25 Gorgeous Ideas For The Perfect Beach Wedding

There’s nothing like the romanticism of the beach. Gleaming golden sand, softly lapping waves, and the gentle breeze fluttering in off the ocean – it’s no wonder getting married by the sea is so popular.

Incorporating all things beach into your special day is a popular trend, and one that lends an undeniable beauty to the celebration. And you don’t have to risk the great outdoors to add a nautical vibe to the proceedings. Small touches can bring the ocean into your venue, wherever it might be. 

A beach wedding is all about natural materials and soft colors. From opalescent seashells to rugged driftwood, there are all kinds of ways to add coastal romance to your nuptials. This guide hopes to inspire you as much as the waves do, so you can have the most gorgeous beach wedding. 

Flowing Dresses

The perfect dress for a beach wedding is one that moves with natural flow. You want to emulate the look of a beach goddess – that means delicate, not intricate. You also want to be comfortable, and dragging layers of tulle through the sand is not a pleasant experience.

Whites and off whites are both fantastic choices, and they look gorgeous next to the soft sand. Incorporate small details such as lace or cut-outs, rather than going for heavy embellishment. A beach wedding dress should move elegantly with the breeze, and flow like the tide. 

Although sandals aren’t traditional bridal wear, they keep you comfortable on the sand, and allow you to add a touch of glitz. Otherwise, try going barefoot! It will look like you’re ready to go riding into the sunset with your other half.

Ceremony Decorations

Whether you’re getting married on the sand, or just want to bring the nautical into your venue, there are many great ways to incorporate the beach into the ceremony. Arches are particularly good on the beach, as they allow you to frame the vows (and they look stunning in photos).

Think of simplicity, and a lack of polish. Rope, wicker, and wood are the ideal materials. Coastal flowers are always a nice touch, and they have a less “cultivated” look compared to ornate bouquets.

Wild lavender, beach aster, and flowering grasses are gorgeous spilling out of a bouquet. Keep an eye on where you can bring details in: lanterns, treasure chests, seashells, and billowing curtains always look good.

Wooden and Handcrafted Signs

Signs can be used to help your guests find their way, guide them to their seats, and show some love. For a beach theme, use wooden signs with handwritten messages. Blackboard and slate are also lovely.

If you’re getting married on the beach itself, use signs to set up a station for the guests to leave their shoes (or to wipe off any sand). 

Reception Ideas

Long tables are absolutely ideal for a beach-inspired wedding. They create a communal vibe, and encourage guests to talk and share. Wooden chairs and tables look fantastic, and wicker is another stylish choice.

Soft, twinkling string lights and carefully placed lanterns help the guests celebrate into the night. For table decorations, use beach greens, driftwood, and seashells. If you’re in a warm location, succulents and tropical flowers are the perfect addition. 

Muted and natural colors bring a calming atmosphere, but don’t be afraid of splashes of color. Sunny yellows, playful corals, and rich blues can all be mixed in. Give a modern twist by combining rustic decor with smooth and polished metals. 

Whether you love swimming, surfing, or sunbathing, you can bring your own unique connection with the beach into your wedding day.

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