The Best Italian Wedding Songs For Your Wedding

Italian. For many, it is the language of love. The culture of Italy instills a romantic feeling in many and, apart from traveling to Italy, listening to Italian music is the best way to experience this passion.

Maybe you’re planning an Italian-themed wedding ceremony. If you have Italian heritage, you will want to bring that culture to your wedding day. For many, religion is a key aspect of their wedding day and traditional music is a great way of celebrating their religious beliefs and culture with family and friends.

With the main religion of Italy being Catholicism, many Italian wedding songs tend to include catholic hymns. This music can bring out all kinds of emotions on a wedding day. They can be poignant but also take a joyous, passionate twist later on in the ceremony.

Trying to choose the best Italian songs for your wedding day is no easy feat. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands out there to pick from. That is why we have stepped in to help. We have picked out some of the best Italian wedding songs for different points of your wedding day.

With a highly reputed culture and extremely rich history, Italian music soaks it all in, spanning from classical to the most modern hits of today. Read on to find the best Italian songs for you to consider adding to your special day’s playlist.

Wedding ceremony Italian songs

The wedding procession is the most important part of the big day. Thankfully, Italy has gifted us with many wonderful pieces of music that are perfect for a wedding ceremony. Below are some of the top Italian songs to make your wedding ceremony majestic and serene.

Ave Maria

Perhaps one of the most recognizable pieces of music known to mankind. But wait! Wasn’t this written by a German?

Technically, yes. Ave Maria was composed by Franz Schubert in 1825 but it has become synonymous with Italian culture. This is mainly down to the fact that the lyrics are all in Latin and one of the most famous opera singers of all time, the Italian Luciano Pavarotti, famously performed and made it his own for many years.

Its romantic melody makes it the most perfect processional wedding song. Each time it is performed, the mood will be romantically set and your guests will be inspired with the truest of romantic feelings.

The Intermezzo- Cavalleria Rusticana

Written by the Italian composer Pietro Mascagni in 1890, this song has been a hit with audiences ever since. The intermezzo is the instrumental section written for an opera’s intermission and can sometimes be the finest music in an entire opera.

Even 130 years after its composition, Cavalleria Rusticana is still performed regularly and is always on the list of top wedding ceremony songs. This music’s slow, regal, and peaceful style makes it the ideal choice for any wedding.

As soon as you hear the violins, you will be overcome with romantic emotions and your guests will be left in a state of serene bliss.

The Overture – Aida

Even if you’re not a fan of opera or don’t know much operatic music, you will recognize this masterpiece by the Italian Composer Giuseppi Verdi. Another sensational piece of instrumental music, this is actually the overture for the tragic opera Aida.

Its melody builds up into a spine-tingling profound climax. This will give your wedding ceremony a blissful yet passionate feel and take it to a whale new level.

O Sole Milo

It doesn’t get much more Italian than this. When hearing this, you can probably picture the typical cliche of Venetian gondoliers singing it as they move down the Venice canals. While this stereotypical image may not ring true with most Italians, there is no doubt that it is an Italian classic.

O Sole Mio’s composers, Eduardo di Capua and Giovanni Capurro were both Naples natives so why there is this image of North Italians singing it is still a mystery.

It doesn’t matter what cliches the song conjures, however. It is simply a majestic piece of music that we are blessed to have in our lives. Your guests will love this popular, romantic song, especially its mellow and slow tempo. It just evokes the most ideal feelings and moods for a wedding procession.

Wedding recessional Italian songs

As the newlyweds walk back down the aisle, the music should not be slow and mellow. It should be triumphant and absolutely joyous! To accompany this magical occasion, here are some of the best Italian recessional songs.

Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu (Volare)

Nel Blue Dipinto di Blu is a composition written by Domenico Modugno and Franco Migliacci in 1958. Although newer than the previous songs on our list, it is still a classic.

Ever since it was first composed, it has been sung by some of the most famous singers in the world such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Andrea Bocelli, Luciano Pavarotti, Al Martino, and the inedible flamenco band Gypsy Kings. As you can probably guess, it is a very popular song throughout the world, especially in Italy.

The lyrics to the song are ideal for a wedding as they are incredibly romantic. The melody is upbeat and will certainly create an even higher spirit as the bride and groom walk down the aisle.

Allegro – La Primavera

One of the most inspiring and sensational pieces of music ever written, Allegro is simply a genius composition. It evokes the feeling of springtime, hope, and a new beginning. In other words, the perfect piece of music for any wedding. If traditional music is more your thing, this is the perfect choice for your recessional.

Brilliant, triumphant, and joyful, this Italian masterpiece was composed by Antonio Vivaldi. With its Italian roots and wondrous sounds, it is one of our top Italian wedding songs of all time.

That’s Amore- Dean Martin

Dean Martin and Italian weddings just go hand in hand. That’s Amore will certainly give your wedding a more Italian-American vibe.

Although Dean Martin had many popular Italian-American hits, this is probably the most beloved and popular song for Italian weddings. Whether it’s part of the wedding recessional or the evening party, this will go down with guests.

Sciuri Scuiri

If you’re looking for a traditional Italian folk song, then you can’t go wrong with Sciuri Sciuri. This Sicilian folk song translates as “Flowers” with the chorus’ lyrics meaning, “Flowers all year long, the love that you gave me comes back to you.”

Even in English, these lyrics are perfect for walking down the aisle with your new husband or wife but when sung in the Sicilian dialect, you will feel the rich culture of Italy surrounding you.

These wonderfully pleasant lyrics are punctuated by a smooth yet passionate melody that moves between minor and major keys. Its vibrant and joyful tone is ideal for your wedding recessional.

Wedding reception Italian songs

Italy has a rich history of folk music which is perfect for getting people up dancing on the dance floor. Whether it’s the first dance or the last of the evening, here are some perfect Italian songs for a wedding reception.

Te Amo

This 1977 hit from Umberto Tozzi is a classic Italian song. It will especially please all the older guests and its romantic lyrics are perfect for any wedding day.


Tarantella is said to heal the lethal bite of a spider (hence the name). No matter where in Italy you may be, or not in Italy at all, dancing to any Italian Tarantella will help you get up on the dance floor! Its upbeat music will get everyone grooving, no matter the age.

In Summary

Whichever Italian song you choose, it will be infectious. You and your guests will feel all kinds of emotions when listening to these tunes. Whether it’s the music or the lyrics you listen to, the list above will surely be the icing on the top of your wedding cake and a very special day.