7 Gorgeous Spring/ Summer Wedding Color Ideas

Spring and Summer are the most popular seasons for weddings, and it’s clear why. These warmer, lighter months are the perfect airy and bright backdrops for your special day. Plus, no one wants it to rain on their wedding day – muddy heels and a soggy dress are not what you want!

After settling on a date for your wedding, the next big thing is choosing a color scheme. This can seem daunting at first as there’s so many options out there and it’s so easy to overdo it. 

So, in this article we’ve compiled a list of our favorite color schemes that we think will make your Spring or Summer wedding a super special affair. Keep reading to find your dream color scheme.

Yellows and Neutral Accents

This had to be our number one, yellow is the embodiment of Spring and Summer. You can be as subtle or vibrant as you want in terms of how you incorporate the yellows.

A nice mix of shades is always good, in our opinion. Have some bright yellows in the bouquets with some lovely sunflowers and go for a pale yellow in the bridesmaid dresses or even a nice ivory and just bring the yellow in with the bouquets.

You can also have yellow flowers dotted around the ceremony and on the tables. The natural greenery from the flowers will add a lovely fresh and natural element to complement the yellows nicely, too.

Tropical Pinks and Greens

This certainly isn’t the most subtle of color combinations, but it screams summer! Keep it sensible with how much bright pink you use, less is more with vibrant colors like that. But, a few bright pinks, complemented by some fresh greenery and some lighter pinks like blush and peach will do nicely.

Maybe keep the brightest colors to a minimum, dot a few bright pinks in the bouquets and stick to a softer color with the bridesmaid dresses and pocket squares.

The green in the flower stems and other greenery will add a jungle/ natural vibe that will look beautiful on a sunny day. 

Sage Green and Peach

We think this combo is ideal for a late spring/ early summer wedding. Sage green is very in-Vogue right now, and you can’t go wrong with peach!

The two colors complement each other beautifully, and it’s super easy to incorporate because the flowers will naturally add a pop of green in the stems, and you can get some beautiful peach flowers for the bouquets.

Dusty Blue and Yellow

We couldn’t list wedding color ideas without including the ever popular dusty blue! This shade really does go with EVERYTHING, seriously.

You can always count on dusty blue to make your wedding look and feel classy and elegant while also feeling welcoming and cozy.

Add in a few splashes of yellow, and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous Spring or Summer wedding vibe. You could keep it simple with just a few yellow flowers in the bouquets like sunflowers and yellow roses.

Mauve and Sage Green

This is a slightly less in-your-face color scheme, but we think it is perfect for a fresh Spring wedding.

Mauve is an elegant shade somewhere between lavender and gray that works beautifully with sage green.

Bridesmaid dresses always look stunning in mauve with a nice neutral bouquet that will add a few pops of greenery.

Alternatively, you could opt for sage green bridesmaid dresses and a mauve/ lilac/ lavender and white bouquet that would look equally elegant.

Pale Blue and Rose

Another classic pairing, light blues and pinks always look beautiful in a wedding, no matter the time of year.

We think it looks particularly great when the sun is shining though. What’s great about this pairing, is that there’s not an obvious main color, you can use them in equal measure or use one to accent the other – either will always look great!

That being said, pale blue bridesmaids dresses are extremely popular and pink in the bouquet is always easier to do than blue.

Pinks, Oranges and Pale Yellows

All the summer vibes! The colors of a summer sunset – what’s more romantic than a dreamy, warm sunset!

Soft pinks, peachy oranges and pale yellows will look absolutely stunning in your summer wedding. Using all these shades in the bouquets will be easy as they all complement each other so well.

You could go for pale peach bridesmaid dresses or maybe soft pink and use the flowers and table settings for pops of yellow. You could even have a refreshments table with a few different summer cocktails/ punch – one pink, one orange, and one yellow. Not only that, but you could also decorate the table with some fresh oranges and lemons.