Color Schemes To Inspire Your Fall Wedding

One of the most popular seasons to get married in is Fall thanks to the lovely weather and color schemes that you can choose to compliment the time of year. For those who are planning their wedding to take place in autumn, you may be stuck knowing what color scheme is best for you.

Beautiful bridal couple, bearded bride and groom in a wreath, laughing happily in the arch of autumn oak leaves

In this guide, we’ve gathered the top color schemes to inspire your fall wedding so you can have the perfect day. We’ll be taking you through where you can use the wedding colors as well as which schemes you should consider.

What can I use my wedding colors for?

Choosing a wedding color scheme may seem like a little detail but it actually plays a big part in various aspects of your big day.

Some of the many ways you can incorporate your color scheme is through: the bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen shirts and vests, bouquets, centerpieces, table linens, place cards, menus, seating chart displays, bride and bridesmaid manicures and shoes and the wedding cake to name a few. 

Here are some of the color schemes that you should consider for your special day. Whether you want to pick one main color or a combination of multiple colors, there are plenty of options for you to choose from and are sure to give you plenty of inspiration.

Black with bright colors

One of the classic combinations you could go for is black with bright colors. This is ideal for smarter weddings such as formal black tie as black is timeless and elegant whereas a pop of color helps to bring an element of fun and celebration into the mix. The great thing about black is that it goes with any color and it will look fantastic.

Whether you choose black and red, black and purple or black and green, it all depends on what kind of style you want to convey and is sure to work no matter which combination you choose. 

Burgundy and blush 

For those who want a more romantic color scheme then look no further than burgundy and blush. The deep red shade and light pink create a warm contrast which works particularly well in floral arrangements as well as bridesmaids gowns.

No matter whether you put more emphasis on the burgundy or the blush, it’s sure to give the seasonal vibes that you are looking for. 

Burnt orange and blue

For the more extroverted and creative couples who want to place extra emphasis on a color clash then burnt orange and blue is a perfect combination that you should consider.

It may not spring to mind initially but placing burnt orange and pale blues helps to create a dusky style that makes a lovely contrast and is perfect for those who want a unique wedding. 

Copper and green

If you’re looking for a more classic fall combination then there are few as iconic as copper and green. Copper is one of the best autumnal colors and green adds a naturalistic contrast to it and is perfect for those who want to bring in nature elements into their color scheme.

Copper and green works beautifully when arranging the chairs and tables and will bring an element of magic to your special day.

Cranberry and peach 

If you are getting married at the end of fall or the start of winter then pluck for a color scheme like cranberry and peach. Cranberry is an extremely popular choice for winter weddings while the peach brings a lightness that compliments it nicely and works really well when preparing the decorations and also looks lovely when used for the bridesmaids dresses. 

Dark green and pale pink

Dark greens such as emerald are perfect for fall weddings and nothing contrasts dark shades of green more perfectly than a pale pink.

Incorporating pink accents into your deep green decorations will give a bit of light to your color scheme and stop it from getting overly dark and monotonous. You could also use pink as your main color and contrast it with dark green touches.

Dark purple and lavender

This option is for the couple who absolutely love the color purple. What is great about this combination is that it works really well despite being purple on purple.

Opting for deep jewel toned purples with a lighter lavender or lilac is great for weddings that are taking place at the end of autumn or the start of winter and will ensure that your bridesmaids dresses look stunning as well. 

Dark teal with red 

Another brilliant contrast to consider is a dark teal with red. Teal is a highly popular color for weddings all year round but it’s not expected to accompany it with shades of red and it works really well.

Using shades like ruby will make the teal pop and vice versa and the colors will look especially nice when used on detailed touches such as the floral arrangements or the tablecloths. 

Dusty rose and champagne 

Venturing into the lighter side and there are few elegant options more popular than dusty rose and champagne. Not only does this color scheme work perfectly all year round but it can be used in little accents or covering the entire wedding. Another great thing about this color scheme is how well it works for all kinds of venues. 

