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The Blog is Back

Hear ye, hear ye! My stagnant and stale blog has been resurrected. It’s alive again, folks. Thank goodness for autosave and bookmark bars because otherwise I don’t think I would have remembered how to even access the backend of my blog. I think it’s appropriate I only documented one thing from 2016 because 2016 was a big pile of poop. Like a huge, heaping pile that kept accumulating as the months went by. I spent the first half of the year too sick to blog and the second half too hurt. I lived through the expression, “Life can turn on a dime.” It was not my finest year.

I’ve had people send Facebook messages and make comments online asking about how we’re enjoying the home we were building in Wendell.  The answer is we’re not because we’re not living there. In July, we decided not to move forward with the construction and we pressed the pause button on our life. We became that blinking cursor on the screen. It was either hit the delete button and erase everything that had come before or hit the return key and start writing something new. I can tell you with complete certainty that there’s only one reason Chapter 8 of our lives didn’t come to an abrupt “The End” mid-story. Coven.

If I had to relive one day from 2016, I would choose August 1, 2016. I would happily puke, lay in the hospital floor in the fetal position, clinch through painful contractions and push a human being out of my hoo-ha because that entire experience was not only the bright spot from 2016 but was the best day of my life. Oh Coven, you have no idea the depths of my love for you.

So where are we now? We’re in the re-building phase in every sense of the word. We’re re-building our life and adjusting to the addition of the cutest baby boy I’ve ever seen and coping with the subtraction of our favorite furry friend, Scottie. And then we’re literally re-building a 1971 ranch home in Raleigh. We’re currently under contract with an anticipated closing date the beginning of March. I’ve been blowing up my Pinterest boards with renovation ideas and channeling my inner Joanna Gaines.

I am excited to share the renovation journey and document the progress. You can follow along on my personal Instagram page or the hashtag dearjohnsdale. I have accepted that I can’t make and keep many promises anymore because a little chunker demands my undivided time and attention, but I can guarantee I’ll blog more this year than I did last year. There’s no doubt, motherhood has given me material to blog about and has changed absolutely every aspect of my life. I can’t wait to tell you all about it. For right now, we’re going to do some “Jolly Jumper” exercise before the nightly routine kicks in. Talk to you soon, friends.

xoxo, Priscilla