Do Parents Of The Bride Give A Wedding Gift?

There are so many things to consider when it comes to planning a wedding that it can be difficult to keep on top of all of the different traditions that are in place. However, even though there are different traditions that some people like to follow, that doesn’t mean that you have to.

Something that you might be wondering about is the gift situation comma and whether or not what the parents of the bride are expected to give a gift on the big day. This is something that we are going to look at in this article, so you can find out exactly what to expect.

We’re also going to take a look at some of the other traditional responsibilities of the parents of the bride when it comes to their daughter’s wedding day. Hopefully, this will help to ensure that there are no surprises along the way.

Do Parents Of The Bride Give A Wedding Gift?

When it comes to  tradition, the bride’s parents are expected to pay  for the majority of the wedding expenses, including things like stationery, the wedding gown, the ceremony, the photographer, and the reception.

Due to all of this, the wedding itself is often considered to be a gift to the couple. This means that according to wedding etiquette gifts are not actually required from the parents of the bride.

Even though there are lots of brides and grooms that are hoping to receive some thoughtful and useful wedding gifts, these gifts are not requirements. Actually, it is often thought that couples that include their gift registry information with their wedding invitations are breaking etiquette rules.

This is because doing so implies that you are expecting a gift from your guests. As no guest is actually required to bring a gift for the couple, there is also no expectation for the parents of the bride to provide gifts either.

Even though it is not a formal or traditional requirement, many Bride’s parents will choose to give the couple a wedding gift, especially if they are paying a smaller portion towards the wedding than they would have if they had followed tradition.

Even if they are paying towards the wedding, they might also choose to give a thoughtful gift rather than spending lots of money on an extravagant gift. This could include something like an heirloom that has been passed on through the family or a photo album full of family photos.

What Do the Parents of the Bride Traditionally Pay For?

One of the biggest reasons why the parents of the bride are not expected to give a wedding gift is that they are typically responsible for funding most of the wedding.

While this is not always the case, these are the traditional responsibilities of the bride’s parents. So, if you are looking to follow a more traditional route, you might be wondering what some of these expenses are.

Engagement Party

Not all couples will have an engagement party, but this celebration is typically paid for by the bride’s parents. Whether this is a formal  dinner, an intimate party at home, or hired venue party, the bride’s parents are expected to cover the costs of the venue and any entertainment.

They will also be expected to pay for the cost of food, but guests are typically to pay for their own drinks if there is a bar.

Wedding Ceremony and Reception

The family of the bride will also usually cover the cost of both the wedding ceremony and the reception. Some of the costs that you may incur include venue hire, ceremony fees and efficient fees, food, drinks, entertainment, and the wedding cake.

They will also usually pay for things like cleaning fees, a service charge, and any other costs associated with the venue.

Flowers and Decorations

Something else that the bride’s parents would traditionally be responsible for is the funding of the majority of decorations. This can include things like table decorations, wall hangings, floral decorations, wedding post boxes and signs, and more. However, they do not traditionally pay for things like buttonholes, corsages, or bouquets.

Wedding Dress

One of the most common things for the parents of the bride to pay for is the wedding dress. Not only do they pay for the dress, but they also pay for any other elements of the outfit like shoes, the vale, any hair accessories, and jewellery. 

The mother of the bride will also usually accompany the bride when she goes dress shopping in order to help her to choose her down.

The bride’s parents may also offer to pay for the bridesmaids’ dresses, but it is also common for the bridesmaids to arrange their own outfits. This all depends on your situation and how you want to arrange these purchases.

Photography and Videography

Both the photographer and videographer fees will be covered by the family of the bride, which also includes any charges that occur due to the printing of a wedding photo album or or physical products.

Wedding Stationery

All of the wedding stationery, apart from any thank you cards, will be paid for by the parents of the bride. Some of these things can include save the date cards, invitations, RSVP cards, notecards, menu cards, table plans, place cards, and the guest book.

The bride and groom are expected to pay for thank-you cards themselves as they are thanking everyone, including their parents, for all of their help with planning the wedding.

Groom’s Ring

The only part of the groom’s outfit that will traditionally be paid for by the family of the bride is their ring. The groom, or the bride and groom together, will go to choose the ring. However, it is up to the family of the bride to pay the bill and cover the cost of the ring.


The final thing that the bride’s parents pay for is for the bride and groom to be transported to the wedding venue. They can also opt to pay for the transport for the rest of the wedding party if they want to.