Creating A Unique Wedding Hashtag: The Best Wedding Hashtag Generators

In recent years, and with the growth of social media, it has become increasingly popular to have a wedding hashtag. This is a hashtag that all of your wedding guests can use when tagging and posting photos and videos of the event.

That way, you can then go back and look at them all by searching up the hashtag, so they’re all in one place! Kind of like getting live footage of the wedding from everyone attending. 

Creating A Unique Wedding Hashtag: The Best Wedding Hashtag Generators

The thing is, how do you come up with a good wedding hashtag? It needs to be unique, personal, and preferably easy to use so guests will remember it and not get it wrong. But coming up with a hashtag, either with a pun, or combining the names, or similar is not as easy as it sounds. 

This is why many people have started using wedding hashtag generators. You can find these online, and there’s more and more to choose from as it becomes more common. Some are free to use, and some are paid. Either way, we can tell you all about the best ones to use! 

Using a Wedding Hashtag Generator

Before we go ahead and list all of the best wedding hashtag generators, we thought we’d quickly explain how they work!

Basically, they’re online services that will use the information you input to provide you with a few different options for the wedding hashtag. So they kind of do the thinking of you (at a much faster pace), and then you just have to make the choice. 

Usually, they will ask for the names of the bride and the groom to be, along with the couple’s married name which will join them together. Sometimes they will also ask for the date of the wedding, the location, and they might ask what kind of theme or vibe you are going for. 

Once all the information has been inputted, the online service will generate a unique hashtag that combines the information, and that fits the theme or style you were hoping for. Simple, easy, and super fast! 

And the thing is, even if you don’t end up 100% liking the hashtag the generator provides you with, at the very least it will be a good suggestion that sparks some extra ideas in your own mind. 

Best Wedding Hashtag Generators: 

As we mentioned, some wedding hashtag generators are free, while others are paid. Usually, the paid ones are far more personalized and have a few extra tools that can come in handy. However, you can get a really good result with the free ones too, so using one or the other is completely up to you. 

Let’s take a look at the best of both types: 

Free Wedding Hashtag Generators

Wedding Hashtag Wall’s Instagram

This wedding hashtag generator only needs the first and last name of the bride and groom to be, and you can then also choose to add in the wedding date if you want.

As soon as you insert this information, dozens of hashtag ideas are generated, some simple and some more advanced. Plus, they also include templates for possible wedding signs in which to share the hashtag!

WeddingWire Hashtag Generator

WeddingWire is one of the most popular and reliable wedding hashtag generators out there, and it is completely free. It asks for a bit more information, so not only the names but also the date of the wedding, the location, and even nicknames of the bride and groom. This helps personalize the hashtag even more! 

Shutterfly Wedding Hashtag Generator

Shutterfly is another amazing wedding hashtag generator, and it uses information about the first and last names of the bride and groom, as well as nicknames, and the wedding date. 

However, our favorite feature from this wedding hashtag generator is that it also gives you the option to search for availability, so you can check if a specific hashtag has already been used by another couple, to make sure that yours is completely unique! 

eWedding Free Hashtag Generator

The eWedding Generator is one of the most simple and straightforward wedding hashtag generators out there, making it super easy to use, and a very popular option.

It initially only asks for the first and last names of the groom and bride-to-be, but there is also the option to expand and insert more detailed information if you want a more personalized result. 

Your Wedding Hashtag

This is another amazing option for getting a unique and creative wedding hashtag. It asks for the first and last names, as well as the nicknames of both the groom and bride and then it will provide you with a few different hashtag options.

You can also choose to input extra information, in order to get a different creative approach to the hashtags generated. 

Wedding Hashers 

Wedding Hashers is a highly professional and well-respected online service for generating wedding hashtags. It has a few different packages, with different prices, in order to suit different budgets.

The way it works is that instead of using your information to randomly generate the hashtag, it has a team of creative writers that will personally come up with different hashtag options for you. 

This means that the hashtags generated are far more creative, and in a way, far more human and realistic. 

You can also choose which information to provide, and you can also specify the type of hashtag you want and the style. So you can specify a theme or vibe! 

Happily Ever Hashtagged

This is another highly professional wedding hashtag generator, which has also increased in popularity thanks to the high-quality results it provides. You essentially just fill in a questionnaire with information, and it allows you to provide as much or as little information as you like. 

It then has a team of professional creative writers that will personally create a few hashtag options for you, depending on the package you have chosen. So there are different themes, styles, and vibes to choose from, and different price ranges to suit your budget. 

Should you use a Wedding Hashtag? 

Okay, so using a wedding hashtag has become increasingly popular in recent years, and it is now a fairly common practice. But is it really worth it? Or in other words, should you use a wedding hashtag? 

Our answer to this is absolutely 100% yes. 

A table number plate with wedding hashtag

Having a wedding hashtag can add a lot of benefits to the event, and if people end up not being interested in it, then you don’t really lose anything anyway, so there’s no harm in having it there just in case! 

Here are some of our favorite pros to having a wedding hashtag:

It gives your wedding a unique touch

Having a unique and personalized wedding hashtag sort of gives the wedding a name, and it’s a way to easily identify it and talk about it.

It makes it special, and it gives the event somewhat of a larger significance, as you can refer to it with a cool name, instead of simply saying wedding. 

Guests become more involved

When you have a wedding hashtag, and you place it so that it is visible, you are essentially telling guests “here is the name of the wedding, use it, and share your footage”. This means that guests will be eager to share videos and photos and more, all while using the hashtag so that they are involved in the activity.

It’s a great way of having people come together, and it creates a sense of community, all under one name. Like saying, hey we are a part of this thing, this hashtag unites us. 

It’s a way to group all photos and videos together

The videos and photos that you get from the official photographer will be amazing, but they will usually take a few days to be delivered.

In the meanwhile, you will be able to search up the hashtag, and you’ll have a massive album of raw photos and videos, along with live footage and stories, from all the guests that were present during the event.

This will provide you with some amazing content, instantly! Plus, you will get photos and videos that the official photographer will not have captured.

Think candids, and funny videos, and dancing from inside the group, and reactions from family members. It’s such a great way to get all of that, and all it takes is a hashtag! 

In conclusion

Creating a unique wedding hashtag is an amazing idea, and it provides plenty of benefits to the big event. However, as it can be challenging to come up with a creative hashtag, you can instead use wedding hashtag generator services, which can be found online. 

Some are completely free to use, while some are paid but far more professional. You simply input your personal information, choose a theme or style, and you get several hashtag options to use for your wedding. Simple and fast!