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Beautifully Blush Wedding at All Saints Chapel and Stockroom 230

Does anyone want to buy a house?  No, seriously.  I’d really like for someone to buy my house.  Thankfully we aren’t in a position where we are on a time crunch to get it sold or in a financial crisis but I’m starting to get really excited about what’s next and the fact that I have no timetable as to when that’s going to happen is starting to annoy me.

We’ve had three showings.  Not bad but not great.  I’m hoping my freshly laundered undies sitting atop my bedroom dresser didn’t deter the last showing.  That’s what happens when you aren’t expecting a showing and are in a meeting when you get the “Can we show your house in 10 minutes?” call.  I’m also not complaining about having the house on the market because it’s given me an extended excuse to have Sany and her crew come in and clean the house from top to bottom every few weeks.  I can’t tell you how much I haven’t missed scrubbing the shower or mopping the floors.  It’s completely worth the eye rolls I get every few Fridays.

Speaking of which, next time I catch grief about having Sany clean the house, I’ll just remind Chase about how he recently got into a fight with a wasp on our front porch and cracked a gigantic piece of our siding with a broom.  I took less of a UFC  approach and went to the grocery store to buy wasp spray.  Take a guess at which method worked.

I think I’m most excited about simplifying our life.  We have so much wasted space for just two people and a canine.  We also have too much silly stuff.  Stuff just sitting in closets, in boxes and sitting in the attic doing absolutely nothing but collecting dust.  When we finally do move, I don’t want to take with us all of that stuff.  I’ll honestly probably sell every single thing I possibly can.  Except for my farmhouse dining room table that I didn’t tell Chase we were getting and just showed up with one day.  I guess a dining room table is a little more subtle than the new car I just showed up with on another day.  Did I ever mention how I have this deep-rooted issue with proclaiming my independence?  I’ve since learned those actions were really selfish and probably not the smartest decisions for a successful marriage.

Something tells me that Sarah and Luke aren’t going to have any issues with a successful marriage.  They are a seriously adorable couple.  There’s a few notable things that I adored about this couple and their wedding:

  1. They met at a bowling class in college at NC State.
  2. I introduced Sarah’s mom to Sun Drop slushies and she loved them.  So much so she asked for seconds during one of our meetings.
  3. The groom’s brother, who was the best man, gave the most heartfelt toast at the reception. I usually keep my emotions in check at weddings but I couldn’t help tearing up while listening to him speak about how proud their father would have been of Luke.
  4. Sarah looked drop dead gorgeous on her wedding day.  Not that she wasn’t beautiful every time I saw her but typically she came in straight from work and would be in scrubs with her hair up.  She was perfection in that gown.
  5. In lieu of a guest book, the couple had guests sign a canvas with the state of North Carolina painted in the center.  We placed the cutest little sign next to the painting politely asking guests to not sign on the state but around the perimeter.  I periodically checked throughout the night and I’m happy to report we made it until the last 30 minutes without having someone sign inside the state. Since I enjoyed the best man’s speech so much, I decided to let him get away with not following the signing rules.
  6. The Raleigh Trolley ran into the parked car of a guest about five minutes before the ceremony.  Ok, maybe I didn’t adore that about their wedding but it is something I’ll never forget.

It was a beautiful April wedding ceremony at All Saints Chapel with a reception following at The Stockroom 230.  Even though the couple maxed out the space with about 180 guests, Unforgettable Food Affairs had no problem providing an amazing dinner.  The couple opted to display the cutest cutting cake baked by Sweet Traditions by LeAneCE Rental provided the luxurious linens while Gregg Kennedy with Brides & Bouquets added a touch of romance with the personal bouquets and reception flowers.  He even voluntarily lent a helping hand in setting up the ceremony space.  Blue Light Entertainment kept the dance floor packed right up until the moment Sarah and Luke departed in a rickshaw provided by Crank Arm Rickshaw.  And during that departure, at the end of a long day, Sarah’s make up still looked flawless because Perfection by Patricia knows how to rock it.

