What Does A Black Wedding Ring Mean (Just Fashion Or More)?

Records of black rings go all the way back to the ancient Greeks. They used to create rings from a type of quartz stone known as black onyx. The stone is strongly associated with protective qualities and would have been worn to shield you from danger and negativity. 

Many modern couples may opt for rings including onyx for this reason. There are lots of black rings that do not include onyx too. A black wedding ring can have a huge variety of meanings. As the wearer, it is up to you what they symbolize. 

Spiritual qualities of black onyx

Black onyx is mentioned multiple times in the Bible. When King David passed his throne to his son Solomon, he collected numerous onyx gemstones for the new King’s temple. 

Onyx has strongly protective, strengthening, focus, and willpower vibrations. It activates the third eye, solar plexus, and root chakras, allowing you to ground yourself. The stone generates a shield around your aura, protecting you from negative energies in the atmosphere. 

The symbolism of the color black

There are many different things that the color black connotes. There is a level of duality in its symbolism, as it reflects both positive and negative values.

On the negative side, it represents dark magic, evil, grief, rebellion, and death. On the positive side, it can represent elegance, sophistication, and powerful sexuality. This allows both positive and negative energies to be absorbed, creating neutral energy.

Black has many associations with power, strength, and authority. It is a profoundly impactful color that will spark a range of emotional responses. 

As well as this, it can represent protection. Black can represent self-discipline and self-control. In Feng Shui, there is a close link between the color black and feelings of serenity, mystery, and power. It is associated with the element of water. 

Black rings as a symbol of asexuality

There is a common misconception that asexual people do not fall in love or get married. There are many asexual people that may choose to get married. In some cases, they may decide to wear a black ring. 

Even if they are not married, many asexual people use black rings as a way of expressing their sexuality. This is often worn on the middle finger of their right hand when conveying this meaning. 

Strength of black materials

Many black materials used for jewelry, such as tungsten and titanium, are much stronger than gold or silver. For people working in jobs where their hands are placed under a lot of strain, wedding rings can be prone to breaking. Jobs where this is commonly an issue include those where you must operate heavy machinery, manual labor, or construction. 

A ring made from an alternative, darker metal will be more durable. This allows the wearer to keep their ring on while they work without worrying about breaking it. The darker metals are likely to be scratch-resistant too. 

Black silicone rings

Some jobs require more dexterity in the hands. Metal rings can expand and contract as the temperature fluctuates. In most scenarios, this is not too much of an issue, but in the case of firefighters, it can be.

A metal ring will not only change in size as the temperature increases but can also get very hot and become uncomfortable. In high-pressure situations, the last thing you want is to be worrying about your ring. 

Other professions, such as electricians, may see metal rings as a safety hazard. The electricity they work with is at very high voltages and could electrocute them. Silicone will not conduct electricity and is a much safer choice for when you are at work.

Some people may have medical conditions that leave them prone to their fingers swelling. This can make a metal ring very uncomfortable. As silicone is a flexible material, it makes the perfect choice for a wedding ring. 

As an heirloom

Many families will pass jewelry down through the generations as family heirlooms. Black wedding rings have existed for centuries and have fallen in and out of popularity during this time. Most families will likely have a black quartz wedding ring, and this may be why someone opts for this as their symbolic ring. 

It can deepen the familial connection and make the couple feel closer to their ancestors and one another. If the ring is worth a lot of money, it can also be used as a subtle status symbol. 

As a fashion statement

Many people simply like the appearance of the color black in jewelry. These people may opt for a black wedding ring to fit in with their aesthetic better. 

Everyone has heard the saying “…. is the new black”. This shows what a timeless color choice black is. It complements every outfit and black rings are often simplistic in design, making them the ideal accessory.

As a political statement

There are some political groups who opt to wear black wedding rings to make a statement. Some people use them to promote marriage equality. Many people wearing black wedding rings for this reason will have the word equality engraved or painted on it. 

There are 69 countries in the world where homosexuality is criminalized. Gay marriage was only legalized in the United States in June 2015.

What metals are used for black wedding rings?

Black zirconium, steel, carbon fiber, titanium, and tungsten are materials commonly used to make black wedding rings. Tungsten is a very strong and durable material that is not able to be cut off of your finger easily. This makes it a risky choice for a ring material.  

Black zirconium is very durable and a hypoallergenic material. Titanium and carbon fiber are very lightweight materials with an incredible resistance to wear. They also tend to be on the cheaper side and are stronger than steel.

Steel is corrosion resistant, tarnish free, and does not scratch. Steel rings are easy to maintain and can be cleaned using just soapy water.