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Summer Beauty Must Haves

Summer Beauty Must Haves - Orangerie Events

Let’s get beautified my lovelies!  Here are five of my top beauty products for the summer that you should literally run out and buy today.  No seriously.  You need these in your life.  Check it out!

1.  Olay Fresh Effects {BB Cream!}
This tinted moisturizer has quickly become my go-to.  I always wear it under my normal foundation but quite often use this cream as my foundation since it is tinted.  It’s perfect for those days when you don’t really feel like putting on a full make up production.  It’s creamy and smooth and has a wonderful fragrance.  And the best part?  It contains sunscreen so it also protects your skin while moisturizing.  Find it here.

2.  Naked3 by Urban Decay
As a proud owner of Naked1 and Naked2, I was thrilled when Urban Decay introduced this rose-hued palette filled with neutral colors perfect for every day wear.  Don’t let the price tag deter you.  It’s well worth the investment. Find it here.

3.  Bed Head After Party
Then after the show, it’s the after party. And after the party, it’s the hotel lobby.  Sorry.  Got carried away reminiscing about cruising the streets in my red Pontiac Firebird while cranking R. Kelly’s “Ignition.”  The Bed Head After Party is life-changing.  I normally apply just a dime size amount to my hair at two different times.  Once before I blow dry and once after I’m completely finished and about to walk out the door.  It tames those pesky fly away hairs while adding just a touch of shine without looking greasy.  I use this product year round but especially during the summer when my incredibly thick hair starts to frizz at just the mention of humidity. Find it here.

4.  Limited-Edition Bombshell Summer Eau de Parfum
I worked a holiday season at Victoria’s Secret Beauty when I was in high school.  I’m pretty sure I gave every paycheck back to Victoria’s Secret because I have an addiction to body sprays and perfumes.  If you’re looking for a fresh, light scent that’s easy to wear all day, every day, this is summer scent for you. Find it here.

5.  Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumping Gloss
A fabulous lip gloss that adds volume to your lips while moisturizing and glossing.  My preference is the color Candy Gloss which is a champagne/vanilla flavor.  It’s clear enough to wear over your brightest red and yet tinted enough to wear on your bare naked lips. Find it here.

Do you have any summer beauty must-have products that you recommend?  I’d love to hear about them.  I’d also love any excuse to make a trip to the mall.  Stay gorgeous!


xoxo, Priscilla