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Tuesday Tunes – Alex Clare’s “Three Hearts” + Yard Sale Dets

It’s Tuesday guys and gals and on this particular Tuesday, there was only one thing on my mind when I woke up.  Perhaps you caught last week’s post about new music I think you should check out.  Well, I’m back and boy do I have a suggestion for you.  Instead of giving you some top five list, I’m only giving you one option today.  I’m making it so super easy for you.  Eliminating the frivolous options and presenting you with the main course. Find the new Alex Clare album “Three Hearts” and put it on full blast.

If you’re not sure who Alex Clare is or why I adore him, you should probably start by reading this past post.  I’ve been patiently waiting for this new album.  And by patiently I mean checking his website relentlessly, watching his Twitter feed like a hawk and keeping up with the lives of his bandmates on Facebook.  And it’s here.  The day is finally here.

I needed to hear every track and in a small, intimate environment.  So I drove around Wake Forest aimlessly, cranking it full blast in the car.  The ridiculously long line at the Starbucks drive-thru didn’t disturb me at all because it meant I had more time to explore each and every track.  My first listen favorites?  Check out these tracks specifically.

  1. Never Let You Go
  2. Just a Man
  3. Not in Vain
  4. War Rages On
  5. Unconditional
  6. Holding On (You stole my heart the first time I saw your face / It was the start of a never-ending love never knew I was worthy of / And I knew that when I told her I could see us growing older / From the confusion in my head / It was the truest thing I’ve said / I keep holding on. Holding on. Holding on to you.)

Have no fear.  My stalker-like tendencies toward Alex Clare will continue even though the new album is finally out because let’s be real, listening to an artist perform live is even better than listening to the tunes in my car.  If you don’t heed my advice today, you’re really silly.

Know what else would be really silly?  Missing my yard sale this upcoming Saturday.  Seriously guys, please come buy my crap.  I’m learning so much about myself during this moving process and we’ve only just begun.  For starters, my OCD is at all-time high.  I have a dry erase board in the living room with each day listed and a coordinating room to sift through.  Plus assigned tasks like picking up cash and arranging tables.  Every sticky price tag has to have my handwriting otherwise I go mental.  And the items are organized like a department store.  I probably need professional help.

And even though I’m sharply focused on prepping for this yard sale and working on my weddings, I’m doing some other really stupid stuff.  Like trying to fit a diesel gas nozzle in a car obviously not meant to run on diesel.  Or forgetting to pay the water bill, having it disconnected, “bathing” in the community pool after hours and getting caught by a State Trooper.  I was certain I was going to be hauled off to county for trespassing although I warned the officer that while the top half of my body was covered, the bottom portion was only protected by the towel around my waist.  I suppose it would have made the whole “bend and cough” process a lot easier.

It’s time to get back to business while Alex provides me with a working soundtrack.  But I do hope you’ll give his album a listen and I also hope to see you at 20 Larkspur Court on Saturday from 7am – 12pm for the best ever, life-changing yard sale.  At least that’s what the posters I made say.

xoxo, Priscilla
Tuesday Tunes – Top Five Songs to Check Out

Every Tuesday Spotify showcases the new releases for the week. Considering I’m a music connoisseur, it’s routine for me to check what has just been dropped.  I love new music.  Finding unknown artists.  Discovering the next big thing before the radio overplays the single. And lyrics.  Goodness how I love lyrics.  It’s the first thing I do when I find a new tune I like. I google the lyrics and read each one and sometimes it’s those lines of words that make me fall in love with a song even more.

I enjoy a vast spectrum of music.  From alternative to country, I really don’t discriminate against any genre.  I thought perhaps your day would be enlightened if I shared with you some songs that I’ve found or have been sent recently that I think are awesome sauce.  And really, who doesn’t love a top five list? So here it is.  This week’s Tuesday Tunes straight from the happy ears of yours truly.

1.  Maroon 5 – “It Was Always You”
Just when I think I can’t possibly become more obsessed with a band, Maroon 5 goes and does something like this song to totally elevate me to stalker status.  Their new album comes out in September and if “Maps” and this unexpectedly 80s reminiscent electro love song is any indication of what’s to come, my mind is going to be blown.

2.  Florida Georgia Line – “Dirt”
I know this song isn’t going to appeal to everyone but if you’re a country girl at heart, this song will speak to you as if it’s an anthem about your hometown.  Maybe I love it because it’s applicable to where I am at this very given moment in life, ready to build something out of nothing or maybe it’s because it reminds me of summer nights on Lee Pearson Road in Caldwell County.  Either way, hearing lines like “You know you came from it / And someday you’ll return to it” helps me forgive the duo for their questionable fashion choices.

3.  Magic Man – “Paris”
Technically, this isn’t a new release.  It came out earlier this year but hasn’t received proper radio play yet.  But this is one of those songs and one of those artists that I really believe will become increasingly more popular and even if not, the entire album, “Before the Waves,” is incredible and worth a listen.  If you decide to listen to more than just one song on the album, I recommend checking out “Every Day” and “It All Starts Here.”

4.  Broods – “Evergreen”
The album isn’t released yet.  But it’s coming in October and it’s going to be huge.  This brother and sister duo are positioned for mega-success.  They’ve slowly been releasing tracks from the album and I swear, I haven’t found one that I don’t like.  “Bridges” has been a top hit on SatelliteXM for a while now but go a little deeper and check out “Sleep Baby Sleep” and then tell me if your life isn’t altered.

5.  Jason Mraz – “Long Drive”
Have you ever wished for a night that wouldn’t end?  That you could press the pause button and the world would stop rushing by in a blur.  That the drive you were taking had no destination.  No end point.  No goodbyes.  That your only responsibility in life was to ride shotgun, feet on the dash, drawing hearts on a fogged up front window.  “Long Drive” takes me there. “The best night of my life / With you riding, your hand on my hand / The thought of arriving, kind of feels like dying.”  By mark 1:30 you’ll be swaying in your seat and by mark 2:16, you’ll crank up the volume for an unexpected twist.  The song is from Jason’s just released fifth album “Yes!” and is by far my favorite out of all 14 tracks.

Be sure to follow me on Spotify if you’d like to check out what other tunes I’m diggin’.  Just don’t be surprised if you sometimes see I’m listening to relaxing Spa music or Disney songs.  I’m weird.  And if you discover some really sweet new tracks, I’d love to hear about them!  Happy Tuesday!

xoxo, Priscilla