Mustard yellow with green

Mustard yellow is one of the trendiest colors used in weddings and is a color often associated with the fall. Therefore, it only makes sense that a lot of couples choose mustard for their fall wedding.

Mixing mustard yellow and shades of green will help to bring that natural look to your wedding, especially if your wedding is in a barnyard or other similar venue. When choosing your shades of green, options like olive are a great choice. 

Navy and gold

For those looking for a classic color combination then navy and gold could be the perfect choice for you. It works nicely in all kinds of venues and has a timeless quality that is suitable for any chic affair. If gold is too over the top for your liking then you can opt for a different color as navy goes with pretty much every color. 

Plum and beige  

Plum and beige is a great color combination that brings in one of the signature colors of fall – plum. A great color to dress your bridesmaids in, plum works well with an array of different colors but choosing beige will help to make the color pop. This is an ideal color scheme for those wanting a more laid back, rustic wedding. 

Pumpkin and sage 

When you think of the fall, you probably will think of vibrant shades of orange and none speaks more to the season than pumpkin. Pumpkin is the perfect color for a fall wedding, especially one that is taking place in October/November when the leaves have all fallen and the season is in full swing.

You could use actual pumpkins to decorate the venue and combine the color with accents of sage for a natural look. 

Shades of grey 

For those who are more minimalist in style then choosing contrasting shades of grey is the best option for you. You can choose a scheme that comprises darker shades or combine lighter greys and silver for a more wintery feel if your wedding is at the end of the season. 

Slate grey and marigold 

Following on from choosing shades of grey by themselves, for those who favor minimalism but want to incorporate a pop of color then choosing slate grey with marigold will work perfectly. The yellow pops against the grey and will work very well as an accent in contrast to the cool grey.

Terra cotta and emerald 

Another great orange and green option is terra cotta and emerald which is perfect for those getting married near Halloween. This combination can work really nicely if you are planning an outdoor wedding or want a more rustic appearance for your appearance. The colors also look really nice when used for the dresses and floral arrangements as well. 

Wine red

Lastly, wine red is always an option to consider when you are getting married, especially in the winter months making it perfect for those whose wedding takes place at the end of autumn. Wine red is a very sophisticated color that looks elegant and timeless and is often synonymous with weddings thanks to its formal nature. 

Create your own wedding color scheme

If none of these color schemes are inspiring you then you can make your own wedding color scheme that will match your style preferences and fit into the theme of your wedding perfectly.

Having a general idea of what colors you like is always a good place to start and it could be a case of finding complimentary colors that will go nicely with your idea. There are plenty of online tools you can use to figure out what colors go well together and can generate random combinations until you find one that is right for you.  

Seasonal wedding color palettes

A lot of couples think that they have to choose a color palette that matches the season when they are getting married but that isn’t the case. Even if it may seem odd to look at compared to the outside environment, you can choose any color scheme that you want so don’t feel restricted to a limited amount of colors.

You may notice that color schemes can be quite similar depending on the time of year. For example, summer weddings incorporate a lot of brighter colors and weddings that take place in the winter months incorporate richer jewel tones in their color schemes.

For fall, you can see that a lot of the colors used include earthy tones, leaf inspired tones and shades of amber. However, if you prefer a spring color palette then don’t be afraid to use that instead. 

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, the color palette won’t matter so much anyway and not all couples really care about the season when they are getting married when it comes to the color scheme.

It’s more important to choose colors that reflect you as a couple rather than choosing what you think is appropriate or what your guests would like. 


Overall, choosing your color scheme shouldn’t be stressful and can actually be an enjoyable experience as it helps you to tap into your creative side.

Whether you’re wanting to implement the color scheme all over your wedding day or just use hints of it here and there, having a concrete color scheme will take away a lot of the stress when it comes to organizing and planning various aspects of your wedding later down the line.