25 Gorgeous Budget Ideas For A Rustic Wedding

Rustic weddings have become one of the most popular trends of recent years. They allow for a quiet beauty, inspired by natural forms and materials. A rustic wedding can also be a great way to save money, while maintaining a dreamy romanticism.

Barn weddings have an eternal popularity. Something about the big, airy space, flushed with light which gleams golden off the dark wood, just captures the imagination of brides over the world. Or turn for inspiration in a country cottage, nestled into a meadow.

Flowers spill over into walkways, wooden posts hang haphazardly to mark paths, leaves flutter in a gentle breeze. Keep these images in your mind as you begin to plan your wedding.

For a rustic wedding, the focus should be on natural materials. Wooden signs with careful hand lettering always look gorgeous, and if you have good handwriting, then they’re easy to throw together on a budget.

Lush greenery should be everywhere. It looks incredible, and is a cost-effective way to fill up any empty space. Don’t forget flowering grasses as well. These have a beautiful Bohemian vibe, and are another way to bulk out any spots that may look a bit bare.

Make simplicity your focus. A wedding doesn’t need to be a complicated, fussy affair. Pick a muted color palette, avoid excess frills, and use simple forms for an elegant finish. Avoid dresses and decorations that are gleaming white, or it can make everything else look slightly dirty.

Instead, intersperse decorations with caramel colors and soft beige. Hessian, rope, and string, can all be used for surprisingly tasteful wedding decor.

Lighting for a rustic wedding can be quite simple. In the summer, you can almost rely on the sunshine to light the day golden for you. Bright lights don’t suit a rustic wedding, which is actually perfect for brides who are trying to keep to a tight budget.

Candles and lanterns can create a soft, romantic pool of light. String lights are also gorgeous, and can be used to great effect. Exposed bulbs and string lighting can brighten up a venue, without being overwhelming. They also look great in pictures.

Recycling isn’t just for after the wedding – glass bottles make attractive rustic decorations. Fill them with lights, or hang them from the ceiling. They can also be used as place settings.

Hold on to any ribbons you might come across in the run-up to the wedding. These can be used as quick decorative touches. Mismatched ribbons across tables, bouquets, and even cutlery, looks quirky, but still pulled together.

Use the season to guide your style choices. In spring, the blooming flowers should inspire decoration. For a summer wedding, turn to flowering grasses, blue skies, and golden beach sands.

Fall is a really popular time for a rustic wedding, and it’s easy to see why. The leaves turning red, yellow, and golden can make incredible backdrops. In winter, contrast the bare trees with warm brown tones, and deep greens.