s the first business day of the month and I’m posting my goals like a boss.  I hope this display of me being proactive is carried throughout March and is indication that I’ve stopped this runaway train I call my life.  Let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

March Goals

The Bizniz
1.  Formulate those dagum’ forms.  I have two specific forms that need to be created that I know will take a hefty amount of time initially but will save copious amounts of time later.

2.  Increase my blogging.  Remember the good ole’ days when I blogged about what I was cooking and what I was wearing?  I miss them too.  I’ve realized I’ve been suppressing my desire to resurrect those things out of fear.  But in my world, faith trumps fear.

3.  Complete my weekly budget.  I put it on my calendar last year for every Monday at 9am.  A dedicated and designated time to update my expenses and monitor my finances.  And every Monday at 9am, I ignored the reminder and waited until there was a mound of receipts and a lot of bank account flatlining.  This month is a fresh chance for me to get on the right track and keep it that way.

4.  Open a personal checking account.  I’ve been mixing my personal and business account for far too long.  I had been telling myself that for months but I finally decided to start listening once my accountant said so.

5.  Send out special gifts to my lovelies.  I have a little (very little) treat to send out to my fabulous clients.  Impending deadline means I need to hop on these stat.  It’s also the birthday month for two amazing friends and I want them to know how much I love and appreciate them.

6.  Rock that wedding.  I have an amazing wedding coming up for a gal that I admire and respect and I can’t wait to rock it with my snazzy new clipboard and customized apron!

1.  Prepare for our Open House.  We have an Open House quickly approaching and a few more cosmetic and routine improvements to be made beforehand.  Chase and I made a list yesterday and this week is dedicated to putting checkmarks next to those tasks.

2.  Rise-n-Shine.  I love to sleep.  I can fall asleep at a moment’s notice and in the most awkward positions.  Put me on a plane and before we’ve reached the runway, I’ll be sitting indian-style in the seat, head tilted to the side and sleeping soundly.  I’ve started feeling guilty about sleeping.  Chase is up at 6am now that he’s started a new job and every morning, I wake up when he wakes up.  But just because I wake up doesn’t mean I actually get up.  I’m usually back asleep by the time he’s pulling out of the garage.  I feel guilty because I could start my day sooner.  I could spend some quiet, reflective time in the stillness of the morning.  So that’s my goal.  Wake up earlier with more slow intention rather than waking up later and going full speed.

3.  Start classes at Pure Barre.  I have three new exercise classes I want to start taking and the first is at Pure Barre.   I plan on buying a two-week trial, which gives me four actual classes, and breaking a leg.  Well hopefully not literally breaking a leg since it is a ballet-inspired class.

4.  Enjoy Saturdays.  My Saturdays are quickly dwindling and once the end of March rolls around, they’re nearly obsolete.  Here’s to hoping the weather cooperates the next few Saturdays and we’re able to experience some new adventures.

5.  Drink water.  Say what?  You’ve seen this one before.  Me too.  But until this goal becomes a habit and that habit becomes an addiction, I’ll keep putting it as a monthly goal.  For the month of March, it’s really simple – just one glass of water every single day.  My dad has totally kicked soft drinks to the curb and I am so proud of him.  He’s lost 17 pounds, significantly decreased his blood pressure and just watched as I stuffed tortilla chips in my mouth at Chuy’s yesterday.  He’s inspired me.

In like a lion, out like a lamb.  I hope that saying about March holds true to more than just the weather.  Spring is around the corner and I’m looking forward to a new and brighter season.

xoxo, Priscilla