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Crafted Coordination – A Kick Butt Workshop for Wedding Planners



November 21 – 22, 2015
Mims House – Holly Springs, NC

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You have two options at this very moment. Option #1 is choosing to be lazy and read the CliffNotes as to what this blog is about. If that sounds up your alley, the next paragraph will give you the highlights and you can stop reading there resting assured you could at least make a “C” on the test. Option #2 is choosing to be a curious little kitten and wanting more than just a summary. You have full permission to be nosey, read the entire blog and get the inside scoop.

I am proud to introduce Crafted Coordination, a kick butt workshop for aspiring wedding planners and budding entrepreneurs in the wedding industry. The first conference will be held on November 21 – 22, 2015 at the Mims House in Holly Springs, North Carolina. The website will be live very soon and registration is already open. It’s really easy. Just click this link, sign up and learn how to ditch that day job and fulfill your dream of becoming a full-time wedding planner. And because I’m sweet as sugar, there’s a special discount for those early birds who register prior to October 5th. In summary, if you are toiling with the idea of becoming a wedding planner, if you are a new and aspiring wedding planner, if you’re someone in a creative field, if you’re wondering about how I started and have maintained a growing wedding planning business, you should sit your tush in one of the available seats at this one-of-a-kind workshop for wedding planners, by a wedding planner.

For those of you who decided to stick around and learn more, welcome. I feel like you deserve to learn a little bit about the motivation behind hosting Crafted Coordination. Starting any small business is tough. Starting a wedding planning business isn’t ridiculously difficult. Making a living by owning a wedding planning business is the tough part. I started Orangerie Events in 2008 with very little support. I closed my eyes and jumped feet first into an industry I knew little about and without a mentor. I had no clue what I was doing or what was in store.

I learned quickly how competitive the wedding industry is and specifically how protective wedding planners are in regards to their businesses. It was a waste of a good email to ask a fellow planner in the market for advice on getting started. To be quite frank, breaking into the industry is a lot like high school. Like changing schools in the middle of the year and becoming the new kid in class. You’re timid. You’re a bit clueless. You’re immediately judged and classified. And you’re very receptive to the divide between the outsiders and the cool kids. Finding where you fit in becomes the first hurdle and often times the first taste of rejection.

I made 3,423 mistakes. I tiptoed around the feelings of other planners in order to not make them feel threatened or betrayed. I listened to the gossip and frequently became the subject of it. I disappointed clients due to growing pains and poor judgement. I lost money. I cried, a lot. I barely escaped getting a divorce. And this past year, I was betrayed and burned by people within my industry and to an extent that made my head spin and question every single decision I had made in starting the business. I let it temporarily drag me down until one day I decided that I wouldn’t continue to succeed in spite of them but I would succeed despite them. And that’s when the little flame of desire to help others ignited into a full fledge inferno.

I don’t want to be like my predecessors. I don’t need to hold my secrets to success hostage. I want to inspire and encourage a new generation of wedding planners that fire each other up in a positive way and not in a “I’m going to burn your business cards” kind of way. I want to be transparent with exactly who I am and not hide behind a deceiving facade I’ve led everyone to believe is the truth through my pretty Instagram pictures and cute quotes. I guarantee this workshop will be open, honest to the core and full of real talk. I’ll discuss what I’m doing, how I do it, how to break into the industry, how much money I make, the tools I use, where my business is going, how I’ve made mistakes and how I built a brand that attracts my ideal clientele.

There will always be cliques within any industry and especially within the wedding world. And if I have to be in a clique, I want it to be a compassionate one full of people boasting community over competition. I receive hundreds of emails each year from girls in college, stay-at-home-moms and people working unfulfilling jobs who want to know how I did it and what they should do. Well now’s your chance for an unfiltered look behind-the-scenes and a rare opportunity to become BFFs with someone who has been where you are and is still swimming after jumping off the deep end.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via email at hello@craftedcoordination.com. Registration is officially open and stay tuned for the website launch announcement. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to keep up with the latest and greatest happenings! I can’t tell you how excited I am to make a tiny contribution to the uprising of a community of connected and positive planners. Let’s do this! (And yes, Sun Drop slushies for everyone!)

P.S. – If you’re a vendor and would like to participate, please reach out! At the very least, please feel free to share this so it can spread like wildfire!

xoxo, Priscilla
Denim Days + The Backpack is Back

I have a bit of advice for you that you should definitely listen to. If ever you go to Lowes and buy deer repellent for plants and somehow during the journey home said bottle of repellent leaks into the plastic bag, I urge you to proceed with caution. I wouldn’t advise sitting the plastic bag on your desk or removing the bottle with your bare hands. The smell is foul and lingering. You’ll regret it for days. Even after four showers, you’ll still feel as though you smell like cow manure.

I have a strong sense of smell. And certain smells make me nauseous. It was one of the first and largest indicators that I was about to be deathly sick during my recent food poisoning/stomach flu episode. We were sitting in a bar in Austin when the table next to us ordered some beefy, hearty pot roast. The aroma didn’t bother anyone else but I couldn’t sprint to the bathroom fast enough. It was disgusting and even still, if I should ever run into that smell again, I’m certain my reaction will be the same.

So now that you’re probably pinching your nose because you’ve tricked yourself into thinking you can whiff deer piss through the computer screen, let’s talk about pleasant smells. Like the new air fresheners that are released for the Fall. Or cinnamon apple cider. Or smokey bonfires. Kids, I am so ready for my favorite season to be here. In fact, I may have rushed it a bit with my denim outfit choice considering it was 90 degrees outside while taking these pictures.

This week’s fashion post was back-to-school inspired and is brought to you by a few of favorite stores. There was a time in my life where I would never consider mixing denims. Of course, there was also a time in my life when I wore an all-pleather purple suit. Thank goodness things change. I hope you each have an incredible Labor Day weekend and send summer off in style. Rumor has it that you can now get your hands on a PSL. That’s a Pumpkin Spice Latte for those of you not clued into the cool kids lingo. Happy Weekend!

Shirt + Jeans: H&M / Belt + Shoes: Forever 21 / Sunnies: Ray-Ban / Backpack: Target

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xoxo, Priscilla