Reliving this beautiful wedding day wouldn’t be possible without the amazing and talented Julie Livingston Photography.  I always enjoy working with someone with such a sweet heart, incredible eye and wonderful personality.  She’s a gem.

It’s the simple things in life sometimes.  A single rose sitting in a vase.  A shared affection for Sun Drop slushes.  Signing inside the state.  A baby’s breath bouquet.  A hug from a grateful bride at the end of her wedding day.  A house that fits.  Simple doesn’t mean boring.  I’m looking forward to making my life not any less significant but much more simpler.


NC Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events

Blush Wedding Inspiration - NC Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events

Raleigh Wedding Planner - Charlotte Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events

All Saints Wedding - All Saints Chapel - Orangerie Events

Wedding at All Saints Chapel - NC Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events

Stockroom Wedding - Wedding at Stockroom - Orangerie Events

Wedding at Stockroom 230 - Orangerie Events

Ceremony Location: All Saints Chapel

Reception Location: Stockroom 230

Coordination: Orangerie Events

Photographer: Julie Livingston Photography

Caterer: Unforgettable Food Affairs

Florist: Brides & Bouquets

Cake: Sweet Traditions by LeAne

DJ: Blue Light Entertainment

Linens: CE Rental

Lighting: Themeworks

Make Up: Perfection by Patricia

Rickshaw: Crank Arm Rickshaw

xoxo, Priscilla
30 Things to Do Before 30

Beyond coordinating weddings and events, I’m pretty much a planner in every facet of my life.  I am frequently the one arranging meet ups with my friends or mini-getaways with my family.  It has a lot to do with enjoying organization but probably a lot more to do with the fact that I want to be in control.  I assembled a binder for our trip to Europe earlier this year that was color coded, divided by day and included all of our tickets, reservations and a six-page itinerary detailing where we should go, eat and sightsee.

As evident by this past weekend, no plan is foul-proof.  I had a Saturday full of meetings for a client who is getting married in Asheville in August.  I decided since I would be in the mountains and it was Easter weekend, it would be the perfect opportunity to spend some time away with my family so I invited my mom and her boyfriend to join me.  We rented the cutest little cabin in the woods about twenty minutes outside of Asheville.  I had read online that if you were going to be in Asheville on Easter Sunday, you had to go to Chimney Rock for their sunrise service.  I didn’t read online that there is a cut-off time as to when you can arrive at Chimney Rock and still participate in the service.

We woke up at 5am on Sunday, hopped into the car with our sleepy eyes and drove an hour to Chimney Rock.  There were some people congregating outside of the gate, waiting for the shuttle that takes you to the top we assumed.  Wrapped in a blanket, we stood among the group of visitors waiting for our chariot to transport us to the most magical mountaintop sanctuary and thus fulfilling phase one of my grand Easter day plan.  It wasn’t until a random car stopped in front of us and asked in a foreign accent “Are you waiting until they open?”  “No. We’re waiting for the shuttle,” we replied.  “There is no shuttle. It stopped at 6am.”

And he was exactly correct.  We confirmed with the park ranger that although the service begins at 6:30am and technically we were on time, the gate closes at 6am and doesn’t re-open until the celebration is over.  We hopped into the car with our sleepy eyes and drove an hour back to the cabin.

The morning certainly didn’t go as I had planned but the rest of the day was pretty much perfect.  We had Easter lunch at the Deerpark Restaurant at Biltmore and then spent the remainder of the day exploring the grounds, indulging in a wine tasting, admiring the tulips, watching a week-old goat trying to stand on a bucket and basking in the warm sunshine that we all know I need on my moon glows that I call legs.  I’d do it all again in a heartbeat while wearing Pharrell’s hat.

