Babies on the Brain

I had been searching for a catch-all, carry-all work tote for months. I was tired of lugging around ten different bags that outweighed me and donning the nickname “The Bag Lady.” My generous mother-in-law sent me a gift card to Coach and I thought it would be a prime opportunity to pick one bag to haul around my folders and files. When I saw the bag on the shelf, I knew it was the one. It wasn’t too small, too big or too impractical. It was perfect.

I was so excited to transfer all of my belongings from my old bag into my pristine new work tote. I was a bit puzzled when I pulled out a folded mat from the center of the bag. Since I’m naturally blonde, I thought, “Well isn’t this my lucky day? This bag comes with a cover for my iPad!” It wasn’t until I really examined the inside of the bag that I discovered it was fully lined with pockets for baby bottles. That protective iPad insert was actually a changing mat. I had inadvertently purchased a (very expensive) diaper bag.

Beads of sweat began to immediately form on my forehead. I was suddenly afraid that my simple mistake was going to be a subliminal message to the powers that be that I was ready to be pregnant. There isn’t a falser statement. Babies cry when I hold them. Children in public places annoy me. I endured the intense pain of receiving the 5-year IUD birth control because you can never be safe enough. I’m confident I was last in line for maternal instinct and was sent to my mother’s womb without it.

There’s been a breakthrough recently in my resistance to children. Don’t get too excited. I still don’t want kids. But I do want my friends who want kids to have them and that they are. Over the past few months, my two dearest friends and my amazing associate have announced their pregnancies. My best friends are due within two days of one another which means mid-September I’ll travel half-way around the country and back to welcome a new generation and share in another life changing moment.

It’s crazy how life works. As girlfriends, we spent so much time talking hypothetically about the future and one day getting married, buying a house or having a baby. It’s as though hearing them tell me they were pregnant made me stop and look at how our collection of ordinary days had fulfilled what was once just dreaming out loud. Our phone conversations have shifted from talks about weekend plans to birthing plans. Text pictures of baby bumps excite me more than pictures of Jessica Simpson pumps. I’m learning all about cravings, morning sicknesses and sensitivities. I’m researching nurseries and tearing up while watching Tori and Dean. I’m genuinely excited for the experience my best friends are going through and I’m beyond blessed to share the journey with them.

As with most life-altering experiences, I’m embracing the change that pregnancy is making to our friendships and I am treasuring each and every phone conversation, text and baby update. I may not know a lot about being pregnant but I do know how to love my friends passionately and am confident I’ll make one heckuva Auntie Prissy. I can also tell them where to get a very stylish diaper bag.

I can’t wait to meet Aria, Bexton and Rhys!

P.S. – Admit it.  That little tease of a title gotcha, didn’t it?  You thought I was going to announce my pregnancy.  Silly kids.

xoxo, Priscilla

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