The Average Wedding Ring Size For Men and Women

If you’re planning to buy an engagement ring for your partner or are wanting to learn what your ring size is without going into a store then it can be causing you a lot of stress. After all, there are few purchases you’ll make in life that are more important than an engagement and wedding rings.

It’s important to make sure that they suit your and your partner’s personalities while also remaining sturdy enough for years to come and comfortable for daily wear.

Knowing the difference between the average ring size between men and women should be able to give you a good starting point as well as helping you to learn what to expect when conducting your own research.

We’ve gathered everything you need to know about researching wedding rings whether for yourself or for your partner so you can make the experience easier and more enjoyable.

The ring sizing scale

The first thing you need to learn about is the ring sizing scale which will help to explain how the average ring size for men and women is calculated.

As ring size can differ from person to person, there isn’t such a thing as one size fits all when it comes to ring, however, there are figures that explain what the averages are to give you some assistance and give you a head start on your own research.

The ring size scales differ depending on where you are in the world. In the US, we use a numeric system whereas in places such as the UK, there is a lettering system. There are plenty of conversion charts available but it’s important to know where you are shopping from in order to get the right size. 

Men’s average ring size

The most commonly ordered ring size for men is a size 10 which is because men tend to be physically bigger than women hence the larger size. On average, the majority of men’s ring sizes lie between size 8 to 15 and the rings themselves are different in structure as they tend to have thicker bands.

Because of this, it’s important to be as accurate as you can in your measurements in order to prevent any discomfort when taking the ring off and placing it on. On average, a man’s dominant hand tends to be around half a size larger than the non-dominant hand so be sure that you are getting measurements for the left hand ring finger. 

Women’s average ring size

On the other hand, the average ring size for women is a bit smaller than the men’s and is a size 7. On average, the majority of women’s ring fingers lie between a range of sizes 6 to 8; however, there are certain things that need to be considered when it comes to calculating their ring size.

This is due to events such as pregnancy which can cause weight fluctuations and therefore change the size of their fingers. It’s advised to add a quarter to a woman’s ring size so there is plenty of room for slight weight gain should it happen.

Another thing to bear in mind is that a lot of engagement rings can be full of diamonds which may cause grazing if the ring doesn’t fit right. Therefore, it’s important to have her comfort in mind when purchasing a ring. 

How to calculate your partner’s ring finger size without them knowing

When purchasing an engagement ring, a lot of people like to keep it as a surprise. Therefore, asking your partner outright for your ring size is going to ruin that surprise and means that they are expecting an impending proposal.

So how do you know what your partner’s ring size is without them finding out? There are plenty of options that you can choose from without your partner finding out so you can purchase an engagement ring that is going to fit perfectly and give them the surprise of their life when you do propose. Here are some suggestions:

Use existing jewellery

The first thing you can do and the most common method applied is using your partner’s existing jewellery and gaging it from there. Try to use a ring that they wear on a regular basis to give you the most accurate reading.

If you manage to take it then go to a jeweller who will be able to give you a more accurate and approximate estimate as to the size and be able to recommend some wonderful engagement rings for you to look at as well. 

Pen and line technique

You may not be familiar with the pen and line technique but it is a surprisingly popular strategy which can be handy if you are visiting a jewellery store and want to know the size you are looking for.

The way this works is by taking a ring that your partner wears a lot and then placing it on your own finger. Don’t try to push the ring all the way down but push it until it stops and cannot be pushed further and draw a line with a pen at the point where it does stop.

Therefore, when you visit the jeweller, they’ll be able to estimate a size by measuring your finger and decreasing the size until they reach that part of your finger. Draw the line beneath the ring rather than above as this will mean that it will be slightly larger which is better than risking it being too small. 

Help of your partner’s Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor

If the above strategies are impossible for you to carry out then enlisting the help of your partner’s friends may be a great idea as they know your partner inside out and will have more of an inkling as to her ring size than you.

You can also use them as test dummies for the engagement ring and see what the rings look like on their finger to get a better idea as well as calculating what size she is by choosing a friend who has similar measurements.

Another tactic that they can help with is by asking your partner to try their ring on for fun and she won’t suspect a thing, especially if both parties keep their discussions a secret.

Your partner’s friends can also help with input as to their style and preferences in terms of diamond shape or color of the material so you can get their guidance on a variety of things rather than just the ring size. 

How to know your ring size

Knowing what ring size you are or what ring size your partner is if you are looking for an engagement ring is hugely important. After all, you’ll both be wearing your rings every day so it is essential that they feel comfortable for daily wear. But how do you know what size you are?

There are many techniques that people use as suggested above which you can try but what if you don’t have those resources to hand. We’ve answered the most asked questions so you can avoid making any mistakes or assumptions that are often associated with purchasing wedding rings. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I guess bigger or smaller for an engagement ring?

