8 Amazing Blue Wedding Color Ideas

Planning a wedding can be a long and stressful process, especially if you have never taken a moment to picture your dream wedding. So if you are wondering how to theme your big day, we have some simple and effective ideas. 

Wedding trends are constantly changing, and yet blue has always been a classic wedding color that has never lost its popularity or significance – after all, the saying doesn’t go ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something pink’ does it? 

So if you want to inject some colour and vibrancy into your special day, we think a touch of blue is the way to do it. That’s why we have compiled a list of 8 amazing blue wedding ideas, to inspire you for your special day. 

Rustic Wedding (Blue and Brown)

If you want a rustic and earthy wedding, then combining shades of navy blue with brown and tan hues is the way to go. Not only is this partnership beautiful to look at, but it calls to mind the relationship between water and earth, a bond as strong as the one you have with your future wife or husband. 

Bohemian Wedding (Blue and Purple)

Give your wedding a romantic and bohemian vibe by combining shades of sapphire with dusky tones of lavender and lilac. Blue and purple are two colors that just work together, and we promise they will make your wedding both memorable and aesthetically pleasing. 

Royal Wedding (Blue and Gold)

If there are two colors that are closely associated with royalty, it’s blue and gold, and they make a stunning combination for any traditional wedding. So give your big day a royal flare and make blue and gold your main wedding theme. 

Classic Wedding (Blue and Red)

Dark reds and blues go perfectly together, and they look even more attractive when combined for a classic wedding ceremony. Put the bridesmaids in crimson and the groomsmen in navy and you have a winner. 

Summer Wedding (Blue and Light Blue)

This light and delicate pairing are perfect for the summer season, especially if you are planning to have a wedding in the greenery of nature. Cool and refreshing, this color combination is not one to miss. 

Dusky Wedding (Blue and Pink)

Shades of dark blue paired with light and rosy hues are always a stunning combination, so why not make them part of your big day? 

Spring Wedding (Blue and Green)

Why not give your wedding day a touch of earthy charm by combining shades of blue with shades of green. Perfect for a wedding in the spring, this theme gives everything a floral and attractive touch. 

Winter Wedding (Blue and Grey)

If you are tying the knot in the winter, why not fully embrace the icy season and make blue and grey the theme of your wedding. This cold and elegant pairing will give your wedding a refined and professional look.