NC Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events - Raleigh Wedding Planner

Raleigh Wedding Planner - NC Wedding Planner - Orangerie Events

There’s a quote that says “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.”  I’m an avid believer of that statement.  Living proof actually because I’m certainly not an elementary school teacher living in a house built on my family’s 11 acres on Lee Pearson Road.  Those were my plans.  Plans that are unimaginable now.

I have some more plans.  And they will probably be laughable too.  I turn thirty this year and in my typical planning plus list-loving manner, I’ve created thirty things that I would like to do by the time I’m thirty.  At this rate, I’ll need to accomplish at least four goals each month which is totally doable.  Some of the things on this list are things I’ve never done or things I’ve done but not in a long time.  Some are elaborate while others are quick and easy.  I wanted to make this list obtainable yet memorable.  Silly yet significant.

Sometimes the things we don’t plan like making a friend, landing a new job or falling in love are the things we end up treasuring more than the blueprints we had designed.  And maybe these thirty little seeds will grow into even bigger and better plans.  You’ll never know if you never try.

  1. See Billy Joel in concert.
  2. Visit a theme park I’ve never been to.
  3. Take a hot air balloon ride.
  4. Go to a hookah lounge.
  5. Step out of my comfort zone for an experience.
  6. Take piano lessons.
  7. Go camping.
  8. Pay off my credit card.
  9. Take pole dancing classes.
  10. Volunteer.
  11. Start a journal.
  12. Indulge in an unusual spa service.
  13. Go fishing.
  14. Own a Louis.
  15. Go have an eye exam.
  16. Attend a professional baseball game.
  17. Send my grandmother flowers unexpectedly.
  18. Join a church.
  19. Get in crazy good shape.
  20. Try acupuncture.
  21. Write a letter to myself to open in ten years.
  22. Plan a fun trip with my close friends.
  23. Pay a stranger’s restaurant bill.
  24. Go skinny dipping.
  25. Swim with dolphins.
  26. Transfer old home movies from VHS to DVD.
  27. Host a dinner party.
  28. Stomp on grapes to make wine.
  29. Create a family recipe book.
  30. Dance in the rain.
xoxo, Priscilla
A Not-Yet Thirty Year Old’s Take on “Frozen” + April Goals

I had a movie date with my brother this past week.  We stood at the Redbox machine, aimlessly searching for a film that was entertaining, fulfilling and something neither of us had seen.  I secretly think we both knew from the very beginning which movie we wanted to watch but we were each afraid of the other’s reaction if we were to suggest such a childish flick.  After wasting time and narrowing the choices, I risked looking immature and just posed the question, “Do you want to watch Frozen?”  His response was an immediate yes.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I absolutely loved the movie.  So much so, I’ve been blasting the soundtrack and singing “Love is an Open Door” at the top of my lungs.  I’ve always been a fan of animated movies but as an adult, I’ve come to appreciate more than just the quirky characters and infectious melodies.  There are positive and inspiring messages hidden within those frames.  Specifically from “Frozen,” messages about forgiveness, acceptance, family and how true love extends beyond a romantic relationship.  Most notably, it encouraged me to let it go.  The things holding me back and dragging me down.  The self-doubt.  The weight of not-so-good feedback.  The petty gossip and distorted accounts of the truth.  The negativity infiltrating my thoughts.  The worry about financial repercussions.  Let. It. Go.

I’ve taken those messages that I inferred from a Disney movie and have implemented them in a powerful and positive way within my life.  I’ve forgiven myself for disappointing others and for being less-than-perfect.  I’ve accepted that this is who I am.  Precious because I’m flawed.  Blessed because His mercies are new every single morning.  I spent uninterrupted time with my family for a few days.  Feeding my spirituality.  Appreciating their unconditional and selfless love for me.  Valuing their company at a meal.  Listening to their laughter.

