15 Amazing Delray Beach Wedding Venues

Delray Beach is Florida’s “Village by the sea”, and is such a lovely location to choose for a wedding. The views are gorgeous, and there are so many unique and interesting venues to choose from — you really are spoiled for choice!

If you are unsure of what is the perfect venue to celebrate your special day, then this is the article for you.

We have compiled a list of the 15 most amazing Delray Beach wedding venues to showcase. All of these options are unique and beautiful. They also vary significantly in price, so there are options to suit every budget here. 

The Loft At Congress

The Loft At Congress is a great option if you are looking for a popular and modern wedding venue. It can be decorated to your own personal tastes, and it is not too expensive to hire. 

It is a unique wedding venue that has been open since 2009. The Loft is in an easy location to get to, and they offer both a buffet and a sit down reception. This is a venue you can truly make your own, and there is also an in-house specialist that can help to make your special day perfect. 

The Delray Ballroom

The Delray Ballroom is another modern and popular wedding venue choice in Delray Beach. This is a premiere venue that can hold up to 200 guests, which allows you to have a good-sized wedding and reception. 

There is a full-sized dance floor for you and your guests to enjoy, and a bar area. As the company has been organizing weddings for over 20 years, you know that you will be in safe hands. Everything is organized well, and the service provided is fantastic. 

Opal Grand

Opal Grand Oceanfront Resort & Spa is a fantastic option if you are looking for a venue that is classy and high end. It boasts beautiful views of the sea and beach, and has a tropical feel to it. You can choose to have your ceremony both indoors, or outdoors, depending on your own preferences.

The Oceanfront Terrace is elegant and beautiful, and the venue offers custom wedding packages. This is a great option if you are looking to have everything included for your big day. There are a number of different packages to choose from based on different budgets. 

Sundy House

Are you looking for a more traditional wedding venue? Then Sundy House may be the perfect option for you. It is an historic inn, and it features beautiful botanical gardens. These gardens are the perfect location for you to have your wedding photographs taken.

The venue allows guests to stay overnight, and the food served is delicious. You can have the wedding outside, in the gardens, alongside the streams and waterfalls. It is truly tranquil, and a lovely option to consider. 

Lakeside Terrace

As the venue’s name suggests, it is based alongside a beautiful lake. The floor to ceiling windows in the ceremony and reception room overlook the lake, which is peaceful and tranquil. 

There are a number of different wedding packages that Lakeside Terrace offers, depending on your personal preferences. They also offer meetings with the creative chef, and event manager, to help make your day as perfect as possible. 

There is a honeymoon suite offered to the happy couple, and the venue is all yours for the whole of the wedding day, which is fantastic. 

The Addison

The Addison is such a unique and interesting venue. It was created by the famous architect Addison Mizner in 1926, and is an historical landmark in Delray Beach. It proves class, charm, and is a fantastic venue to consider.

The gardens are beautiful with the fountains, and the building itself has a traditional feel to it. It is the perfect option if you are looking to host a smaller and more intimate wedding. However, larger weddings can be hosted here too. 

Mizner Country Club

If you are looking for an elegant and impressive wedding venue, you will want to consider Mizner Country Club. It is surrounded by a golf course and beautiful lakes. It truly is a breathtaking venue.

The food that is served  is exquisite, and as the venue is newly renovated, it is state of the art. There is a recreational room, a reception space, and a rooftop bar that can be used. In addition to this, the outside space can be accessed.

Delray Sands Resort

Delray Sands Resort is located close to the beach, and has beautiful views. It is the perfect option for a summer wedding, and the Beachside Hideaway is the perfect place for a small wedding ceremony. 

You can choose to have your reception both inside, and outside, depending on your personal preference, and the venue can be decorated to suit your tastes. There are a handful of different wedding packages to choose from, and these can be customized to best suit your needs, which is great.

Pavilion Grille

If you are looking for something a little different, the Pavilion Grille is worth considering. It is a modern venue that has a fantastic outdoor space. The indoor decor is tropical, and there are palm trees, and fountains inside. It is so unique and beautiful. 

It can host up to 240 guests with ease, and the venue is very spacious. The venue has won many awards for its fantastic service, and the food is impressive. It is certainly a lovely option to consider. 

Delray Beach Golf Club

When it comes to great wedding venues, golf clubs are always a great option to consider. Delray Beach Golf  Club is a beautiful venue that is based in a convenient location. The clubhouse is beautiful, and the food served is fantastic. 

The Seagate

The Seagate is one of the most beautiful wedding locations featured in this article. Not only is it deep-rooted in history, but it is Delray Beach’s original boutique hotel, too. Given this, you know that it will be a fantastic and interesting location. 

The hotel itself is fantastic, and the views of the ocean are superb. It has a traditional and elegant feel, and there are 8 different wedding venues to choose from in this location. They offer signature cocktails on the day, and also a champagne toast and wedding cake. 

Westchester Country Club

The Westchester Country Club is a good option to consider, and the views across the golf course from the venue are great. It is a peaceful and tranquil location that is a great place to host a wedding. 

The main dining room can seat up to 250 guests, which is great if you are looking to host a large wedding, and you can get married underneath the bandstand, which is beautiful. The reception is held indoors, and you can decorate it according to your own preferences and tastes. 

Delray Beach Elks Lodge

Delray Beach Elks Lodge is a quirky and interesting venue to consider. It is one we would recommend if you are looking for something slightly different. The wedding ceremony and reception is held in the Pineapple Ballroom. 

It is a good-sized location, and a great option to consider if you are looking to have a small to medium-sized wedding. It is not too expensive on the whole, and the venue is located in a convenient area.

Delray Yacht Cruises

Last, but certainly not least, we have Delray Yacht Cruises. If you are looking for a completely unique and different experience, why not hire a yacht to get married on? This is a fantastic option, and is fantastic for those who love the water. The yacht can hold up to 150 guests, and is surprisingly large.

The yacht has a cruise director that will help you to plan your perfect day, from the ceremony, down to the decorations you want. The yacht is elegant and classy, and while it is large, still feels like an intimate wedding. 

The views are spectacular of the ocean, and the dinner that is served at the reception is fantastic. This is certainly a unique option that allows you and your guests to experience something that you may have not considered before. 

The yacht is for you and your wedding guests only, and is a private and beautiful option to consider. It is not too overly expensive on the whole when you take the experience into consideration.


We hope that this article has helped you to become one step closer to finding your perfect wedding venue. As you can see, there are so many options here in Delray Beach, and it is difficult choosing between them all!