35 Bright And Beautiful Sunflower Wedding Ideas

You can’t help but love sunflowers. Not only are they bold, cool, and guaranteed to put a smile on your face, but are dreamy and romantic too. Especially in summer and fall weddings, and there are so many ways you can incorporate them into your big day! From bouquets and arches, to aisle and table decorations. 

If you’re a fan of sunflowers and are thinking about incorporating them into your wedding, here’s some bright and beautiful ideas to get you started!

What do sunflowers mean?

Sunflowers symbolize adoration, loyalty, and longevity. In short, they’re the perfect flowers to have on your wedding day! They’re also considered ‘happy’ flowers, perfect for a day that is meant to be full of joy. 

Pros and Cons of Including Sunflowers in Your Wedding

While sunflowers are great flowers to have in your wedding, there are some things to consider before you decide to incorporate sunflowers into your theme.

They’re particularly great to use in late summer and early fall, but are in season all year round. Sunflowers are also available in smaller, daintier blooms as well as the giant ones we’re all familiar with, which gives you greater scope in selecting your flowers.

However, sunflowers are very rustic. This is brilliant for outdoor weddings, or if you’re going for a dreamier, rustic vibe but for a more polished wedding, maybe give sunflowers a miss. There are definitely other flowers out there that will better fit that theme. 

Sunflowers are also very hardy flowers, and have a long vase life. However, they can be tricky to arrange, and wire may need to be added to the stems to stop the flowers sagging under the weight of their heavy heads.

Sunflower Bouquets

Despite their large size, sunflowers actually fit right in with cascading bridal bouquets. Incorporate them with white roses and daisies for a fresh, romantic bouquet that will look like you’ve just picked them from a meadow!

For rich, bold bouquets, generously pad out your sunflowers with large-leaf foliage and ornamental grasses such as bunny tails or pampas grass. 

As far as color combinations go, the yellow of the sunflowers contrasted with rich purples or lilac shades is absolutely gorgeous!

For a twist on the traditional wedding bouquet, you can incorporate succulents into your bouquet! It all makes for a lush, fun, and textured bouquet.

Sunflower Arches

Hardy sunflowers are ideal to use in wedding arches, and while some blooms may wilt under the pressure of large-scale installations, sunflowers hold up.

If you’re having a rustic, mountain wedding definitely consider sunflowers! Most flowers would get lost in sublime mountain backdrops, but bold, big sunflowers cut through. 

For an outdoor summer wedding, an arch made of sunflowers contrasts beautifully with a clear blue sky. You can’t go wrong with blue and yellow! Meanwhile, for an outdoor fall wedding, incorporate pumpkins as well as sunflowers into your arch and aisle decorations for a rustic, beautifully autumnal look. 

Sunflower Table Decorations

From rustic farm tables, to classic blue and yellow table settings, to calligraphed beer bottles, sunflowers make for fun, sweet, and simply elegant table decorations! 

Sunflower centerpieces are sure to brighten up any table, and sunflower seeds are a cute party favor for your guests to take home.