What Is A Sweetheart Table At Wedding Reception? (Pros And Cons)

It used to be standard tradition for the bride and groom to both sit at a long table with the wedding party and their immediate family during dinner at the reception. 

While this is still a common choice for many people, other people are choosing to dine at what is referred to as a sweetheart table instead. This is where the newlyweds can sit together on their own.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the seating arrangements at your wedding reception, and it is completely up to you and your future spouse to decide what you want to do. However, it is always a good idea to have a plan in place and to think about all of the options that are available to you.

To help you decide what the best option is for you, we are going to provide you with all the information that you could possibly need to know about having a sweetheart table at your wedding reception. just keep reading to find out more.

What Is A Sweetheart Table At Wedding Reception?

For those that don’t already know, a sweetheart table is a small table that is specifically for the newlyweds, and the newlyweds alone.

This is typically where they would sit to eat their meal and listen to the speeches after the ceremony has taken place. It is normally found at the front of the room comma as this is where you can be seated and have a good view of all of your wedding guests.

The rest of your wedding party would sit amongst other guests, instead of at the top table. There are many reasons why you might choose to have a sweetheart table instead of a top table, and we will explain a few of them below.

One of the main reasons why people choose to sit at a sweetheart table at their wedding reception is so that they can spend more time with their partner after just getting married. 

Married couples often talk about the fact that they don’t get to spend too much time alone on their wedding day, as they are mostly spending time with family and other people. 

Having a sweetheart table provides you with the opportunity to spend time with your partner throughout the dinner service before the real party begins. Essentially, it is a more romantic twist on a traditional seating plan. You will be able to look back on the shared moment with your partner after you’ve just gotten married.

As well as this, it makes the seating arrangements much easier. Planning a wedding can get very complicated, especially when you don’t know where to sit all of your guests. A top table can sometimes only complicate things further, whereas a sweetheart table can make things much more simplified.

The Pros And Cons of a Sweetheart Table at a Wedding Reception

Pro: They Look Great

One benefit of choosing to have a sweetheart table at your reception is that it looks aesthetically pleasing. This can help to make some great photos and your guests will be ordered by the stunning display.

There are lots of different ways for you to be able to decorate your sweetheart table comma including the area in which it is placed full stop the decoration opportunities are truly endless.

Pro: People Might be More Comfortable Approaching

Another great plus side of having a sweetheart table is that your guests might find you to be more approachable when it’s just the two of you at the table. it can make people feel like they are not getting in the way of something important especially if they are friends of the bride and groom rather than Family

Con: People Might Not Be More Comfortable Approaching

 however, you might find that you get the exact opposite. Having a sweetheart table can physically and visually separate you from your guests.

This can make your guests less likely to come up to your table and have a conversation with you as they may feel that you do not want to be interrupted while you’re spending quality time with your partner.

Pro: You Get More Time With Your New Spouse

One benefit that cannot be denied is the fact that you get to spend more time with your partner on your wedding day.  After all, this is your special day and it is supposed to be all about you.

The craziness of both wedding planning and your actual wedding day can make it more difficult to spend good time with your partner, and this will provide you with the opportunity to have some quiet and quality time with your new spouse.

Con: You Get Less Time With Your Wedding Party

Unfortunately, another downside to using a sweetheart table on your wedding day is that you will not get to spend as much time with your wedding party. This might not be an issue for everyone but it can be for some people.

Of course, this day is about you and your partner, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to want to spend time with your friends and family on this special day. This is the one great benefit of a top table, which allows you to spend time with your bridal party and maybe even family members during the reception.

Pro – The bridal Party Can Sit With Their Dates

More often than not bridesmaids and groomsmen at the head table separated from their partners. If you do not have the space to include partners on your top table, then some of your guests will have to be separated.

Having a sweetheart table means that everyone can still sit with who they want to while you and your partner enjoy some quality time together.

Con: You Are the Center of Attention

While some couples might want to be the centre of attention at their wedding, others might not. If you don’t want to be the center of attention, then a sweetheart table might not be for you.