13 Mother-Son Dance Songs To Play At Your Wedding

Weddings are considered a time of jubilee when two people come together with their families and friends to celebrate their love and life together.

Although weddings are a universal practice, they can be vastly different depending on the couple arranging them. Some weddings are relaxed and simple, while others capture all the essence and beauty of a perfectly made meringue. 

However, regardless of how different weddings can be, certain traditions always seem to find themselves as part of the festivities. From the father of the bride walking his daughter down the aisle, to the first dance between the newly married couple and the classic throwing of the bouquet.

stylish groom is enjoying a dance with his mother on his wedding day. selective focus

But if there is one modern tradition that should always be honoured, it’s the dance between the groom and his mother. 

Preparing for a wedding can be an emotional process, and when you finally stop to savour all of your hard work, you may find yourself appreciating your mother more than you ever did before. So why not show your mother how much you love her, by taking her to the dance floor and giving her a spin. But what is the best song to play for your mother-son dance? 

Because there are so many classic songs to choose from, we have decided to help you out with your decision. Down below we have compiled together a list of the 13 best mother-son dance songs to play at your wedding.

Not only are these songs emotional, classic and fun, but they promise to make dancing with your mother a memorable wedding experience. 

1. God Only Knows By The Beach Boys

Our top pick is a song that has graced many weddings and family celebrations over the years. First recorded by The Beach Boys in 1966, the song has become one of the band’s most successful tracks and is widely regarded as one of the best songs ever written. 

Perfect for a slow and emotional dance with your teary mother, this song’s message is not only poignant but universal and encompasses the various types of love we experience during our lives. 

So if you want to show your mother just how much you appreciate her, then this powerful and iconic song is the best way to do it. 

2. Your Song By Elton John

When it comes to ranking the world’s greatest love songs, ‘Your Song’ by Elton John will always rank right at the top. First recorded by the British pop star in 1970, this song has become one of the most famous anthems in the world and has been covered by artists such as Lady Gaga, Ellie Goulding and Ewan McGregor. 

Like ‘God Only Knows’, this song is the perfect choice for a slow and memorable dance, with its universal message beautifully capturing the special bond shared between a mother and her son. 

Just be careful, because if your mother already has tears in her eyes, this song will make them flow. 

3. Landslide By Fleetwood Mac

If there is one voice that will make your mother smile at your wedding, it’s Stevie Nicks – especially when the white witch is singing this classic Fleetwood Mac number. First recorded by Nicks in 1975, ‘Landslide’ is a poetic and magical song that will send tears to your eyes and shivers down your spine. 

Featuring a variety of beautiful lyrics, the song deals with themes of memory, loss and childhood – resulting in an anthem that is ideal for a waltz with your beloved mother. 

So if you know your mom is a Fleetwood Mac lover, this song will be the perfect way to round off one of the best days of your life. 

4. You Are My Sunshine By Morgane Stapleton

‘You are my sunshine’ is one of those songs that everyone just seems to know, and this is because it is often sung to children by their adoring mothers. So why not unite over a touching memory and play this song while you share your first mother-son dance. 

Although the original country song has been covered by musical legends such as Johnny Cash and Brian Wilson, we think that the best version to play at your wedding is this 2016 cover by Morgan Stapleton. 

This version of the song is not only slow and meaningful but is filled with that distinctive soul that only country music holds. 

5. Child Of Mine By Carole King

Carole King has been breaking the hearts of her fans for decades, with her rich and earthy catalogue of work dating back to the 1960s. So if you want to show your mother just how much she means to you, play this classic King track while you spin her on the dance floor. 

First released in 1970, ‘Child of Mine’ is a powerful ballad that tells of a mother’s unconditional love for her child. Flooded with a myriad of raw emotions, this song packs the sort of emotional punch that Carole King has become known for. 

This song may be a tear-jerker, but it also promises to create a memorable moment for you and your mom. 