As mentioned before, guessing a bigger size is better because it is easier and cheaper to resize. If you choose a size that is too small then you won’t be able to place the ring on their finger during the proposal as well as having to pay more to have extra materials added to the band so it fits. If you are unsure then go up either half a size or a full size. 

How should the ring fit on the finger?

Any ring should fit on your finger in a comfortable position where it doesn’t feel too loose or tight. If it doesn’t feel entirely comfortable then have the ring resized accordingly. 

Can a ring size be determined by someone’s height and weight?

The simple answer is no. The height or weight isn’t going to solely determine the ring size. Although weight gain or loss can cause changes, a person may be born with naturally long and thin fingers but their weight or height may not suggest this. 

Does your ring size match your shoe size?

A lot of people have matching ring size and shoe size but this isn’t always the case. If you’re researching purchasing an engagement ring for your significant other, do not try to deduce this by knowing their shoe size as it may not be correct. 

Can pregnancy affect your ring size?

Yes, pregnancy affects the whole body and your fingers are no exception. Sometimes the fingers don’t change at all but a lot of the times the fingers may get a little wider as the body begins to change. If your partner is pregnant or you want to have children further down the line, it’s a good idea to consider this when selecting the engagement ring. 

What should you consider before sizing your fingers?

There are certain things you need to think about before sizing your fingers or your partner’s fingers. This will help you to get a better idea of how sizing fingers works as well as ensuring that you understand how the ring should feel.

Knuckle size

Firstly, always consider the size of the knuckles. This is because your ring will have to go over the knuckles without causing any pain or grazing. Equally, you want to ensure that the ring eventually sits comfortably and doesn’t go past the knuckle and slide off. Therefore, the width of your band can be altered to suit your fingers.

If you have long and thin fingers then a wider band will be best and for those with shorter and larger fingers then a slimmer band will be more comfortable. If your weight fluctuates then having a thinner band will also be better for you. 

Washing your hands before resizing

The second point may seem a bit random but washing your hands before any resizing will help to get rid of any oil or lotion which can help to give a more accurate estimate as to what size is best for you. 

Dominant hand differences

Lastly, avoid measuring your other hand. This is because your dominant hand is known to be larger than your nondominant hand.

Although the difference between them won’t be that big, it can make a huge difference between a ring that is comfortable and one that is not. The reason why your dominant hand is larger is because it is worked more than the other in everyday life.

Can the size of the finger change and why?

Fingers can change size as discussed previously and this can be due to many reasons including weight gain or loss. If your partner has fluctuating weight then it is always best to opt for a larger size so you can be sure that it will fit. The best time to measure a finger is first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything.

This is because your weight can change during the day so you’re more likely to get an accurate and consistent measurement if you measure it then.

Another factor that can alter the size of a finger is seasonal and climate changes which can affect body temperature and cause swelling in the fingers during heat which in turn will become smaller during the winter months. 

What are the traditional rings worn on each finger?

When measuring your finger for a ring, it’s important to know which finger you’re planning to wear the ring on. For example, if you’re purchasing an engagement ring, you don’t want to measure the middle finger if you’re wanting to be traditional. Here are the rings that go on each finger to give you a better idea: 


Thumb rings tend to have a thicker band to suit the thickness of the finger. They are more of a fashion trend which comes in and out of mainstream fashion every few years. There are lots of different options available for those who want to add a vintage vibe to their look. 

Index finger

The index finger is primarily used for costume jewellery if you are wanting to wear statement rings that are easily noticed. That is because the index finger is used to point at things which means that any ring you wear on the finger will be noticed even more. 

Middle finger

It goes without saying that the middle finger has certain negative connotations but for the brave of heart who don’t mind accidentally swearing at someone then wearing a thin stack of rings can look really nice.

Stackable rings on the middle finger is a trend that has grown in popularity in recent years and with plenty of options available on the market, you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

Ring finger

Now we’re onto the ring finger which as it suggests is the finger where the engagement and wedding ring go. If you wear a ring on that finger and go out and about, people will assume that you are married or getting married so don’t be surprised if you get asked questions when meeting up with family and friends. 

Pinky finger

Traditionally, pinky fingers would be decorated with signet rings which are rings with a flat surface which is then pressed into hot wax which would then be used to sign documents and create seals. However, pinky fingers are used for novelty and trendy rings. 


Overall, buying a wedding or engagement ring doesn’t have to be a stressful endeavor but knowing what size you are looking for and what to expect when you are doing your research is going to save you a lot of questioning and time later down the road.

Now that you know what you need to consider, you’ll be able to get the perfect ring for your partner that will look beautiful and most importantly, feel comfortable.