20 Amazing Rustic Wedding Cake Ideas

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are a few traditional things that every ceremony must have.

From flower arrangements and bridesmaids to bouquets and wedding rings, there are just some customs that no wedding party should be without. And one of the most important features of any wedding is the wedding cake. 

Now we understand that wedding cakes can be expensive, they can also be lavish and a little tacky, so if you are looking for a wedding cake that is more reserved and rustic, we have the best suggestions for you.

Down below we have compiled a list of 20 amazing rustic wedding cake ideas, so why not take a look and find some inspiration! 

Naked Wedding Cake With Wildflowers

Naked wedding cakes are fast becoming a popular trend at many rustic weddings, and we can see why. Not only do these wedding cakes capture an earthy and natural look, but they can be decorated with wildflowers for an extra rustic flare. 

White Wedding Cake With Greenery

If a naked wedding cake isn’t your style, then why not have a white frosted wedding cake that has been decorated with garlands of beautiful greenery and pinecones. 

White Wedding Cake With Gold Leaf

Sometimes keeping things simple is the perfect way to make your wedding rustic and simple, just take a white frosted wedding cake and layer it with flaking gold leaf. The result is a picturesque cake fit for a faerie queen. 

Single Tier Cake With Autumnal Leaves

Perfect for a Fall wedding, just take a single-tier white wedding cake and surround it with a garland of autumnal leaves. The vivid reds and oranges burn against the white frosting, giving the impression of a crackling fire. 

Wedding Cake With Flowering Vines

Give your wedding a natural and earthy feel by layering your tiered wedding cake with garlands of flowers and vines – we promise you don’t be disappointed. 

White Wedding Cake With Fruit

Why not transform your wedding cake into a summer cornucopia by layering each tier with fruit, flowers and caramel sauce. The result is not only simple and rustic but elegant and striking as well. 

Nearly Naked Wedding Cake With Roses

If a naked wedding cake is not your thing, why not meet in the middle with a nearly naked wedding cake covered in roses and greenery. For an extra pop, we recommend using pink and blush roses for a touch of rustic vibrancy. 

Tiered Wedding Cake With Lavender 

If your white tiered wedding cake looks too elegant or simple, then why not add some decorative leaves and lavender for a hint of rustic charm. Not only will the green and purple pop against the white frosting, but they will also give the cake a divine and magical quality. 

Naked Wedding Cake With Branches

Take your naked wedding cake and give it an earthy flare by garnishing it with a flurry of branches and flowers. The final result is a wedding cake that will give the impression of a blossoming tree. 

Wedding ‘Cheese’ Cake

Not everyone has a sweet tooth, so why not make your wedding cake by taking wheels of your favourite cheese and layering them with fruit, rosemary and wooden hearts. The result is not only rustic but eye-catching and memorable. 

Cloche-Covered Wedding Cake

Transform your wedding party into an alchemist’s den by placing your wedding cake under a cloche or bell jar. For the best effect, we recommend using a single-tiered white cake and decorating it with fresh flowers. 

Wedding Cake With Eucalyptus

Not only do Eucalyptus leaves smell juicy and luscious, but they also look beautiful when used to decorate a naked or frosted wedding cake. Overall, the leaves help to give the cake an organic and natural vibe. 

Wedding Cake With Succulents

Although flowers are a must-have at any wedding, succulents can also look very attractive when used to adorn table arrangements, bouquets and even wedding cakes. Just take a tiered white cake and garnish each layer with succulents of various sizes, for a cake that looks both beautiful and natural. 

Wedding Cake With Wood 

These days you can do amazing things with frosting, so why not decorate your wedding cake to have a wood motif? Not only does this give your cake a stunning and authentic look, but it looks particularly attractive when partnered with flowers and greenery. 

Buttercream Wedding Cake With Berries

Buttercream wedding cakes are always a good choice, so why not make yours even better by adorning each tier with an assortment of fresh berries and flowers. We promise that the final result will truly blow you away. 

Chocolate Wedding Cake With Sunflowers

For a touch of rustic flair, take a nearly naked chocolate wedding cake and adorn each tier with an assortment of sunflowers and simple greenery. Not only will the yellow pop against the chocolate brown, but it will also bring a touch of summer to your ceremony. 

Four-Tiered Wedding Cake With Leaves

Take your four-tiered wedding cake and garnish each tier with leaves and greenery, for a natural and organic feel. 

Two-Tiered Wedding Cake

A simple and rustic approach to your special day, just take a two-tiered frosted cake and place it on a wooden stand with a halo of ivy. The result is simple yet striking. 

White And Gold Wedding Cake

Mix things up by having a wedding cake that alternates between white and gold tiers. Why not go the extra mile and also decorate it with flowers for a hint of color. 

Black Wedding Cake

Why not give your wedding cake some artistic flare and have it decorated with black frosting before adorning it with roses, moss and succulents. Not only will this cake look rustic, but it will also look natural and blossoming as well.