6. Coat Of Many Colors By Dolly Parton

Our next entry is a song that straddles the line between an empowering country anthem and a heartbreaking tale of a family’s endurance. First recorded in 1968, ‘Coat of Many Colors’ tells the story of Parton’s impoverished childhood and of the love Parton’s mother showered upon her children. 

We agree that this song is not the most traditional choice for a wedding, but its slow and beautiful melody will soon have you embracing your mother with love and appreciation. 

There’s never anything wrong with a bit of Dolly, and this song showcases why the southern diva is still a working legend to this day. 

7. You’ll Be In My Heart By Phil Collins

Originally composed for Disney’s Tarzan, ‘You’ll be in my heart’ has become one of Phil Collins most memorable songs and is considered a love letter to the special relationship shared between mothers and their sons. 

If you have been searching for a slow and melodic track to accompany your mother-son dance, then we think you may have found it with this heart-warming ballad. 

Weddings are never complete without a touch of Disney magic, and we promise that this song will have everyone out of their chairs and on their feet. 

8. Moon River By Frank Sinatra 

First recorded by Frank Sinatra in 1964, this layered and sentimental song was already synonymous with themes of love and loss, in no part due to its involvement in 1961’s Breakfast At Tiffany’s – where the track was originally performed by the Hollywood starlet, Audrey Hepburn. 

Although Sinatra’s cover of the song may be considered more bombastic than Hepburn’s misty lilt, it doesn’t take away from the raw emotions that this song is trying to convey. 

Getting married is a very emotional time, and you may find yourself relying on your mother more than you ever have before – so why not show just how much you appreciate her with this classic Hollywood number. 

9. Bridge Over Troubled Water By Simon & Garfunkel

If you feel like your mother will appreciate a more indie atmosphere, then there’s no better song than this emotional ballad by Simon & Garfunkel. First recorded in 1970, this song has become one of the duo’s most iconic tracks and has been covered by Arethra Franklin, Elvis Presley and Linda Clifford. 

The song may be considered a strange choice for a mother-son dance, as it does not deal with themes of motherhood or loss. However, it does tell a story of endurance, strength and support – and at the end of the day, what is a mother but not all of those things? 

Your mother is your rock and this song will showcase just how much she means to you. 

10. Wind Beneath My Wings By Bette Midler

First recorded for the 1993 film Beaches, ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ is now considered one of Bette Midler’s most memorable and successful singles. This powerful anthem examines the theme of heroism and how even the most unsuspecting people in your life become the ones you most admire. 

We think that this song is the perfect choice for a bombastic mother-son dance, as it will help to convey your admiration and love for the woman who has raised you. 

The song also features Bette Midler’s slow and beautiful voice, so you know it has to be good. 

11. Here Comes The Sun By The Beatles

Not all mother-son dances have to be slow and teary affairs, that is why we have decided to go with a more fun and cheerful track for our next pick. 

‘Here Comes The Sun’ was first released by The Beatles in 1969 and the summery anthem perfectly captures all the groove and flower power of the iconic period. 

So if you are looking for something a little more upbeat to play at your wedding, then you and your mother can jive to this classic tune. 

12. Time After Time By Cyndi Lauper

If your mother has always been there for you, again and again, then show your appreciation by taking her to the dance floor and playing this sweet little song. 

Recorded in 1983 by pop icon Cyndi Lauper, this song tells of a bond that can never be truly broken – a connection that will continue to exist time after time. 

There is no better song to show your mother just how much you love her, and how much you have appreciated her care and patience. 

13. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough By Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell

Is there any better feel-good song than ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’, we don’t think so and we are sure your mother will agree. 

First recorded by Gaye and Terrell in 1967, this song has become the upbeat anthem for anyone feeling down in the dumps. 

With its universal themes of empowerment and strength, this song is not only a fun one to dance to with your mother, but a poignant and meaningful one too.