Most importantly, I learned that true love isn’t a synonym for fairytale.  To be honest, I thought for the longest time that I had missed my chance for true love.  That it passed me by.  That the glass slipper shattered into a million pieces on the ballroom stairs.  But I was wrong.  True love seeps into our lives in more ways than just romantically.  It’s the people who stand up for you.  Who lend their support without needing an explanation or backstory.  It’s those who fill your day with words of empowerment and motivation.  The people who make sacrifices to be in your presence.  It’s those who work for 12 hours straight and then refuse monetary compensation.  True love is being able to revert to childhood, sit on the couch snuggled under a blanket, watch a G-rated movie and laugh unashamedly with your brother.

March has come and gone.  I definitely made some progress with my goals but I also still have a few to carry into April.  Let’s recap.

March Goals

The Bizniz
1.  Formulate those dagum’ forms.  Done.

2.  Increase my blogging.  We’ll carry this one into April. I didn’t do nearly as much as I had hoped.

3.  Complete my weekly budget.  Say what?  I’m completely up-to-date with my financials and weekly budget.

4.  Open a personal checking account.  Done.

5.  Send out special gifts to my lovelies.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, this had to be postponed until another time.  Coming soon though. Very soon.

6.  Rock that wedding.  I rocked that wedding because that’s just how I roll.

1.  Prepare for our Open House.  Our house was open but nobody came. We have had two showings though.  I’m extremely thankful that we aren’t under pressure or a time crunch to sell our home. It will happen.  Just not on our time.

2.  Rise-n-Shine.  I’ve definitely improved. Still a work in progress and definitely a continued goal for April.

3.  Start classes at Pure Barre.  All extra expenditures were put on hold for March so this will be a great April goal.

4.  Enjoy Saturdays.  I soaked them up, you guys.  Some Saturdays consisted of nothing at all and that was perfectly fine to me.

5.  Drink water.  You aren’t going to believe this but my body actually craves water.  For instance, during my whirlwind meeting day in Charlotte on Monday, I had to stop to buy a bottled water because my body was telling me to. This one will be a goal every single month until I master it.

And without further ado, my goals for this glorious new month.

April Goals

The Bizniz
1.  Get at that blogging. – This is it. The month I shake things up and do what I know I’m capable of doing.

2.  Schedule a staff meeting. – In preparation for the busyness that awaits, it’s time to get the girls together for wedding chit chat and if I know me, margaritas.

3.  Send out promotional materials. – My assistant has been feverishly working on our master vendor list and I’d love to send out a promotional kit this month.

4.  Design a mind-blowing styled shoot. – I’m looking forward to creating something lovely and magical for an upcoming styled shoot.

5. Spruce up and spring clean the office. – It’s time to paint some frames, recycle some old materials, update my bulletin board pictures and do a little spring cleaning at the Orangerie Events headquarters.

1.  Start classes at Pure Barre. – This is a goal carried over from March but one I can easily check off this month.

2.  Rise-n-Shine. - I would have given myself a “C” for waking up early in March. It’s time to step up that grade drastically.

3.  Finalize Easter plans. - I’ll be out of town over Easter weekend and I’ve decided to make the most of it by arranging a fabulous Easter brunch and quality time with family.

4.  Go bake a cake. – I feel like it’s been forever since I baked.  And by baked, I mean mixing ingredients from scratch while wearing my personalized kitchen apron.

5.  Compile my 30 before 30. – I turn 30 this year.  Ugh. I hate even typing those words.  What a hard dose of reality.  I want to compile a list of 30 things I want to do before I turn 30.  I’ve already started brainstorming but I want to designate time to sit down, make a list and formulate a game plan.  Stay tuned.

6.  For the love of all that’s good in the world, drink some water. – Come on. You knew that one was coming.

Hello, bright and sunny April.  Here’s to a month focused on bettering yourself and bettering those around you.  For salvation.  For thanking God for the rain while you’re thrashing around in a storm aboard a homemade ark.     

xoxo, Priscilla